What is the best method to achieve change? Wildcat Strikes, violent protest, non-violent protests etc...

What is the best method to achieve change? Wildcat Strikes, violent protest, non-violent protests etc.? Does anyone have a few resources or opinions on this, preferably a decent book?

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Social agitation, education, combined with a military coup. Basically take over the state as quickly as possible and then populate its bureaucracy with your supporters.

Global thermonuclear war.

The same way the ruling class holds together this society, obviously. Through party politics and state repression of class enemies.

Well we don't really know, personally I'm of the opinion we should try everything all at the same time.


Thanks for the answers so far guys. I'd like something more elaborate though. Something that takes historical examples and discusses the pros and cons. Is there a nice think piece or a neat book you could recommend me?

We don't exactly have a definitive sample size. Anything you get like that is going to have a high risk of correlation/causation bias, pure luck, and opinion presented as fact.

Violence, you might not be as well armed as the oppressors but you outnumber them and they only have so many bullets.

Nobody has ever gained anything without struggle and those who've capitalised and consolidated societies fruits won't be giving them up without a fight.

Hope and change.
Also be the change.

taking over the government and *desolveing it


Depends on what you want changed and what the situation is. The whole "reform vs revolution" debate will go on for some time to come

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Wildcat strikes are best. Though you gotta have alot of radicalized workers to pull that off. Just keep on fighting the class struggle and you may get there eventually.

first we smashie
then, when those retarded MLs who don't show up until the revolution is over start assembling their own provisionary governments we smash those aswell
when they try again we smash them again

permanent smashing is the way towards anarchist communism my friends

honestly the thing that brings the MOST change: violence.

shooting at specific porkies to scare the rest of them into cracking down.

then use the crackdown as a means of accelerationism to achieve the real change.

i'm literally so shocked we don't have a red faction army anymore with lone commies breaking into a random bank ceos or corporate criminals houses like martin skrelli types shoot him in the head while spray painting the hammer and sickle and some shit like "FOR THE WORKING CLASS" over the body.

maybe someday we will see a scene like this



Non-violent protest has a much better success rate than violent protest at least. Violent protest should only come in the revolution, at which point it stops being protest.

Protests do nothing if they are just demonstrations. You must actively and publicly resist capital.



Crowder struck first. youtube.com/watch?v=pZbVR5ndNyM

Federations of organised communal councils challeging state power.

All of these are dumb. Change will be achieved by a general armed uprising of the people in response to capitalism's collapse at the hand of its own internal flaws and its subsequent failure to provide their needs. Only once this widespread dissatisfaction with the regime is in place, can the vanguard direct this revolution in a productive direction. The revolution will come from the people as a whole, not some leftists and momentarily dissatisfied workers protesting.


But before that you need to form a revolutionary body or that is able to coherently explain/form a new society or else the violence will be hijacked by counter revolutionaries or it'll crumble before any real change can occur.

this is why revolutions all across the Arab Spring failed. They had a revolutionary movement but no coherent revolutionary vision.

It won't change because revolution needs leaders yet the goal is a leaderless society.

It's a contradiction.

because like you, they are all talk no action, lol.

Here's a real radical idea. Set out what you want first. Marching for full communsim nao will never achieve anything. And a violent revolution is the fantasy of a deeply depressed mind.

So what do you faggots want?

A large issue I can see with this is how much harder it is to get away with this stuff compared to how it used to be.

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