Daily reminder if you like Trump you arent part of the left

Daily reminder if you like Trump you arent part of the left.

Either Holla Forums is shitposting as usual or the so called "revolutionaries" are just as stupid as Holla Forums and fall for petty manipulations like them. You are as stupid as someone who fell for porky's "here's have a break because you are tired, this is totally to help you and not to keep myself in power"

Trump's plan is simple, and it is far worse than hillary or Obama because you morons dont even see it now.
-Spam autistic tweets and do retarded things causing the media and the world to spend all their day talking about you and nothing else
-Do some things you promised like the TPP to look like you are doing shit to your supporters since you dont lost profit from it(mainly it was big tech companies, pharmaceutics industry etc who used that, and Trump isnt big on that)
The russia cocksucking could either be because of point A but because he so desperately defends Putin it means he must have some big profit behind it and that is why he wants to remove sunctions
-And now that everyone is busy, most of the people with your autism and most of your retarded supporters with "lol he is doing it" use your totally qualified and not corrupt billionaire cabinet to fuck things up for your personal profit and the profit of the rich people who support you. But unlike Obama and Hillary that wont be seen because he is hiding behid the 1st and 2nd layer of autism.

As if that wasnt enough Trump is a fascist, simple as that, and anyone who cant see it is either Holla Forums or a moron
He is using the anti media and anti establishment anger as a way to consolidate his power by telling how everyone is lying and he is the only Trust worthy person
He is obsessed over military and even said he wants to "parade" in coincidentally 2 cities that voted overwhelmingly against him
He is appealing to nationalistic emotion more than any other candidate, he wants the worthless poorfags to feel "good" and "pride" for voting for him and being American which is A grade fascism and capitalism since who cares if you are poor and have nothing, you should feel better cuz your emotions

But of course like most of the Trump supporting morons here you ll ignore it as "lol liberal, u mad" since we have reached a point where we are just as petty and emotional as Holla Forums apparently

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Eat a dick liberal. Putin is an absolutely necessary counterweight to the international genocidal savagery of US imperialism.

So is China. We need a United Front against US imperialism just like the one formed in WWII against German imperialism.


Or we just embrace it and go full accelarationist


You've used some variation of this line in more then a dozen comments just over the past two days. Do you do anything besides spam anti-Trump comments? We don't like him either but we're not your personal army here to fight the good fight and save America for the democrats. A lot of us aren't even American.

Forgot to sage

Simpletons, simpletons everywhere

Well, you sound like a liberal and you do sound mad. Dunno what you're expecting?

The most "positive" I've seen from anybody here re: Trump is:

maybe a victory for any kind of populism will force liberals to rethink their slavish commitment to cosmopolitan finance capitalism and puerile identity politics in favour of something more productive


any kind of risk and unpredictability in politics that can open up the stage more for radical or fringe elements is better at this stage than the slow decline promised by democratic party liberalism

sorry your pantsuited anthropomorphic bank girl lost user, but it's time to move on and look for opportunities under the new regime in burgerstan

Truly leftypol has become just as bad as pol

Communist wont rise from a liberal party after Trump, and the current world is open stage for fascism, not other radicals.

A slow decline is better as long as some fascist doesnt hijack it for their goals

We don't support Trump fucknut.


HE STOPPED TPP RETARD, he is our guy, he is literally against capitalism



and if ya'll keep at it, next year you'll be marginally better than Holla Forums

It's Holla Forums spam. Tbh, mods need to be deleting a lot more threads than they are. Many are thinly veiled Holla Forums threads & just end up shitting autism everywhere.
This is retarded, user. tankie is right to an extent. No one here thinks Putin isn't dangerous, but the US needs to be kept in check. But anyway, almost every high level politician or lobbyist on either side(Hillary's or Trump's) had investments or helped in deals for Russia, as it's a global economy. Trump isn't "sucking up to" Russia, imo, he's just not trying to start fucking WW3; it's the attitude most liberals had until they found it useful it to scapegoat their undemocratic actions. And I'm no Trump supporter, either. That muh Russia boogeyman is highly retarded & an obvious distraction technique which is working for liberals right now. We need to call that bullshit out.


