Capitalism still exists in a virtually unchanged form even though it's many decades if not centuries into the future

Anyone else annoyed by the pure ideology of Eternal Capitalism which constantly pops up in media?

Its worse when the past is no different ro contemporary capitalism.
The projection of a capitalist future, while something porky likes, is probably not an intentional form of propaganda. We live in the post cold war era where bo one assumes that anything different is possible. Having diversity in the future is as far as the tiny mind of a liberal can go.

That's nothing.

Are you dumb? The galactic Senate was a UN of sorts with all differing forms of governments and civilizations being represented along with galaxy spanning corporate interests and trading blocks.

It was specifically stated to be a federal republic.

It is the current system, so what do you expect? Chances are previous systems won't make a comeback. As for actual alternatives (even if imaginary), if you were the corporation making the film, would you want it to sell the idea of a system that'd kill you? if yes, you aren't thinking like the guys who decide
There are a very few exceptions though, like Star Trek.

Old republic era stuff gives mega-corporations a lot of political power as well. From a line I read in some loading screen and everything about Czerka.

I think the only pop sci-fi that presents a post capitalist future is Star Trek? All the other sci fi present it as still existing as it does now even with all the advances in technology. Everything from Blade Runner to Mass Effect to Alien. Even Star Wars features a capitalist economy I believe?

We need more independent filmmakers to have fantasy films with different economic systems TBH.

Star Trek actually has had episodes where the main characters chastise modern humans for being capitalist and has boasted about how in their future there's no money or classes. I wonder why a major corporation even made this, confuses me

Deep Space 9 started having the Feringi with currency so it gets a little confusing.

No, TNG introduced the Ferengi in its first season long before, and they were always capitalists. But since an entire race of capitalists doesn't exist, DS9 made it so that only some are and rule over their society, and they an episode of ferengi workers has them quoting the Communist Mainfesto and unionizing.

*doesn't make sense

*theres an episode of ferengi workers



Does it? The Jedi weren't portrayed positively in the prequels at all. They were okay with leading an army of slave soldiers into a war that turned out to be caused by their own Chancellor, they were okay with taking kids away from their parents without any kind of parental abuse that might actually warrant it, and their refusal to be okay with Anakin wanting to pork that hot senator was the single biggest factor in his fall to the dark side.

Yeah this is actually one of the most criticized aspects of the prequels. While I think the prequels suck, and it's not consistent with the good guy Jedis of the originals, I don't mind the Jedi being bad, though I dont know why George Lucas made that change.

Star Wars really is the anti Star Trek, in that the space faring galactic civilization is an uber corrupt shithole run by religious fanatics.

Hello Miss Le Guin how do you do

You realize that the purpose of dystopic fiction often is to shed light, draw parallels and exaggerate (emerging) problems in the current society, right?

At least Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep treated the capitalist future as a dystopia where even life is a commodity.

I wasn't passing a value judgement, just commenting on how rare positive depictions of the future are, at least in pop culture

Well, people shifted their idealist believes of technology solving all of humanities problems a few decades ago.

When technology didn't keep the promise, they started to fear that technology actually would reinforce existing problems like inequality, war or pollution.

You do realize that not all fiction set in the future is dystopian, right? Take a game like Overwatch even, which is set in the 2070s but completely glosses over issues like climate change and the downward spiral of capitalism, and instead just copy-pastes an idealized liberal version of the present day onto the future. Or Mass Effect, which actually does present a dystopian scenario, but never questions the logic of the elite government agent who's out to literally save the universe being forced to still pay money for basic necessities like guns, and literally allows you to record commercials for various shops.

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