Who /loves public transportation/ here? I recently moved to a city that has a decent bus system...

Who /loves public transportation/ here? I recently moved to a city that has a decent bus system, and so I've started riding the bus everywhere. It feels like some kind of utopia. Instead of wasting an hour of my life every day driving and staring at the road, I can read while I commute. Then there's the environmental benefits. And when everyone gets off the bus, they all say "thank you" to the bus driver. I absolutely despise Porky for preventing good buses and trains, and forcing millions of people to drive themselves to work and school every day.

How's the public transport in your city?

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Why do you hate freedom? Think of the open road. Don't you like the open road?
Buy a fucking car before I get my lobbyists out, goy.

I also love public transportation, excepting cabs
the issue is that cars are a spook and people thinks owning a car makes them special, my mom does, she suffered a lot without a car and now that she has one she doesn't want to lend it to me because if something happens to the car it'll be a blow to her ego

Shitty, I live in OC, California and its total crap. If I cant use a car, I use ride sharing like Uber as its the only alternative, unfortunately

i love public mass/rapid transit there's so many problems but yeah hard to argue that the option of individual travel is sometimes appealing or necessary

the real problem is that reliable and comfortable mass transit over long distances is still far too expensive for most people and that is a massive shame

South Florida.

We have this joke called tri-rail and it actually experinced a surge in ridership but they cut back on funding once that happened.


Public transportation should be mandatory in suburbs. If you can't afford a car, you're fucked without it.

public transport is the shit. I really hate driving, it's nice to just sit down, tune out and have a nice alienating experience to get from point a to point b

you never walk?

I do, in fact that's what i do most times. but I'm also good at tuning out while doing that too

tuning out is just letting your processor run threads in the background

i do this driving tbh

I guess I'm just too shit of a driver

This, a lot.
Like, this is the first Monday of the past three weeks I'm not gonna walk 8 miles because the bus doesn't run late enough. Though tbh I could use the exercise. Transit needs to be better and cheaper. I can go cross country for what it costs me to go to the other side of town and back on my local transit system.

Dude fuck the trirail guards
hop on, don't pay that shit.
They've upped security though, basically two guards walking around checking tickets constantly now

trirail is so fucking over-priced too

my dad works as a bus driver. he says a lot of the bus drivers are very conservative. i suppose that's a traditional blue collar pov.

B-But what about the workers on the car manufacturing plants?
If people stop buying cars they'll be unemployed.

The only transportation improvements made here in South Florida are basically highway expansions. I feel like mass transit here is getting worse and worse. It really sucks if you don't live near the TriRail or Metrorail

I can't drive so I use it a lot. It's ok, problem is a lot of public transport is privatised so Porky just wants to gouge more money and let standards slip.

I'd love to see an integrated public transport network encompassing all forms of transportation. Train, bus, ferry, tram etc. Make it state-owned so all profits would be reinvested into the service.

I've noticed Americans tend to be quite disdainful towards public transport though. They associate it with minorities and the poor.

getting worse by the year

Trams are much better than busses and it sucks how porky conspired to kill them all in the inter/postwar years but otherwise I agree.

tri-rail is so over-priced it's crazy.
and they have so many damn security guards with guns.
It's like 5 dollars to go one zone (maybe like 10-15 blocks?)
I bet if they made no profit and had turnstiles instead of 2 armed security guards for every fucking train car the could charge half what they charge now, easily

I've just been looking into this, fucking hell


Barely any left. Really pisses me off, I've never been on one.

Public transport is fucking expensive here. It's "'"free""" for students though.

USSR had low cost public transportation for good reason

Vancouver, it's pretty bad, I use it all the time though.

it's bus or feet for me

Bus is the worst public transport tbh

In my city we have Bus, Tram, Subway, City Train, Regional Train and students can use it for free(the ticket price is included in the semester fees). So thats pretty glorious.

But bus is the worst by far, you can barely transport your bike in it. Its uncomfortable, and congestion slows it.

Its run by a state owned company, except the city train which is privatised. It promptly broke down and still has the worst service of all the systems.

From Texas and was on vacation in Seattle. It was bretty good, no idea why everyone online complains about how horrible their transportation system is, without a car you can get anywhere you want from the airport to the northern most parts of the city. If you ever come to DFW you can't get shit without taking an uber or renting a car. I'd take a sucky bus system and nice bike lanes over having to deal with monthly payments + oil changes + gas + the agony of driving everywhere, especially in a state where 90% of vehicles are pick up trucks looking to run everyone else off the road.

