When will communism see a resurgence? Leftism is the most dead it's ever been...

When will communism see a resurgence? Leftism is the most dead it's ever been. Will we ever see someone like Lenin again? I don't see it happening in a long time if it ever does. At least, most likely not in my lifetime (I see myself living until around 2085). As material conditions get worse as predicted due to capitalism, it should theoretically make communism much easier to achieve than in the 20th century.

Not really. But I'd reckon market socialism/anarchism is going to become very popular in the west with Trump's economic policies having a shitty effect either on America or the world in general.


That is because we live in the age of memes, shitposting, irrelevant idpol virtue signaling, and so on and there aren't any real issues addressed by either side.

Humanity has become a joke


Better force through a shitty state capitalist dictatorship instead of waiting for capitalism to actually collapse.

Only time will tell. The odds of it being soon are next to none, though.

Left-liberals (social democrats, greens, ordoliberals, etc.) are still a thing in this day and age, and they have a fair amount of support (unfortunately). Holla Forums needs to drop the pathologically shitty meme tier understanding of political orientation, and realize that left-liberals are left wing, just not socialist, and thus the memetic dichotomy of socialist (left) vs. right (incl. liberals) is a false one. Left-liberalism may not be anticapitalist or at best soft-anticapitalist reformist, but it's still left wing.

If any serious communist movement is to take place it will without any possibility to avoid it come in the form of party politics, which will likely be accompanied by brilliant minds like Lenin. Simply going back to the proletarian party form would be a flash of genius in and of itself coming from the left, given that the left has entirely ineffectually and inoffensively done little more than peddle in activism, insurrectionism and multitude reformism for the past few decades of pseudo-activity.

It will impulse the working class more and more and make it more respective, but make no mistake: accelerationism proper is vulgar, and ignores that worsening conditions only better the breeding grounds for a communist movement and do not just produce it. Capitalism will inevitably resort to reaction and find its own ways of amptutating the excesses to keep going on. It can only be challenged by working class efforts. Class unions must be created, a political party, a revolutionary programme, etc. Unless we properly plan for such an event or start building one ourselves, capital will find a way to recuperate.

This. The communist party and the centralism of it's line cannot be stressed enough. Without the former Communism is reduced to little more than empty slogans and petty unionism. Without the latter proletarian power won't last five years.

It needs another name. Americans are too stupid to understand that even though they agree with the policies and ideas of communism they'll still hate the word because of the Red Scare and all the other shit.

A lot of people are too fucking selfish as well.

The importance in stressing on
lies in the fact that any effort that avoids the use of such language in specific (calling its organizational form a party) would effectively be "building a party but not calling it one". It's the age old unbreakable wall of organization necessity which anarchists never managed to avoid, either in Spain or elsewhere.

The fact that language matters so much makes for the best comedic relief, considering that the constant rebranding of this party form in name, e.g. "democratic confederalism" for the PKK, is that even they can't avoid forming a party, and this case literally: Kurdish Worker's Party. The content of all their effectivity lies precisely in emulating party form programmes, and even though there is much to critique, they owe it all to rigid organization and party action. The revolutionary cannot avoid birthing the party, lest he ends up proving that he is no revolutionary at all. Tags and titles cannot circumvent it!

Literally how old are you? Socialism has been doing better recently than any time since the fall of the Soviet Union. Neoliberalism is falling over its dick in every country. We're legit winning

this is long but mostly a shitpost.

Leftism should definitionally be anticapitalist. Unless you're trying to topple a monarchy, liberal revolutions through history don't mean shit. Liberals are generally useless in my experience

Socialist movements don't mean jack shit until they actually gain power.

The only countries you can classify as socialist today are Cuba and the DPRK. That's it. The Nordic Model DOES NOT COUNT. That's socdem bullshit.

Don't make me laugh.

Stop it. Seriously. All we're seeing now is a general shift away from left-neoliberalism to right-neoliberalism; an increasingly more authoritarian and conservative one, also much more implicitly autocratic. It is AKA capitalism with "Chinese" characteristics.

That's the thing though: it isn't. The term "left", under capitalism, does indeed owe its defining coordinates to how it treats capital, but left wing at its most primitive and in its beginnings refers to social or economic reform or mild opposition. This is what lets social democrats, greens, ordoliberals, etc. be left wing (not just outside of America, but placed in the proper dichotomy of political orientations which all political economy abides by). They (socdems, etc.) are left wing because they all have grievances with certain excesses or ugly consequences inherent to capitalism and, whether they know that these consequences are systemic or not, they institute social and economic reforms like the welfare state, entrench labor rights a little and pass in anti-racism laws, for example. To reiterate: left wing does not implicitly mean anti-capitalist or socialist, it simply means to any minor degree reforming or correcting of capital.

Leftism and its insanity in its entirety is going to fade away like the satanist ideologies they are.

I swear I've seen this exact shitpost before. I'm either getting too used to Holla Forumsyp psychoses or this is a 1:1 deja vu.

Hello Porky.


Allways remember that Lenin was an imperialist puppet funded by Germany.

Just like Rojava today.

Holla Forumsyps are basically robots

Even shitty state capitalism is preferable to late stage market capitalism.

It wont if you expect it to magically resurge.

It will with a clear plan and use of technology to make it viable in today's world

When capitalism stops being comfortable for the masses. Within this century, we'll see that kind of crisis.

We also need to guide them if we want to overthrow capitalism. Them being unconfortable alone does not help.

True, which is why places such as this are important. when discomfort comes, we can well and truly ferment a revolution. When their minds are open to the possibility that capitalism is fucking everyone over, is when we make our move.