Shia labeouf punks Holla Forumstard

is he dare i say /ourguy/?

shia keeps owning Holla Forumstards left and right at his protest

They're really not doing themselves any favours are they?

opposition to one thing doesn't make anybody a communist, stupid fucking OP

stop with the fucking ourguy threads

What exactly makes him /ourguy/? Seems like a liberal to me

Can we convince him to google Murray Bookchin?

What the fuck is the guy in 2nd pic holding. Don't tell me it's a fucking infograph.

It's not. It's a pepe sign

not /ourguy/ yet, this is the time to send our LARPers to recruit at his thing

Guy on the right looks fine except for the silly hat.

I suppose Churchill was also /ourguy/ then.

wait, wat
what do I do with his bust now?

I unironically like the look of those caps that the Wehrmacht wore. I like the Finnish one though, and that looks to be more like the Finnish one.

Almost bought one the other day.

This sounds like the dying gasps of liberalism to me.

He was quoting from a french marxist the other day, forget which theorist

shia gets guillotined with other porky libshits


Then Transformers 2 is /ourmovie/


Hahaha what the fuck is this?

Even Stevens is proletariat

so even more autistic

The whole video is really weird. The one where he's shouting at the the nazi is weird too.

We should branch out as much as possible fam.

He'll be gulaged before pol

/ourguy/ confirmed

Should have a /hwndu/ general?



is a liberal


Do they not see the irony in this video? Shouting about not being divided while ostacizing someone who they disagree with. They should be showing what they have in common, not separating based on difference.

Actual Communist Shia Labeouf

We should make more fake infograph memes.

heh, good sassenach

He was denying the holocaust tho. No tolrrance for that