4/pol/ is in love with an antifa girl

Not posting the thread but here's her Instagram before they convert her



Will our waifus guide them to the light?

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link to thread?

Just got deleted

I don't know what's so special about her, she looks like a 4/10 like just walking down any street in america you can find better looking girls, but whatever. this thread is shit, I just wanted to post my terrorist pepe. can anyone fix his hand? I'm not an artist.


Wow. It's almost as if most of Holla Forums isn't really serious about politics and actually only cares about trolling and keks

At least 8/pol/ doesn't have thirst for trash like that

we need more big eyed sexy actual leftist (not identity politics rosie the ribeter shit) agitator girls as icons for communism.

we need some dialectical materialism "do it for her" girls.

i don't think this girl cuts it tho

really makes you think

What did you think the point of Holla Forums was newfriend?

Just found one thread

i don't think you understand how cool girls are. way too many leftists icons and youtubers are men. we need like a super cute leftypol waifu to organize the masses.

its not identity politics it just makes fucking sense

Fuck off retard

Who needs girls when we have catgirls.

Well if she's involved in actual messaging then I'm down with it. Just having girls who pose with sickle logos and ushankas is where it devolves into pure autistic pandering

it's idpol if the only draw is that it's a cute chick with no substance. there's already way more than enough "my opinion matters cuz I'm a girl" streams in the world

No wonder Holla Forums is in love with her

she's not even a real communist. just a feminist anti trump fag

It is possible he just wants some eye candy with a brain.

I mean Xexizy is sexi all right, but wouldn't mind something more

Not everything is idpol. Jesus.

Sahra Wagenknecht. Half Iranian half German Stalinist milf from Die Linke.

No waifu could ever compare.

that's not idpol, ffs

man im talking young and cute and marxist as fuck. something to rally all of the ironyleft around as the eternal waifu of the struggle

not some old milf with a huge jawline from eastern europe who doesnt speak english


Looks like an emanciated child, flat as a board. Cute face isnt the only thing that counts. But to be real, NAZBOLS have the best girls.

She is super cute tho. nice jawline btw

Yeah you go get that strawman!

Why don't men just apply this to themselves smdh

That's kind of stupid tbh. All it'll attract are the incels and I don't think any leftist woman would like to be drooled over like that


I would.
As a "leftist woman" I regularly fantasize about the BFC (Big Fascist Cock).

They will only backstab you first change they get to taste bourgeoise chads cock.

you have some low standards man. she is pretty mediocre looking even for an asian

You mean like how you backstabbed Rosa Luxemburg ?

I love that this is coming from a socdem flag.

Redpill is that you?

It's that Canadian/Finnish socdem who whines endlessly about his sexual insecurity

all women are biologically like that btw

only trust comrades

oh look another one!

More proof of why they are called Cuckchan They have such shit taste in waifus

this but its anyone past 2008 having opinions about women on the internet

Its interesting how far a part Trump has made 4pol and 8pol.
I feel like a the real stormfront cunts moved to 8pol and only Holla Forums level retards post on 4pol

will we do the same with 16chan?


LOL that guy is going to break an arm the first time he fires that with those tooth picks

I wish mods would delete any threads about women, sex, or relationships. Literally every one of them, across every chan and every board turns into a bunch of buttmad incels cirlejerking about Chad and evil woman and this place is no exception

Just stop being such a normie.

You won't change the world without being a normie

As long as you stop being a "robot"

Name one normie socialist.


she's breddy cute

Engels was a normie, normie is relative to the time and place. A normie then would've been a factory worker.

Normies do not change the world, that's why they're normies.

Roastees can handle bit of mean words here. They don`t need your shining armor and protection.

Not normies sure change a lot socially by staying home all day

It's sad men can't.

I thought the opposite of normie was just an autistic edgelord?

Autism makes the world go around. You can't deny this. Marx was autistic. Keynes was sex crazed, Lenin had a cold autism.

When will leftypol realize our greatest resource is weaponized autism. Of course, if you let autism remain unused, it's worthless.

Autism in action however….

Apparently everyone who isn't a normie is a basement dwelling incel autist. Good luck changing the world

Idgaf about "roasties", just your ilk that shits up so many threads with your mgtow autism

I realize now that autism is a form of super power

Only autists say this kind of shit.

Yes this is a puzzling perception I've noticed around here.

What people don't realize is how integral autism is to leftcom theory. The forces that carry out the revolution, whether it be spontaneous or the will of the ultra-leninist vanguard, are the forces of autism.

You're posting on Holla Forums. What the fuck do you think you are?

I did the online test and was not even close to being autistic

Yeah, you're autistic.

what the fuck is a "roastee"

the new face of liberalism

sorry, we had a thread about autism here and we were invited to take the test in the OP.

In terms of the extremeness of views I would hope not.
In terms of the base being repeatedly split like a Trotskyist movement - bring it on

Was Nietzsche ever not a radical centrist?

Her and all her classmates are lesbians… she's definitely the most masculine one, but you can see the deep hatred for their fathers in all of their eyes. Very frightening.

i dated a socdem bernie sanders phone banker for like 5 fucking years. told each other we loved each other every single night, went out to dinner every weekend ect.

we fucked 8000 times and eventually she "lost interest". we broke up like 2 months ago

its true man, women even ones you think you love don't give a fuck about you or your feelings, even if you are really good looking. human beings are biologically monogamous, there is no such thing as true romantic loyalty attraction fleets

DM'd her a warning


Anyone else think that it is weird that Holla Forums immeadiately assumes that because a white girl appears in the same picture as a back male she is fucking him? It's almost like they enjoy IR sex and are fixated on it.

that's the entire point of their board

wtf she's not even hot

She looks like White trash tbh.

I would fucking die if it turned out you are that socdem who posts pictures of anime grills getting beat up and gets off to it.

for a brocialist board you all have terrible taste

That's cool man. good on you.

is there a way we could save her before she becomes retarded?

lol there is no way you can convert an antifa to fascism. They'd have to be already flawed ideologically to begin with.

Considering you're selling this as a character flaw, I'm guessing all of Holla Forums had shitty fathers to explain what the fuck happened to their lives lol