How come right Holla Forumstards in America cling so hard to tradition...

How come right Holla Forumstards in America cling so hard to tradition, when the greatest American tradition is punching Nazis in their dumb faces?

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If Holla Forums had tried a *bit* harder around the hand and eye area, they could have made this not an obvious photoshop

Like with most liberals, they pick and choose which emotional events and histories give them moral dignity.

Are we talking about the Captain America comic ?


Look, Holla Forums isn't very smart. They just want a girlfriend and they blame the darkies and the jews for them not having one.


I think this poster gets it.


Does that mean they advocate "irrelevant shiting" ?

"r*ace m*ixing*"

lots of americans were perfectly okay with nazi germany till their government told them they shouldn't be

Lots of Germans were OK with democracy till some dude who looked like Charlie Chaplin told them they shouldn't be.

Are you trying too say Hitler was right?

I'm saying they both were taken in by propaganda

I though the greatest American tradition was racism? You liberals need to make up your minds.

We're not liberals you classcucked faggot.

We're not liberals m8

Friendly reminder that the Americans that died fighting Hitler were more racist then the Nazis.

i remember something about jesse owens talking about how hitler was polite to him, as well as the other german athletes. while the american ones were all dicks to him.

Dressing up as captain america for antifa would actually be really clever

Yeah but the latest liberal meme is that your grandfather died for transexuals, Syrian refugees and miscegnation.

Not just as a statement it would also trigger the fuck out of a lot of the sort of people you'd be punching

Why do you deny your heritage?

meant for

If I ever fall on my head, and become an antifa larper, I might try that.

really makes you think

So klansmen like stroking cocks?

Man if you're wearing those hoods so no one knows who anyone else is why NOT get a little circlejerk in?

Well cucked my friend.

bootlickers wait for any authority to give them permission of how to feel and act about any situation.

that's why they still worship the military for going into Iraq "to protect our freedom", and to them WWII was only a good fight because our military said it was ok

Why do you?

You clearly come from reddit if you think Holla Forums thinks this.

misread the OP and thought we were talking about the average american conservatard

Obviously that opinion isn't contrarian enough for Holla Forums

Implying you shouldn't punch nazis AND commies.

Lmao fuck of with your spook shit.


Why do you? :)

No one did. They were sold war on standard patriotic memes, same as Iraq.

What is that supposed to prove? Goddamn you antifa retards kneejerk to everything.

Most Holla Forums users do. Anywho, I'm just here to help bring diversity to this board, and to culturally enrich you fine Commie folks.

That it's still tradition regardless.

wtf american GI's loved gay rights and miscegnation now. Not like they were the same racist white males you're always bitching about.

Tradition is tradition.

Holla Forums aint liberals, bitch

Don't you have some trash bins to knock over?

By commies, I also include antifas. :^)

Fair enough

whoa bro you're so moderate and rational. changing things is lame and gay everyone knows

So when do we go back to America being a white supremacist, christian nation then?

Not till we kill all the Nazis :^)

Hmmm a system ran by fat virgin nazis, or edgy commie autists..

No thanks m8, I'll be enjoying my life IRL, and watching you faggots for my entertainment. Hell, I even voted for trump just so politics wouldn't be so boring. Let chips fall where they may. I'll survive.


For me it's less about being edgy and more about finding a better system. co-ops are the future BTW.

elvis, simply elvis

Don't come cry to us when they take away your autismbux, m8.

Because another American tradition is killing communists

Your squabbling ways will be crushed and you will get refomed into glorious animu.
For the Führer.

You know, I was going to write a post about how OP is full of shit because nazis aren't traditionalists but i I realized that it would be pointless because leftypol will always be a circlejerk, and your post reminded me of the futility of effortposting in general.

Because so many Holla Forums arguments like yours in particular are in bad faith and they smell it miles away and are revolted by it.

I think Americans are waking up to just how deceived they were in ww2. Fighting against Japan was ok, but America should have stayed out of the European theater.

Heidegger had the correct interpretation of Hegel and Lenin was a moron who never grasped the concept of Spirit. The Nazis were right and they knew they were right; the world could have been spared the disaster of the USSR if it had just listened to the Nazis and let them rule the world as its rightful masters.

Anyway, if conscription wasn't a thing during ww2 then I doubt enough Americans would have volunteered to go fight Germany to win that front.

The only sperg here is you. Punch richard spencer all you want. I'll laugh.

However I must say, Holla Forums is beating you when it comes to entertainment, probably because that's the goal of most of the posters there. And they were actually politically effect. It's amazing.

The nation states will disintegrate naturally. What comes after no one really knows. Could be co-ops. Could be a form of syndicalism. It could be a form of market anarchy. Who knows. But I'm not thinking about that now. I'm/comfy/

I don't care what you do.

they didn't even declare war on germany. After Japan attacked the Germans declared war on the US

Was your picture supposed to be a joke? It doesn't make any sense no matter how much I look at it. Anyone who isn't a total pacifist agrees that it's alright to use violence against bad people. most people think actual nazis are bad people, hence why we always kill them in Movies and videogames.

