Donald Trump is a radical accelerationist working to bring down capitalism

Prove me wrong

You literally can't

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No, he's a secret North Korean agent working to establish Juche with American characteristics.

Chairman Trump

he did say somewhere that he wants to destroy the government



That was Bannon


he's an accelerationist all right, but it's not intentional

I remember that. It striked me as very strange. I wasn't quite sure what to make of it.

It could just be bullshit as it's based on hearsay

That's true too.

Apparently his """""reasoning""""" for calling himself that was basically "Lenin wanted to bring down the existing state, I want to bring down the existing state"

Bannon is not a closet leftist.

Isn't that what anarchists want to do too though?
I'm not saying he's /ourguy/ by any means but it still just seemed odd to me if it's true.

He wants to replace it with a different state though, one that's a lot more right-wing and authoritarian than the current one.

You're probably right. It still seemed weird though.

More authoritarian? By giving states more power and cutting the federal government down?



"States' rights" means the right to put women, niggers, fags, and other subhumans in their place without federal interference. It doesn't actually mean increased freedom due to a weakened federal government.

You're confusing lolberts with fascists. Most lolberts genuinely believe in social liberalism. The one's on Holla Forums don't come off as real lolberts.
t. a former lolbert.

I wasn't talking about lolberts, necessarily. The Confederates emphasized states' rights as being at the root of the Civil War and are the forefathers of American reactionary ideology. Of course this actually meant states rights… to have slavery.

This is actually true, most Holla Forums lolberts don't really care about freedom, they just want the Market to inflict divine justice on inferiors.


Plus, it should be noted that Donald Trump cutting federal employment or regulation or whatever isn't actually cutting down federal power. He supports renewing expired Patriot Act provisions and a lot of similar surveillance/'security' stuff, and he's economically more interventionist (not that I have a problem with that particular aspect for the most part).

Lolbert entryists in 2004 with their Ron Paul LOVElution believed social liberalism. Most of the ones today fucking don't.

I agree about Holla Forumsberts, but I would suggest that most actual lolberts still often seem to have trouble reconciling states' rights/private rights with civil and individual rights.

Never attribute to malice what can just as easily be explained by incompetence. Trump is an ultracapitalist moron who believes all the shit people around him sell him and really thinks if he just cancels trade deals and bans abortion, he'll become Reagan 2 and bring a 1000 year conservative Reich. He just coincidentally is doing everything an accelerationist would be doing in his position.

As far as I can tell, Trump will just re-allocate federal money towards the military from other federal services. This can't be good considering that he wants to start a trade war with China.

Melania's father was a Yugoslavian communist

ITT: genuine retards pretend they're smarter than the POTUS while channeling bullshit conspiracies based on their own ignorant preconceptions
bretty spooky in here tbh

more likely he is the capitalist who sells you the noose you use to "hang him"

Trump sells you the noose he uses to hang you. He's a great salesman, you know. The best. No one is better, believe me.


White Nationalists love gays now fam. Most are against the war on drugs too. The only Conservatism the alt-right holds is on race and they'll likely be content repealing the Civil Rights Act and letting the free market handle it as said. Once boomers die America is going full Weimar/Batista's Cuba/South Korea. I give it 20 years until there's a strong Cocaine lobby and prostitution is legalized and possibly taxed.

Peter Thiel isn't a white nationalist, he's nrx

This is what Nick Land actually believes.

I'm sure Thiel is racist or a race realist or whatever, but he's also a hardcore libertarian transhumanist. He doesn't seem like the type to think white nationalism is better than rule by the tech elite/sucking up high Autism Level people.

wtf is habbening

Wasn't nrx basically tried already with the British East India company? As far as I can tell, this is the closest historical analogue. This was very profitable for stockholders but wasn't exactly great for Indians who had to live under its rule.

forgot link

At its core nrx is about social darwinism as a positive force. nrx accelerationism is using horrible, inhumane capitalism to sift for intelligence and competence.


Tech comm nrx doesn't give a fug about the plebs. Land literally wants acceleration until AI is produced, he also thinks friendly AI is impossible.

Why the archive link?

Too gentle for this cruel world.

I get his point, but at the same time I think that a focus on the nature of social darwinism as entropy fighting force is warranted. This is a good frame for thinking about why markets tend to produce innovation and wealth while non-competitive systems do not, and so on.

Most of NRx is just lolbertarianism on steroids, with social darwinism as the convenient justification.

