What do anarchofeminists think of Trump?

How does he compare to other politicians, especially republicans.

Note: this thread is only for anarchofeminist posters

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what in the god damn fuck do you think their answer would be

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i want to talk to reasonable people user

You came to the wrong commune, melon farmer.

Why don't you ask them on a fucking anfem webpage? Fuck, it's 2017 and nobody can use google.

If you post on Holla Forums, prepare for nazbols, tankies, etc.

that exists?

Women's studies, the birthplace of Holla Forums.

Hello there fellow feminists

Mind if I direct you back to your own board ? >>>Holla Forums

Also, why the fuck are you posting this shit here ? This is not an anarcho-femist board.

It's a leftist board. Aren't anarcho fems part of leftist ideology?


They're somehow less respected than the Nazbols.


These ppl believe that fighting against patriarchy is essential in class struggle, and the struggle against the state
I'd never belittle the role of women in revolution but these shitheads divides the already divided left.
Class struggle and class consciousness that's what we need, not some fucking free love or scream about gender roles. Do they not understand that prostitution, women trafficking and all the shit happening in the world is a socio-economic consequence of capitalism and not some fucking patriarchy.

Could not be any less true. Evidenced by the fact that these things have existed for thousands of years, and have existed under Communist and Socialist regimes, Islamic regimes etc.

nononono let's leave the ancient greeks and sultans alone, tell me why prostitution, sex slaves, women trafficking and any other fucked up shit exists in TODAY's society.
Because of profits, people make money out of it. Did you know that most prostitutes of eastern europe ( where socialist regimes existed ) aren't drugged to hell, forced or beaten. They do it because they need the money, especially the rapid economic change after the Soviet Union allowed these parts to be extra vulnerable. Most of women go to Turkey or some other shithole and sell their bodies willingly because there's no other option. And believe me when you sprout shit about patriarchy, men are evil and stuff like that, it doesn't help these women - only class struggle, only war against the ruling class will liberate us from oppression.

He's very mysogynistic. Hillary should have won. Things would be better if a woman was in charge.

Because today, the term "feminism" is too closely associated with third wave feminists and TERFs.

In my opinion, it's also unnecessary because leftist and socialist ideologies in general advocate for the rights of women as WORKERS and their emancipation from capitalism.

Men and guns are very excellent.