You jump from:

Also, Stalingrad cost Hitler the USSR. You do realize that? Majority of Nazi troops were killed by the Soviets.

Please kill yourself.

almost got me there but you reached too far with the bait

This is a good point, humour is a powerful tool and Holla Forums doesn't have it like 4pol

He's just a liberal in denial let him be, you'll rile him up if you poke him too much

OP sounds like a liberal

Stalingrad is the 'US civil war was about states rights' of ww2. Yeah you aren't wrong that the encirclement and collapse of the southern front partially lead to the downfall of the eastern front a a whole and the loss of the war but it's a very reductionist to say Stalingrad was even the reason the eastern front was lost let alone the war.

Based Red Army did fuck up those fascists though

I'm not, I just like paying with spooks sometimes.


I can make posts with their level of comedy on a ti-83
and so on.
4pol humor is lower than reddit-tier. it is like the same couple dozen jokes repeated for the rest of time. The real killer though is that it's a nazi torture chamber where only one stance with one deviation is allowed, and everyone knows that when people can only believe one thing it is the ultimate death of comedy(i.e. Shit Reddit Says, FULLCOMMUNISM)

You should be punching nazis AND socdems cause they're goddamn class collaborators

Reactionaries don't actually care about tradition. They just want to defend the status quo.

Nazbols know that best don't they

yeah,it's an extremest echo chamber where any dissenting opinion isn't even argued against and all they do is attempt to discredit the person behind it than even attempt to debate

Much like the majority of Republicunts and Democucks it seems.

it says a lot about you that you think their "humor" is a selling point

Holla Forumstard dipshittery is indistinguishable from a string of racist twitter bots

…but you repeat yourself

No its supposed to represent edgy antifas that think "fighting" Republicans or trump supporters is equivalent to FIGHTING NAZI FACIST SCUM. (This mostly applies to US antifa) it's a spook. It's not real. It's LARPING at best.

Holla Forums doesn't have political influence. It has cultural influence.

Yeah, that was a bit reductionist.

But it's not as reductionist as "The United States won WW2". It's also odd that he supported the United States going to war with Japan considering Hitler not invading the USSR with Japan and being a retard by starting a two front war is another one of the reasons the Nazis lost WW2.

Heidegger's views seem more in line with Asser than they do with Hitler.

The greatest American tradition is saying "fuck you" to big government. Sorry Comrade, America will never accept you.

Don't worry, we're all ancoms here. The tankies are just LARPers.


We're not anarchists either, and we hate Communists.

You're definitely stupid enough to be an American

Oh no, don't hurt my feel-feels.

Some of us are anarchist.
American Stirnerism is patriotic and as American as apple pie.

Out of curiousity, do Holla Forumsers realize this looks bad for them? The NAP isn't just a meme and is something ingrained into the American conciousness (e.g., punching people to win debates is bad).

You guys already played your hand. No one will save you.

Holla Forums has become the meddling kikes that they claim to despise. Their duplicitous nature is on display for all to see and they're the only ones that don't see it.

You've gone too deep m8.

kek, retard centrist.

Wow, haven't seen this pic in a while.

But I'm not advocating beating anyone up user. I'd prefer if all of you autist stayed home and posted in peace.

Neutral because I'm not a Nazi, or a communist? I think people call that "normal"

People confuse apathy with stability.



Lol you're post is completely myopic
If an Islamic terrorist saws a priests head of as a member of al shabab or al nusra then yes killing those members of those groups is good
Or are you retarded enough to believe islamists=muslim?

No one gives a shit queerbait. If you don't want to get your ass kicked consider not being a loathsome fascist.

because the "left" has been coopted on almost every level and has completely failed them

When you are demoralized and your OODA loop has been undermined you cling to such things, for good reason

Im listening to fucking chapo trap house right now, its amazing tuning into a show just in time to watch them shrivel into irrelevancy

the only path forward that I see is crypto leftism, the few smart "rightists" already are crypto leftists essentially

lol even with a wrench he couldn't take out implicit dick. Sad!

not all muslims are radical wahhabis hellbent on an islamic state but there is a disturbing trend and its kinda hard-baked into mainly present day sunni islam, in part because of all the endless fucking wars of late

That being said the majority of assads forces are sunni(they arent as competent as hezbollah and co but they are fighting these cunts), so yeah I agree you cant be a collectivist about this shit, but it would be equally disingenious if you dismissed such claims outright

The real question is why has islam seemingly regressed over the past century, the answer can of course be found in the anglosphere, religious fundamentalists are really fucking good for business, doesnt matter if muslim jew or christian

Saudi and friends are direct, intentional byproducts of the british empire, and al qaeda is literally our baby, this shit is admitted, we were turning them even crazier than they already were months if not a solid year before russian troops rolled into afghanistan

I mean he did go in for a second punch to finish him off but some liberal do-gooder grabbed him away. Still made Spencer cry though.

Daily reminder from the original fash basher.