What's your opinion about Varoufakis?

What's your opinion about Varoufakis?

The guy from harry potter?

He was useful to have certainty of what i already suspected: The people that lead the EU in Brussels are retarded.

the most cucked man who ever lived

A great hero. One of the few leftist economist you can use against every capitalist as he is universally accepted. Read The Global Minotaur for a interesting and enlightening view of how current age capitalism works and how it came to that point.

Thanks, I'll read it.

Good honest guy

good guy but he if you watch some of his videos you see he repeats the same jokes over and over.
like mark blyth with the shrek joke lmao

The vilest Menshevik scum imaginable. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against reformism in all cases, Varoufakis is just a special breed of counter-revolutionary. Pure rotten apologist for unchecked bourgeois dicatorship or "democracy" as this libertarian likes to call it. Parliamentarianism and fanatical hostility to anything resembling working-class organs of power are the cornerstones of his philosophy. He has no real radical solutions for anything other than "wait for the machines." Even Bernstein was on a higher level than this dog.

what are your radical solutions, reading more bordiga? neck yersel laddie

Definitely our guy

kill yourself you fucking boot licking moron

The next kautsky.

he died for our sins

Build a communist party, smash all capitalist state organs, shoot the fucking bourgeoisie on sight.

Go worship welfare capitalism somewhere else, weenie

requesting a dl of the global minotuar if anyone has it

Will will this glorius revolution happen then? What progress have u made?

wow original solutions mate, i can tell you've applied a lot of intellectual rigour to them.
and with such a well developed plan how could anything unforseen possibly happen?

libgen.io is your friend my friend

How is the communist part in greece going?

There was actually a coherent point hidden there. Those three principles are the very foundation of communism, yet most self-proclaimed revolutionaries like Varoufakis reject them all totally. We're at such a low point that even the simple act of forming a popular party is unimaginable for most.

They built a popular party. They won. Varoufakis was invited. He joined. The party betrayed the people. He left.
What have you done? Kicked over a bin at Trump's inauguration?

Have you ever heard of entryism? You can't go full commie bandit and advocate for porky genocide straight away, you need to build class conciousness as a 'legitimate' party before you flip the script. Have you even thought about this?