It was already "stopped"
Go back to wherever you came from. Low effort bait.


Too much actual shitposting going on, tbh.
Some people may be new & take it seriously. That's extremely low effort, though, regardless.

tbh, it's pretty obvious you haven't lurked long enough to pass judgement over whether this board has "become" anything. It's little different than it has been for 2 years. I'm gonna guess redditfugee? It's okay user, we love you anyway.

Never said I agreed with those positions my dude, just that they are the extent of Trump positivity you'll find here that isn't transparent shitposting.

Again, sorry your girl didn't win, but it's time to move on and make the most of what opportunities there are for raising class consciousness in burgerstan. The fact that a hard right winger is now likely to preside over the next major economic downturn may even help the Democrats if that's your bag.

That was my point, some people here unironically celebrate Trump for stopping TPP as if he is some fucking benevolent leader who does it for good reasons.

It is like celebrating porky for giving you a day off to reduce your dissatisfaction and thus keep him in power, you are this stupid to fall for age old manipulation.

That is 100% Holla Forums.

See above.

Honestly, there have been far too many to just be Holla Forums.

And that could be because the Holla Forums has heavy influence here leading to people celebrating Trump just to piss off liberals making them look even more like a Holla Forumsack

Because the moment you see some negative comment about Trump there is suddenly an entire brigade of people fighting you

No. It is Holla Forums. They've been all over the place since we became the 3rd most popular board. No regulars on Holla Forums will praise Trump.

They don't have heavy influence, they just have a lot of dedicated shitposters. They don't influence actual lefties. Disagreeing with idpol =/= support for Trump, either. Be suspicious of any post praising Trump, here.

Brigade is the operative word in that sentence. It will pass, soon enough. The inauguration, r/soc bullshit & becoming third board-wise just shot up the amount of users lately.

This whole episode has been incredibly confusing so I can see why the left is in this state right now.

Nothing confusing about it. Fuck Hillary & fuck Trump. They're the best representation of capitalism & elitism in our government.

If you find yourself confused by recent events, you might be a liberal

B..but Trump took down tpp and clearly is fighting for the little guy

Try to put more efforts into your "ironic shitposting." Too much of it lately, ffs.

DAILY REMINDER, please use commas. Faggot.

Not when there are people who uniornically say positive things about Trump

I'm only seeing people complain about this rather than seeing it. If you don't know how to differentiate between Holla Forums posts & Holla Forums posts, you need to lurk more.

Just post a negative Trump post and see what happens

Shut the fuck up already. Ignore those posts or report them. Holla Forums is raiding; that's what you're seeing. Read the thread, this in particular:

That was owned by a muslim immigrant who was just trying to get by. Thanks for showing him that he is not welcome in this white country of ours.

truly ebin bants, my friend

You really are mad Holla Forums didnt fall for your "Left support Trump woohoo :DDD" meme

That post you linked wasnt even mind, but i guess have a serious discussion instead of sucking Trump's dick is considered insolent in Holla Forums

holy fuck you autists literally get all your opinions of the left from teens on tumblr it's fucking embarrassing

What are you talking about?

What link? What are you babbling about?

Again, for around the hundredth time, you insufferable COINTELPRO reddit tier faggot, shut your fucking mouth or your idpol faggot friends will be getting a black eye at the next rally.

Go back to wherever you came from. I don't know why mods are allowing you to continually shit up threads.

more buzzwords please, you don't sound enough like a markov chain yet

You aren't even replying to posts in this thread you mind bogglingly thick spastic.

You have me confused with another poster, apparently.

Holla Forums seems to be shitposting all over the board trying to suggest that we support Trump and using the removal of tpp as if he did it for a benevolent reason, just say something bad about trump and they jump on you

The leader of the trade union at my work absolutely loves trump.

Hes left wing not in the modern sense of having purple hair and thick rimmed glasses while shouting about pronouns.

