Would you watch a Bookchin anime?

Would you watch a Bookchin anime?

Which animes are most left?


I'm not sure of any actually existing leftist anime, ackshully.

Prefer a stirner or zizek anime tbh

That is because you are a lifestylist

well you're a meanie

How the hell would this concept even work? I'm picturing something that hops between Murray at his desk writing(with voiceovers or something) and a gradual unfolding of how communalism works, presented through the lens of a village somewhere in Rojava. Assuming this could be done, how could Holla Forums get the thing presented at animu conventions?

make it to start with?


I was imagining a slice-of-life animu set in Vermont, where Bookchin-sensei helps to tutor a disgruntled youth, resulting in them becoming a revolutionary. Or something to that effect

That sounds appropriately coherent.

Like a cute teenage boy or something? That sounds like it'd be really good.

Are you drawing all this OP? These are very well done I can't believe no one else has commented on the fact.

Thanks, user.

fug I thought you were pulling them from something. nice shit op

Are you drawing these in real time?

Of course I am. Why would I not be?

I can't draw, I presumed it would take longer. Are you a savant?
Can we have one with a bane mask pls?

I'm joking.

Now that I've typed it it starts to make sense. Bane was focusing on a city. It's just libertarian municipalism with Posadist characteristics.

Holy shit yeah these are really good. Could you draw an aesthetic teenage stalinist Bookchin?

Buff but attractive.

10/10 would pirate

Please do this OP, this is what will finally bring revolution

Bump, this is an amazing idea. Dope pics op.

Yes cute teenage boys let's do it now.
And his enemy is a shadowy teenage boy who appears mysteriously in the shadows in a red and black tracksuit to try and foil his schemes.

dapper dog is that you?

Yeah love this art OP, unfortunately I haven't got much else to say.


Nice dubs.


Worst forced meme of 2017 tbh

bookchin isn't a meme, bordiga is

Come back when you have an actual criticism of Bookchin
Hard mode: No Bob Black

jibun woo
psycho ass

He was legitimately right about everything though.

This should be the year we see panels at animu cons concerning the revolutionary potential of animu.

Also polite sage.

He isnt a meme, he is the inspiration for the largest leftist revolution since decades.


I want a YPJ slice of life with war elements and ML/Bookchinite theory lessons. It would be absolutely amazing.

Well YPJ training camps are like boarding schools where a lot of young girls learn how to kill ISIS and the capitalist modernity, all whilst making new friends and learning the values of comradeship :')

pretty much an anime plot there already tbh

False, his argument against democracy is a laughing stock here now, although he made a couple of decent points that are obvious to anyone who's not an easymode pleb. His continued halfassed/postironic shilling here is nothing but an epiphenomenal holdover from the dead 20th century authoritarian left stuck in a tautological and abstractified toy universe as divorced from any deep reality as that subscribed to by any fullblown Mises hack.

I think someone is trying to tell us something.

This, exactly. Would also be great for a webcomic.


Gatchaman Crowds was basically a show about how technological advances will help bring about anarchism.


These drawings are great.

This is literally perfect, go with this. Please include poignant ice cream eating scenes. Make it a staple of Bookchin's character.

Cartoon Bookchin reminds me of one of the free planet alliance Admirals from LOGH