This is what Holla Forums looks like

Jesus christ, this is just sad…

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America pls no.

Believe me, being one of the admins of PCM, it's fucking nauseating having to deal with these lot.

my eyes are pretty incompatible with his pube-style facial hair

Thankfully we have tankies to take care of them fashes.

Looks normal to me.
Now let's talk about that lil faggot in the back there. Yes, that long hair moron screaming the same words over and over again on a piece of dirt. Yes, Holla Forums that's you. SAD!

Yeah, nah.

Don't care what your are.

And yet here you are…

We have to meme this
make macros like "Its the jews fault I'm incel - Completly unrelated to my rancid personality and ugly face"
Or "I'm a defender of the white race - Looks like vermin"


too white. not even memeing, a good 50-60% of Holla Forums are self-hating non-whites

Aye. Here I am.
And it's not because I'm internsted in your lil commie club


Are you at least INTERESTED?

ayy, you guys are based

You posted the wrong one, OP.
Don't mess with Shia, Holla Forums. He's legitimately insane.

You have no idea what Holla Forums is, to say this.

none of these guys hate jews

wearing a field cap from ww2 and getting shouted out by a bearded faggot. never change Holla Forums

lmao. I may be a manlet but this is pathetic.