If the ticket price is included in the semester fees then it's not free

You know what I mean. Semester fee is like 250€ and you can study, eat cheap (2€ for a good meal that fills you) and have access to all public transport for it.

I live in a tiny town in Iowa, and for some weird ass reason we used to have a trolly, which was declared illegal by the city council I shit you not.

Wew here it's around €2500
I love my country :)

America is a sad place

It's great and should be in every area. I own a car but still get the bus everyday to work cause it's cheaper due to missing tolls and parking.

Although however good it is I still hate getting buses. I just fucking wish we had a train station near me. Buses just make me feel ill most of the time which is not fun.

To say the least

public transport is literally just privatized state subsidized porky taxi service for poor people

enjoy paying for your ticket

The thought of driving gives me anxiety so I haven't learned. How fucked is a person in a capitalist society if one can't drive?

I like public transportation, but i hate bus. I prefer to ride the subway.

lol autistic as fuck.
Just learn not to care if you kill someone. It gets easier.

Who /bycicle/ here?


Unfortunately as a grown man in burgerstan, I would be mistaken for a pedophile.

this tbh

Depends where you live. If it's a city you're good. If not you might be fucked.

I would but some idiot put a fucking river inbetween my house and my work.


are there no bridges or ferries?

I wish I had a car, or a motorbike at least tbh.
public transport is ok, but It makes me lose time and I can't take my gf to cool places with it.
having a gf makes me want to have money tbh

I live in a california city, and I gave up driving. Fuck driving. Seriously.
I started riding a bike everywhere I go.
My uni is only a few miles away, and ive gone on rides as far as 30 miles to/30 miles back (drinking at local micro breweries).
Public transpo is my fallback (rain, wind, etc)
CA has the worst drivers. After someone fell asleep on the freeway and sideswiped me causing my truck to roll multiple times, I gave up driving.
Fuck lazy ass amerifats who cant transport themselves from point a to b using their own energy.

I cycle fam.

cycling is the way to go. I love it. cant get enough since I started.


Cars are the best. Individual freedom is the best.

Any car enthusiasts here?


I gotta hand it to those slovakians. They know how to get around.

cars are for idiots. Motorcycles are the best, but hover vehicles and personal aircraft are where its really at. vehicular freedom when?

You can go anywhere as long as it's downhill

literally as functional as a skateboard (which is what it is)

I could not live in the city without public transportation. Luckily, my city has an excellent public transportation system. It beats the hell out of finding and paying for parking, and it saves me a goddamn fortune by eliminating my need for a car.

Yeah, the public transportation system in L.A. and the surrounding area is a joke. As ridiculous as traffic is there and as spread out as the area is, you would think that they would build some damn trains.

Yeah actually worse than a skateboard because you're limited to tracks. And where the fuck are you going to park your pallet? Am I suppose to carry it around all day?

Never go to Florida if you want to maintain your sanity. California drivers are a dream compared to those psychotics.

i would guess its a tad easier to move on that a skateboard, given the low friction provided by the hard surface contact with the wheels (metal rails)

I have a motorcycle aswell. However getting fucked up by weather conditions and lack of passenger and cargo space still makes my car the go to.

Never been there. I heard NY is pretty shitty as well as far as drivers go

I mean I guessss that's true but pavements are pretty smooth anyway

It would still tire you out trying to go anywhere but downhill

ya, uphill would be a challenge, for sure. I have a feeling the rider looses quite a bit of momentum on turns and curves too just from the friction of the outside wheels rubbing against the rails

haven't cycled in a long time. I like it though

Cars are bourgeois


I live in Amsterdam.

Having people to care for eradicates a lot of lifestylism or ideas that you could forgo some luxuries.

Driving scares me

I'll never learn

I fucking hate public transportation. I was minding my own business yesterday talking to a friend of mine and we were laughing about times when I got into trouble. Some fat bitch then pulls up her phone and starts taking pictures of me or recording video and asks me why I'm such a horrible person.

Also it smells like shit and is full of ugly people.

Call police for not respecting your privacy :^)

Just tell her to fuck off autismo

Blame the person not the transport system dummy

Yank detected

Neither of that fixes the issue of it smelling so horrible and being filled with ugly and old people

You're just jealous.

