Winston Churchill remembrance thread

52 years ago today, Winston Churchill passed away.

He will always be remembered as a comrade in thr struggle against the Germans, even if his personal beliefs were unenlightened.

Rest in peace, anti fascist.

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no fuck him and all imperialists

Well, I'm glad he led the minor side of the war against germany.

He went to war to oppose German imperialism, and most British colonies were given independence under his rule.

Fuck Churchill

He was a fascist too, he just wanted his own brand of it and preferably applied to brown people

Yeah, all the allies of WW2 are guilty of heinous shit. Not worse than the axis, but definitely terrible things.

this actual crypto fascist who thought that judeo-bolshevism was an impending threat to western civilization and at one point wanted to appease Hitler so he could destroy the USSR. Fucking retarded tankie. Fuck Churchill and fuck his faggot friend Victor Rothschild from the Cambridge Apostles.

Didn't he basically try and commit genocide against the colonies under his control and remark that he regretted not using chemical weapons against them?

Churchill was a piece of shit

Everyone should love this pic

all 3 of them deserved gas chambers

The modern version of this pic would feature Putin, Xi Jiping, and Ayatollah Khameni.

We need another united front, this time against the US.

Putin is besties with Trump so Xi is on his own, conversely Trump is hostile towards Iran despite Putin backing them.

Churchill was so shitty to the Indians, Gandhi actually praised Hitler as retaliation against the British.

It's not that weird. Putin seems to be buddies with both China and Iran despite Trump doing everything in his power to shit on them. I mean, if you had a recession in your country and could pit people against one another while remaining on improved economic terms with them, you'd do it too.

Trump is getting cucked by Vlad pretty hard in that case lol

He hated you Commies, by the way.

This was my point, he called them bug people (ant people)

he was a cunt and not in a good way
t. Australian

Churchill was a piece of shit



This has to be bait, or one of the worst Tankies I've seen yet. Churchill was played by Stalin like a card and out-played time and time again in negotiations and discussion with the Soviets.


Exactly what was wrong with starting WW3?

Muh gorillions.

A necessary sacrifice to bring down capitalism, comrade.

After what he did to India? It should have been far sooner and far longer and his grave should be relocated

If Nazbols had to choose a Churchill or Hitler dominated Europe, they would choose Hitler.

Fuck off, cunt

Churchill was fucking horrible in all regards.


I'm saddened by the fact that I wasn't the cause of Churchill's death.

>I offer proof of this bullshit
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>I also offer proofs

No joking but Winston Churchill was literally just as bad as the axis powers and the only reasons why he isn't remembered as a British Hitler is because he was a capitalist who was friendly with the US.

Putin is a reactionary oligarch. The fact that so many authoritarian leftists like him is ridiculous. The right I can understand, but when it gets to the point where tankies are defending a nationalist neocon, you have to question their logic a bit.

How so?

whoops I left my shitposting flag on

Leftists like him primarily because of Russia being a main geopolitical enemy of the US, I think.

Churchill WAS worse than Hitler though.

oh rly

And keep in mind this doesn't even cover all of his crimes. The dude was a bloodthirsty racist who only went to war with the nazis because they were a competing superpower.

tankie scum

I would choose Churchill that doesn't mean he wasn't a reactionary imperialist murderous lunatic who had nothing but vile things to say about anyone who was left of center or non-european


Yes really, 2005 coma man.


Of all the major WW2 leaders, Mussolini and de Gaulle had the cleanest hands

Holy fuck!