Hes more the old school workers rights type left which I know isnt fashionable any more. But I would still call that left.

Yeah he is a moron who trusts a rich porky to tell him the truth and believe that he cares about them.

Too stupid to be revolutionary material

Sure, but I wasn't the one doing it, like that poster was suggesting & I'm not Holla Forums.
Look at it this way, it's easier to peg them as new or Holla Forums, if they do this. Holla Forums usually isn't capable of being very subtle & their reasoning is atrocious. Also easy ways to root them out.
Debating these idiots or calling out their bullshit is recommended, too. They break down once you try to get logic out of them & it points out their hypocrisy. They can never have a conversation without memeing or randomly insulting or generalizing leftists.

If you see them absolutely shitposting without reason, without contribution to the thread &/or derailing it, be sure to report them. Using the arrow next to "Anonymous". use regular "Report" instead of "Global Report". Global is for like pedo porn & generally illegal stuff, rather than just breaking board rules. It's against board rules to shitpost without reason &/or derail threads. Mods need help identifying these posters, as well.

If he loves Trump then no, he ain't left.

Wtf? No, everyone is eligible to understand class & politics. You must be false-flagging because no self-respecting leftist would spew this bullshit.

Hes not the brightest spark.

But he is proactive. In the sense that he has organized numerous picket lines and strikes with hundreds of people over several decades.

Which is more than can be said for you Im sure.

He's just misguided. Let him know that it's class that's important. It's capitalism that's causing the middle class to disappear & maintaining poverty. Don't listen to these idiots telling you to disregard him. Everyone deserves to know the truth. Being a union/worker's rights guy, he's definitely open to becoming socialist. If he's not already, that just means he hasn't had socialism explained properly to him.

The current proletariat is sadly nothing more than an easily manipulated tool, they can support a revolution just like they can support fascism.
They aren't magically better than fascism which makes them easily manipulated and not someone to be trusted with higher functions until maybe education improves. It looks like a race between who ll abuse the masses first, a fascist or a revolutionary.

Maybe with a correct education system this won't be happening but we will never know until that happens

This guy sounds based. I'm sure he has a lot of knowledge to impart.
We need to reach out to Trump supporters. Many of them would've voted for Bernie had they had the option to. Bernie won Michigan, Wisconsin, etc. The old school union states. Hillary is what turned them red, because like I said, they weren't given an option.
Demonizing or looking at Trump supporters automatically like some posters just did is quite reactionary & unproductive.

Yeah I'm sure he's a hero of labor.

No, they just need these things to be explained to them. Many haven't gone to college or read any theory, so they're just simply unaware. And what you highlighted here is exactly why we need to reach out to them before the fascists do.

I grew up in the south & dropped out of high school. Had I been educated by someone taking the time to help me, I would've been socialist so much fucking sooner.

What's your problem? That guy sounds great.

I think hes based. But the difference is because im not hard left I can still like people and get on with them even if I dont agree with everything they say,

Hes one of the people who Labour do their best to alienate but he keeps sticking with them.

Recently we picketed a local firm because they had hired only polish workers for a building site and not even advertised the jobs in England.

My point is that if a fascism goes there and brainwashed them they can't be saved, else Holla Forums would be easily convertible instead of the vast majority being extremely close minded and cemented,

The more time one spends believing something the harder it is to make him admit it is wrong to the point it becomes an impossibility.

If on can be manipulated by something as basic as petty emotional manipulation and push for nationalism how can you be sure they won't fall for something similarly bad later? Trump manipulation is quite obvious yet millions of people trust him as someone who is good who cares about the average americans

I guess my problem is I'm not an idiot.

Get on with whoever you want, just don't pretend like they're left when they suck porky dick.

THIS, no matter how nice and friendly they might be or if they call themselves left, if you unironically like porky because his lies are working on you then you can't truly be left.

Especially big time porkies who think saying nice positive things and tell how much they care are people who should be supported in any shape or form.

Even if they do something that looks nice there is always a bad reason behind it.