"social darwinism" yet these fucking little pussies would shout "NAP! NAP! NAP!" if Tyrone knocked them the fuck out and fucked their wife long dick style. Capitalism requires a big state in order to enforce.

I'm not against competition. I have heard that the Greeks had two words for competition one being productive competition and one being destructive.
I'm against free markets as social Darwinism.

What I remember of Anissimov's blog wasn't all that objectionable. He mostly wanted to reduce social alienation and prevent the plebs from getting hold of grey goo.

Do any academics who work on AI think this?

Also, I really don't get the fetishism for the tech industry. Sure things like Amazon and Google are nice to have, but they're basically just more advanced advertising companies. We aren't exactly talking about Bell Labs here. Though I think Peter Thiel made a point something along those lines…

Yes your first point is important. Markets operate in a Darwinian fashion but what you are selecting for matters a lot. Land would probably say that Capital operates in such a way that it selects for intelligence and competence and generates economic growth.

Bell labs was just the system leaking the stuff they got from the Roswell UFO.

From what I, as a total non-expert, can see strong AI isn't coming any time soon. Watson is cool, but it isn't thinking.


if you don't even know it's the Party of Labour and call it "North Korea" rather than DPRK the source is obviously worth shit

I literally have no idea what the fuck is going on anymore

Anyone seen that new Adam Curtis doc from last year? I think he nailed it.

The new hip thing is for libertarians to be "Pinochet libertarians" or "right libertarians". Basically it is fascism without the state worship.

Well well well…

Why would Europe suffer? It can just continue buying Chinese crap as it does now, no?

Damn traitors.

What did you think they were going to say? "Trump offered us lots of empty promises"?

It can't buy enough Chinese crap to make up the flood of Chinese goods that will hit the world markets in the case that the Us goes protectionist. On top of that, it will have to sell its products, whatever its merits, against Chinese products being dumped on third world markets at much lower prices.


Workers aren't ideologues. They just want their needs fulfilled.

We're at the point where org labor is so cucked just being recognized excites them.

Stop treating labor like livestock liberal

It's exactly liberalism to attach some kind of grand progressive narrative to the struggle of poor people. This is exactly why Reddit-style 'socialism' with its absurd focus on marginal struggles is such a joke; most workers don't really care about that. The workers simply want their jobs and life security back. If the right will give them that, then they will go to the right; if the left does it, then they go left. They aren't traitors for doing that, just pragmatists who are in a vulnerable situation and trying to get out.

Do you know where you fucking are you perverse trot bastard

Get your ideology out of here and accept that your idealized "The People" have no relation to the actually existing, often racist and conservative people who make up the working class. They will turn to us to save them when capitalism fails to provide for them, not because they believe in all your pet causes.

You mean the proletariat?

I think Stalin did something about this

Something that both starts and ends with a G

Even though a lot of them are backwards troglodytes I still love them because they are my brothers and comrades weather they know it or not. I say it all the time but 90% of southerners are market socialists and don't even know it.

The fools

I was always thinking this but never knew the actual term. I supported Trump from about June I think just to see the US tailspin into a catastrophe.

The already bubbling tensions are going to boil over soon you can just feel it.

What if I told you that both Milton Friedman was pro-Universal Basic Income?

fuck off

Donald Trump is not ideological, just like his future friend Putin. He likes challenges, he likes to challenge and provoke people.

All that plus the way he's undermining liberal confidence/trust in process/establishment/institutions/etc. Before he was inaugurated I thought he'd mellow out and Americans would be able to keep their faith in institutions high enough that they would never do anything more than mutter "well I know how I'm voting next November". Now, just watching liberal media ineptly cling to Trump's gaffes or some dickhead in Congress criticizing Trump thinking any of them will mean anything or have any impact on his ability to roll America back to Reagan-era actually reactionary neoliberalism while launching drone strikes on Best Westerns makes me think something's gonna happen when people start realizing nothing at all in government or media will stop him from turning America into a reactionary hellscape.

For a while they're going to just say "we'll just persevere until 2018, win back the Senate/House, and then everything will be right with the world again" but if everything works out in the worst way possible I think you're going to see a lot of people who just won't want to wait to democratically vote him out/vote in the same morons that got us into this mess with 8 years of Obama and an attempted 8 years of Clinton.

i had to vote for the fucker

If he enacts a police state as well to quell uprisings, and neuters the media which is looking likely then the framework for revolution will be already in place for the disgruntled american proletariat