What does Holla Forums think about it, and Adam Curtis in general?

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Based documentary. I totally recommend it even if it could've used some editing imo

Just watched it. Really, good. I had no idea Libya and Qaddafi were so vilified for so long. He kind of set himself up for it by taking credit for terrorist attacks he didn't orchestrate.

Doc was depressing, because I absolutely see a retreat into fantasy all over as capitalism becomes more alienating and soul-crushing. I love how he high-lights the massive power of faceless corporations over the emerging digital world

some of the reused footage could have been cut for sure

Yeah, the bit about the UFO conspiracy theorists is a little bit weird. I get what he's going for but he doesn't really succeed in making it not sound like a conspiracy theory of its own, and it doesn't really add anything to the doc. I'd honestly have excised that whole segment.

He specifically namechecks William Gibson. I've lately come to the realization that we live in a cyberpunk world (only without all the cool aesthetics), and it seems Curtis agrees with me on that.

Yeah I think he could've trimmed the fat and it would've been more potent and focused

the thesis at the heart is still gold though

I disagree, if the UFOs were military aircraft purposely meant to create rumors. as well as the fake UFO document leak, it very much fits with the theme of the doc, intentional disinfo to confuse the populace

Le illuminati tier document

10/10 esoteric doc produced by mainstream media; 90% of people will not gather the full implications of what its gettting at. I think Nazbols and people who've studied COINTELPRO and CIA regime change extensively will garner the most from it. Recommend to people who aren't stupid basically.

Good doc. Recommend watching it.


There is a lot of jewish funding behind conspiracy theories.


A lot of former Soviet and Nazi propaganda mixed in as well along with CIA and MI6 counterintelligence nonsense

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How many levels of incoherence are we even on rn?

His narrative is actually based in a good amount of theory from Baudrillard to Beck.

The images of Jane Fonda workout videos are a reference to Baudrillard concept of hyperreality:
«He also coined the term hyperreality to describe a condition that he describes as “more real than real,” and for which there is no natural referent. It is, as he puts it “always already reproduced.” Examples include videotaped workout routines and suburban tract housing. In each case there exists no original, only endless reproduction» – from Julie M. Albright article entitled “Postmodernism”

liberal, reddit-tier establishment propaganda disguised as anti-establishment

unlike you, adam curtis is /our guy/

t. someone who hasn't watched it because they immediately dismiss it as "leftwing"

how am i suppose to take this documentary seriously?
there where other things too but this is what i remember at top of my head.
into the trash it goes

I don't remember it saying this. Even if there's one thing you don't agree in it, you should still watch it. Overall, it's a good documentary.

i have seen it already.
ok maybe i was overeacting. large parts of the documentary is really good. but it's parts like these that makes me wonder if there are other motives behind it

True, inconsistencies shouldn't be ignored & sometimes give you a window on motive or bias. Good on you for critically thinking about it.

That fucking montage with the aerobic and Ceaucesu's execution was great

I just watched it and it doesn't make that claim. He talked about how Putin funds opposition groups, nationalists, and of course his own party in Russia to cause chaos.

A liberal hack. A poor mans Guy Debord.

great documentary

I see that as a compliment. not everyone has all the money and time to spend on french critical theory, let alone the intelligence.

I hate how people use Curtis' arguments against the liberal hippie communes as an argument against anarchism, even though anarchism justifies a large array of different power structures.

No. I don't think the dude has a good grasp of political theory. He makes interesting docs tho.

I think it soft-pedals the UK's role in events, but is otherwise dead-on.

wow that quote is complete word salad
i think you're right

so he is a libertarian, how does that not make him /our guy/?

1. it's true that the left doesn't have any real alternatives to power, or even know where power resides, besides some anarchist groups, which may fail if they ever have a revolution.

2. individualism is cancer which polluted the social movements with hippie ideas of organizing through organic popular assemblies - occupy, arab spring and indignados proves curtis point

neocons are right in some of their social analysis i don't see any problem in recognizing that

I consider myself a left libertarian. Nothing I espouse could be "something very close" to a neoconservative position. And I have no idea why he just automatically shits on localism. Also, look at the very first lines of that quote:

I don't know, just rubs me the wrong way. I like his docs, though. Someone ITT said he was the "poor man's Guy Debord" and that fits.

He's a self proclaimed libertarian who doesn't know that left libertarianism already exists?
I agree the left doesn't have any alternatives to offer but I think it's pretty aware that power resides with who controls the MoP.
Bourgeois individualism is most certainly cancer. Outside of the capitalist framework I think the individual/collective dichotomy will become less relevant.