The quickest way to cement them is to go against them just because of who they voted for. They need to have these things explained to them.

Again, all the more reason to start now.

This is a cop-out/poor excuse for not spreading class consciousness. You're only giving more reasons why that worker need to be reached. In the US, the average person/worker knows nothing about socialism. They literally need the basics to be explained to them in laymen's terms. Like I said, I was there, so I know how to reach these people. I used to think like them. But that worker is an organizer, so they're obviously open to workers' rights topics.

That's where you're wrong, kiddo. Lurk more, please.

Do you believe in individuality and private property? You shouldn't be posting here if you believe in either.

Explain to me concisely what exactly left is then, what it stands for today and what your current most pressing issues are. gommunizm nao isn't an answer.

Dunno. I guess what I'm asking is does the left exist for any purpose other than to stop fascisms happening?


Gommunism now, but in all seriousness is the eventual push for communism which means supporting any sort of fascist or porky ideology is not something the left does because that is against our end goal.

Small things like the tpp are good but that doesn't mean trump is good nor that his long term plans aren't completely capitalistic because he did something that looked anti capitalistic. Falling for the porky lies is a terrible thing to do

That is why there needs to be a really easy and thorough intro to communist faq for new people


([ ])Doubt

If that is a reference to non muslims not eating pork then I must tell you he is a non muslim.

This post is good & offers some reading material.

This is also a good introduction:

My most pressing issues are workers' rights & fighting inequality. Being aware of capitalism's downsides, of which there are many. It exploits people for profit & steals the fruit of their labor. It destroys communities & sullies the environment. We have to live on this planet & I prefer to not be poisoned simply by doing so.

Can be answered by above as well.

Capitalism robs you of individuality. There's also a difference between private & personal property.

Lurk more

How so? He put the special interests into his admin/cabinet, lmao.

The rest of your post is just memes.

This is the FAQ thread, I mean.

He would probably think the same as you.

He would say because you are an online only activist you arent really part of the real working class left. Where as he has attended protests and meetings and demonstrations that actually improved working conditions and pay for real people and has been doing so for longer than you have been alive.

Union leaders in the US have been doing that shit forever too and it means fuck all because they love porky and his green jizz more than their fellow workers. So great, he's held some signs and protested. Get the man the Order of Lenin fit being such a Good Worker.

But if he loves Trump or porky in general and doesn't see them as the class enemies that they are then he isn't a leftist and I'm beginning to think you aren't either.

They might both be terrible. But I prefer the candidate that likes Russia over the one that wants to shoot down it's planes over Syria and start WWIII.

Realizing Trump gives us slightly more time before SHTF doesn't make you pro-Trump.

Fuck off and go back to rsocialism

Again I think he would say the same about your online activism and I think he would have a stronger argument.

Forming a picket line and physically blocking people from going to work is morally ambiguous.
But nobody would claim it means fuck all.

Caring about board quality isn't a bad thing, you mong. irrelevant shiting threads or "hurr stupid leftists" threads for instance provide no intellectual or political conversation worth a fuck. They can go to Holla Forums for that bullshit.

I've not fallen for anything. I take the realistic view of the situation. The choices were Trump or Clinton. I suspect the people out here would not have been out against Clinton, despite her having form of being a warhawk cunt and porky's-porta-potty.

So my question is, if these protesters are 'the left', is Clinton a left?

Also, what do you mean by this?

That's the same reason the Holla Forumsyps used to purge their board of anything that threatened the echochamber or is anti-Trump. Also horribly degenerate things such as literature or science threads.
Just condense all the "fuck you gommies!!" shitposts in one thread.

I know many people here are unironically accelerationists, but world war three starting over Syria is not going to help us in the short term. We simply aren't organized enough to have that result in socialist revolution rather than fascist power grabs and totalitarianism.
Hillary Clinton has also been part of the warmongering deep state for decades. Openly she speaks the language of peace, but behind the scenes she's been supporting invasions, bombing campaigns and other illegal operations around the world. She was the one that pushed hard for the invasion of Iraq.