Here in Belgium public transportation is basically everywhere. You can go from any 200 hab shithole to any other in belgium in less than 3 hours.


your post reminded me of this classic george will piece.

I think the reason people shit on Seattle's public transit so hard is just the fact that with all the money that city has it could be so much better. Like you said, it aint terrible, and it's much better than a lot of the country, but for the wealth that city has at its disposal, on an international scale their system is pretty embarrassing.

Remember the General Motors Tramway Conspiracy

I live in Brussels and I see no reason why I should even ever buy a car — wrecking my finance, nerves, free time, the environment and even possibly my life in the process.

There is no real benefit to fucking everyone owning his very own car. The triumph of the personal vehicle was the result of capitalist cultural hegemony.

I moved out from Toronto to a small town for uni, and I miss it. Busses weren't always great and eberythig was always like 5 minutes late, but if you accepted the fact that it was gonna be minorly shit and just went with the flow it was wonderful. You could do what you wanted, chat with friends without stressing about the road, enjoy all the really bizarre advertising (for six months straight it was all posters on chemtrails and US government mind control satellites), and unwind. Being the only guys on the train at 2am and fucking around was also a really nice feel.
It might be a bit Stockholmy, but I realize that I even kinda miss some of the subway weirdos. They were fun too. I even miss how every once and a while they'd take the 50s-era streetcars out and run them along the lakefront, and if you timed it right you could ride one too.

Back when i was a kid, sometimes the drivers would even let me into the control room for part of the trip. It was like the best thing.

Of course porky perpetually lusted for the death of our beautiful TTC, but it was just to be coped with.

Theres a ferry but I live so far away from the dock for it.

I live in a rural area so public transportation is non-existent, but I walk everywhere I go (mostly) and enjoy it.

Makes me laugh when city folk and suburban pansies can't even walk a few miles to get where they're going.

The only people who shit on Seattle's public transportation system are New Yorkers and Bostonians who are used to being able to take a subway everywhere. Well, that is apart from car-owners who hate the ridiculous car tabs fee.

Some of us have disabilities and similar problems, user.

Cars are convenient for some things and necessary for some people, but it's still awful that public transport is shat on so much. In socialism, it would also be cheaper and easier to rent a car for occasions like you're mentioning.

OP here, I agree. Even though my bus system is pretty good (my stop gets a bus every ten minutes), I would kill to have a couple of light rail tracks. I get extremely jealous of the Japs whenever I watch anime, because it seems like they literally ride the train EVERYWHERE.

Then that's acceptable. Most do not.



It's beautiful

I fucking love it. Living in the Netherlands, which has some top tier public transit, it's great. But last year, when I visited a Chinese comrade in Futian, Shenzhen, I got to see some absolutely amazing shit like metros, bullet trains, etc. We also went to Hong Kong and rode the iconic red buses (leftovers from the British colonial era, but they're very much altered) which were very aesthetic, and I learned that public transit is doing so well in Hong Kong because it's one of the few things incredibly well-unionised there. The HKCTU, while little more than social democratic, does a good job at this, and public transit workers are well sustained.

In the unionized utopia of Fort McMurray the bus only costs $1.25. Everyone is happy from the opportunities provided to them from a fair wage, bus drivers are chilled out and friendly unlike the ones often encountered in big cities.
breddy gud/10

Is it Amsterdam that has the free public bikes you can just take off the racks, or am I thinking of Copenhagen?

lol the ring line

There is a state-owned (but subsidized privately, which sadly happened a few years ago) called OV-fiets ("public transit bike"), which for only 10 euros a year lets you grab any of such OV-fiets bikes and drive around with them. You use a little card, either anonymously registered or not (guess where the need to include a register option with "fun" extras comes from *oink*), and whenever you take it from a stand you scan the card, it unlocks the bike from a stand and you can drive it around whenever, wherever, as long as you check it back in at one of the stands within the week. It's similar to a library card with a book, and this is not just in Amsterdam, but everywhere the service is (which is basically anywhere but bumfuck countrysides).

I live in rural NE Ohio, so non-existent.
The only real experience I have with public transport was when I lived in Cincinnati, the bus system was third-rate at best.
There is a partially finished subway system there, but it's been abandoned since the 1920's.

I /love public transportation/

That's pretty awesome m8.

Montreal had something similar but I'm sure it cost more

what about it?

that is pretty nice

Paris looks decent.