I'm not too much into 40K, but wasn't he kinda dumb in some ways?

The emperor is an undying superman. People ruined his system after he died.

how about you keep this cringe shit off Holla Forums

Get out.

40k is for autists
40k has the most autistically dumb and dense lore in the world and the game is crap
== If you ever gave your money to GW you deserve to be gulag'd

I mean it. Get out.
Anyone who dislikes 40K is going against the wall when the revolution comes.

But what exactly prevents human empire from degrading to alt-cult without the Emperor's guidance?

daily human sacrifices of psychers, ordo manellus and inquisition spreading fear, I won't be surprised if the Emperors corpse resurrect to ultimate Chaos god.

My nigger.

I think I read something on 1d4chan implying that he is.

So we chaos marines now?

>Comrades in this thread sperging out this hard over the idea that there are fellow Holla Forumsetarians that are into Warhammer 40k


I'z seen a few of ya tryin' ta turn into spikey 'umies but spieky or not 'umies are filthy 'umies wastin' time finkin' about things dat wont matter in cosmic time scale.

ya gitz better focus on gettin' moa dakka as the revolution is the only fin' dat lasts longer than orgasm and makes ya feel alive.

Fucking /tg/ what are you doing

Warhammer Classic >>>>>>>> 40kek

I'm gonna make porky pay for this fucking bullshit

Ay wot good iz da revalushun? I ratha be muckin' around da interweb plunderin' da free loot


Where do you think you are?

This tbh.

You're probably thinking of the Star Father concept from that one 40K fanfiction.