(not who you were replying to, but I want to answer)
Not as many would be, that's for sure. That's why many of us despise liberals, because they don't fight when it's important or for what's important, but when it's to virtue signal or just throw a tantrum because their candidate lost. That takes away credibility to protesters when they have an actual reason. These assholes were the same ones perfectly fine with voter suppression & the DNC holding an undemocratic election. They excused Hillary's warhawkishness, her being Wall Street's darling & being hand-in-hand with the scum lobbyists in Washington. Podesta's lobbying firm is ranked 3rd largest in DC.

It's also important to remember that a lot of these protesters are anarchists, so they didn't support either candidate. But as always, they're being broadcast as all lefties.

Clinton is most definitely not left. The Clintons are largely responsible for pushing the Overton window too far right, just to get votes & serve their own economic agenda. They're classic conservatives, just a little more lenient on some social issues. Economically & regarding war, she is classically right wing.

Moderation is necessary & I do think mods do a good job. But the autism slipping by lately is annoying & lowers overall discourse by making them think it's acceptable to shitpost here 24/7. It's the same tactic Holla Forums usespic related. They shit up a board then cry about muh freedom of speech when they're contained.

I keep hearing this, but not seeing it. Something doesn't add up about this. I see plenty of pro-Trump bait lately, though. Again, i've been on this thread for a couple of years & every time someone brought up accelerationism they've been laughed at. That's how a country can go full fascist, quickly.

I'm well aware of Hillary's hawkishness. I did not vote for her & everyone on the board knows her history, as well. Being against Hillary, or idpol for that matter, is not being pro-Trump.


Holla Forums only ever supported trump for accelerationist reasons. anyone who says otherwise is Holla Forums entryist or post-election newfag


Thanks for a decent answer. I wasn't seriously suggesting Clinton was in any way left. She is basically Blair with bigger balls.

I think the motivation of these protesters needs to be examined a bit closer. Their motivation is ostensibly anti-racist. But when it gets down to what they want, things get a bit murkier.

Not what I said or implied. However I'd say Trump is objectively the superior candidate as I see him less likely to start wars. Don't get me wrong, he'll have his wars as every pres has. But Clinton would have done more wars and for worse reasons.

Here's an interesting one. Who was the last US president that DIDN'T start a war while in office? The US has been at war for 230 years of it's 240 year history. If he doesn't start any wars, he'll be in the all time top 3 peacetime presidents, at least by one metric. Will liberal heads explode at this prospect?

Being against racism is a good thing, but here's another thing I hate. The media only ever interviews the idiots in a crowd because it sells more, so whenever they're asked about why they're protesting it's always some generic "he loves hate" or similar response. They rarely ever say(or show anybody saying) anything about corporate America, corruption, lobbyists or capitalism. It's almost always shallow, idpol arguments. The media is very much to blame about demonizing actual leftists, too.

There are plenty of people who protest who do know these answers, but they're not shown on MSM for good reason, because it would threaten their profits. Same reason the US media tried to have a blackout on Bernie while simultaneously propping up Trump. They actually showed Trump's empty fucking podium while Bernie was giving acceptance speeches or political rallies. It was so frustrating.

Why dont the people running the protests tell the idiots that their vague platitudes only make the whole movement look silly?
Why dont they explain to them why they are protesting so that they can explain it to the media if they are interviewed?

Leaving the media aside, it just seems sensible in general for people protesting to have an idea why they are protesting.

You have to think long term, war is a good thing because US keeps wasting resources pointlessly because it is weakening the capitalist institution

Because they're completely without theory.

For sure. This is why when you see a more popular protest like these anti-Trump ones, more liberals & random people just join because they're bored or hope to see something happen. So if they're ever asked, they have no clue, but don't want to sound stupid so they say the first thing that pops into their heads. Or people could just be nervous when interviewed. But seriously, I agree, if you're going to protest you should be passionate about the issue & use that opportunity to make your grievances heard or to try & sway others to paying attention to it.

