Neckbeard/Libertarian calls for the doxxing of Commies

Holla Forums how do we deal with people like this?

he's got 3k subscribers

my autistic cousin probably has more subs for minecraft let's plays… i wouldn't worry about it.

You do realise that they doxxed their own, right?

Really made me think OP

Well since Liberals are considered commies, why do anything?


We should dox them first. It's more socially acceptable to be a socialist than a nazi, and nazis are naturally cowardly and weak so theyll go back underground quick.

Fuck off. No doxxing

Don't tell me what to do, reddit. This great culture of ours was built upon morally questionable groupthink.

Not sure if giving them attention is a good move, tho.

This I can agree with, knowing libertarians it's probably more of a publicity stunt.

AKA more excuses to do nothing. Surely we have to push back at SOME point right?

He should just be target practice for when we start moving upwards imo.

Doing nothing is always better than doing something stupid.

Nothing stops you form gathering the doxxes, then release them if they publish only one name.
Casus belli and all that shit…

what's up with the fucking guitar's at the beginning?

well the freedom of speech disguise fell off rather fast.

I cant stand his exaggerated accentuations anymore.

I wish he gets doxxed and a swarm of pizzas arrives to his front door.

True, there is nothing stopping me, but what is stopping you? And I agree, holding them in reserve would be the best strategy now, since we seem to hate the idea of offensive action.

But if we do get a revolution in 4, 8, 12 years time, wouldn't you have wanted to start learning how to do all this now rather than then? You could do what suggests and not release what you have collected, but the important thing is that eventually we are going to have to play dirty. And if you let the other guys take the lead in this wetwork stuff, well that would be really stupid now, wouldn't it?

Furthermore, if we actually start gaining power, then this will stop being stupid and start being dangerous instead. We could stop having stupid little skirmishes and actually go after the government and bourgeoisie for a change.

I wanted to say one more thing. To my knowledge, left wing internet terrorism is a relatively rare phenomenon. We know that SJWs get doxxed,but when was the last time someone like this guy was hit? If these people who have the experience and are actually on our side, where are they? If on the other hand they do not exist (more likely), then who will be able to counteract the right wing when they start developing these tactics anymore? They already won the 1st meme war, do you want them to win the 1st full scale internet war?

meme wars kek. Who the fuck cares about meme wars? waste of time. Our battles are due to happen on the streets. ffs back in the day leftists used to engage in terrorism. PKK still does, as they attack military and police officers.

Hey, I'm in favor of doing stuff. Just not stupid stuff.

But I can already do this stuff, I don't need to learn because it's already a skill I possess. You'll just give this guy a sob story and some bender will start him a gofundme for a therapist or whatever.
This man is a nobody and we should let him stay that way.


I literally couldn't give a shit for multiple reasons

1. neckbeard
2. 3k subs
3. I don't want to see a bunch of videos of somebody eating feces while Holla Forums insists that it's me in the video

Wait a minute are you the guy who punched Richard Spencer?

Why'd you do it Sam?

nigga you can't just throw that out and expect us to believe you

he becomes our guy: case closed

no I'm not the guy, I'm drunk and miswrote. I'm saying I don't want a similar situation to happen where Holla Forums starts posting scat-porn as "dox"

But if Sam did it why would they be raising a fundraiser looking for the "domestic terrorist" that hit spencer.

Aww kitty… Maybe you suck at YouTube~

He also lost his healthcare. That could turn anyone into a commie.

He's an abuser so idagf if he dies
Also it seems he donated to the wesearchr bounty to find the Dick Denser puncher so fuck him; again it could be some rando posing as Hyde but still