Rich Muslims are still part of the exploiter class and must perish on the Day of the Guillotine with the rest.

The womans march will be back tomorrow to cut some hands of in the name of Sharia law.


whoa i'm aut-right now
thanks OP

Probably a Gulf prince, in which case get fucked.

They wanted to destroy porky's car. They destroyed porky's car.
We also aren't antifa or liberals.


He could be a driver who owns his own limo.

on fucking K street no less

Unlike to you, the colour of the oppressor's skin isn't important to an anarchist.

10 bucks says he's from Saudia Arabia and a Prince of some sort.
My only regret is that he wasn't burned together with the limo.

Like the whole point of a limo is you pay someone to drive you around. It's pretty fucking inherently porky.

Okay maybe
believe we can beat the rise of fascism with megaphones and yellow lollipops but I'm not so blinded by liberal pacifism.



no one gives a shit you fucking liberal



Man, Holla Forums's trolling attempts are really getting sad and desperate as of late.

pety booj getting rekt is good



muslim immigrant or not, if you are rich enough to own a limo you are boojy trash

Its another episode of pol thinking we are liberals


please contemplate your own stupidity for a moment, thank you.

Islam is the porkiest religion next to Judaism fam. Embrace Stirner as your savior.

Religion is like opium for the masses

"Muhammad Ashraf, the owner of Nationwide Chauffeur Services"

yep it's porky

Some people who work for limo services eventually buy their own vehicle to get a higher percentage of the fare. They aren't bourgeois.

but in this case he was

so a porky who specifically serves porkies

burn up, limo

sounds like a kulak to me