I've heard from many in the OWS protests, that there were many idpol ideologues there. Some are genuinely useful idiots & others are genuine cointel/FBI/subversionists. This isn't tinfoil territory, either, the controlled oppo phenomena. US intel, ever since the wars against communism, regularly infiltrate political movements. CPUSA(communist party of US) & WSWS(worldwide socialist web site) have been targets. It's common knowledge that CPUSA is infiltrated. I remember someone posting a fucking pro-Hillary message on their website during the election.

The useful idiots are those who are genuinely buying into the idpol argument & propaganda. Occupy Wall Street(OWS) people said that was the reason the movement fell apart, because of sectarianism, which is why we're so against idpol here at Holla Forums. Also why we're considered "villains" or "brocialists" at r/socialism. There was so much infighting it became impossible or too hard to organize at that point.

Sorry this post is all over the place. sums it up well, lmao.

I think that's a bit too accelerationist, user.

when leftypol becomes so anti liberal that they become the reactionary right wing cunts that have essentially shaped the democrats into the idpol spewing shit they are today

very true

Horseshoe theory, right?

Democrats are obsessed with idpol because it gets them donor money and positions after leaving public office. It has nothing to do with us.

Are you both fucking retarded

This is also true. Holla Forums isn't just one poster.

[citation needed]


Leftypol. Is. Not. One. Fucking. Poster.

Man, I've made peace with the fact that the left will never amount to anything within my lifetime, if at all. I still don't know what to do with the complete lack of a reason to live, but at the moment I'm just enjoying the opportunity that Trump presented to laugh at both liberals and reactionaries. It's the closest that my miserable life will ever know of victory.

you need to be an expansionist, genocidal prick to be a fascist m8

please kill yourself for disrespecting actual victims of fascism so

democrats spew idpol bullshit so they can scoop up the minority vote without have to actually address class inequality and minorities vote for them because the other option is basically lel fuk u non whites

That is really true and sad, because liberals have a good chance of accepting communism after they learn about it, especially after their worries with Trump, while acting like a right wing douche serves noneone but the narrow minded emotion based baby who does everything because it feels better for him

they are former polfags and are only concerned with bringing more polfags towards communism without having to self examine their but what about muh white peopleism. this is why the left is losing

Not with that attitude, user.

Seriously, though. It's the little things. Do whatever you enjoy or whatever gives you even the slightest bit of relief or happiness. I know that sounds corny, but we don't have much time here, anyway. Try to find other anons in your area. People you identify with personally or politically. Worth a try, if it helps.

Again, Holla Forums is not one person. That other commenter was responding to a post that wasn't that bad, either. I always stress trying to change normies' minds. I started with my own family & worked my way out.

We're not "brocialists" if that's what you're insinuating. We're just not duped by idpol being more important or impacting than class. Class & capitalism is the common denominator in these inequalities. That's our main goal, as socialists. That doesn't mean we don't fight for others who are being oppressed, either.

why are u fucks falling for polbait again?

We were just having a conversation. Instead of viewing everything remotely or potentially rightist, I'm operating on the assumption people want to talk about politics. That poster I was responding to was obviously not just here to meme or something.
If we automatically jump down their throats or accuse them of being Holla Forums unless it's completely obvious & generally insulting for no reason the thread quickly just devolves into memeing at each other or derailing. There's a lot of Holla Forumstards here atm, but some are genuinely new & possibly from other boards, so we obviously should be willing to engage them.
Reaching out to Trump supporters or rightists in general needs to be done. Some could be just on the edge of changing their mind, ideologically. We shouldn't waste that opportunity to teach someone if we know how to. I think most of us burgers, mainly went through our libertarian/ancrap phase, too.

Civil/serious conversation also lets you find out if they're serious or not. If they're ultimately just shitposting & not interested in political conversation, it will become clear, very soon afterwards. So it's kind of a win/win.

Well that's part of the issue. I enjoy nothing and I'm good at nothing.

God knows there's nothing more that I want than finding kinship, but I failed at it miserably. I can barely find people I agree with on the internet, let alone in real life.

saging for /r9k/