Okay, none of you would join me, so I'm going rogue...

Okay, none of you would join me, so I'm going rogue, I just need to be able to make a lot of mess that is difficult to get rid of, easily, one person carrying a bulky backpack. I'm thinking maybe a sac of concrete but IDK how I will get it wet to set

Obviously no bombs. I need to make a place unusable for at least a few hours.

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FBI pls go.

fick off fbi

because you would ever get arrested for telling me how to make a mess

whatcha gonna do OP, put a barrier on a main road or something?

if I had a crew it would be a barrier, but because I'm by myself it just needs to make a mess a set basically, it can explode, just to make the mess go everywhere though not a violent bomb

Just make a boom boom in your pants like the good babby you are.

Why not take any of the suggestions made in the other thread? Start a study group ffs

i will gladly do that, but the left sorely needs more direct action

Fuck you tonguebox.

What other thread? What's going on, guys?!

Godspeed man, sorry we didn't really help much.

try to take out spencer so he can be a martyr tia

any ideas on how to make a mess?

You're going to have to be more specific than that.

What are you hoping to accomplish exactly, are you going to leave a manifesto or some symbol or something?
Either would be bad because your manifesto is very badly written and full of typos
tbh don't do it

it needs to spread over a wide area and set so that it is difficult to get rid of.

Actually specifically what I want to accomplish now is to stand in solidarity with those arrested in the US on inauguration day. I figure even a 'backlash' attack happens as far away as the UK and the media makes the connection then, even if it doesn't exist yet, the idea of a global resistance to a global problem is placed in their minds.

No manifesto for this one because its for something else

Vegetables gonna vegetate I guess

Why don't you… uh… just fill a sturdy, powerful squirt gun with petrol, put a thing on the end with a lighter and spray it everywhere like in The Wasp Factory?

If the nozzle isn't adequately made to prevent the flame going back into the tank explosive consequences may ensue.

If you actually knew the media you would know that they would never suggest such a connection, the will paint it as the work of loony lone wolf and leave it that, might as well accuse you of terrorism for extra audience points.

Get a group of people radicalized and filled with theory so you can actually do something meaningful that the media will not be able to twist hard.

I'm jw if anyone knows of any ways to make massive amounts of foam that sets or some shit, Needs to cover one golfing green. Failing that if anyone can suggest a good way to plough a small area without actually ploughing it and with no tools that would also be good

tonguebox poster stop being an idiot

mmm which is why I would make it impossible to ignore

Good 'ol fashioned tar could do the trick. I'm sure there's some recipes online.

what is idiotic? I see the world running towards reactionary apocalypse and nobody I know seems to give a shit. Even on this supposedly radical board nobody gives a shit. I'm losing my mind. Something needs to be done. Lots of things. TBH going alone I am hoping to just inspire some of you because IDK how else

They won't ignore it they will just twist your motivation, even if they make the connection back to the US you will just make everyone look bad which will give politicians more ammo to do oppressive riot laws. Stop being stupid.

also, dude, maybe a lot of oil or gasoline dumped from a can in your backpack and light it? or diy napalm? would burn longer

Good advice, all around. The more class consciousness is spread, the easier it is to take meaningful action, infiltrate political parties, etc.

Napalm a central job centre staircase. "Making a mess" will do fuck all and will be ignored.

the problem is it needs to be transported by myself in a backback/sports bag.

You can't twist plain words spread out around the sight and deliberately posted to several different media outlets, if one twists it the others will come down on them for views. The thing is, this will be directly anti trump, it will be against one of his own businesses, so the liberals will like it, I think.

I have thought about that, the thing is I need to go at night, do the shit, then hope its still there is in the morning, a scorched patch would be good, but it kinda needs more visual impact when it is found in the morning. This is my fallback tho

This is why I keep trying to get groups together.. are you offering to join?

…………. been to prison already thanks.

Do you have no local anarchists in your area? No leftist bars or bookshops?

Making a mess will honestly be ignored, there are graffiti writers that spend years doing insane shit that only get attention on a slow news day. Ignore posters suggesting networking, everything is infiltrated to shit.
You would be better off running a poster campaign rather than a non-lethal bomb, which would get you in just as much shit as an arson attack imo

Yeh, of a kind, its basically just hipsters4refugees and woman though, I tried to get in contact with them in any case and they didn't respond. I have tried all of these things, this is why I am here


the point is to make a mess to the point where it causes a disruption though, then it really can't be ignored. That is why I am looking for something that sets or expands rapidly or is just crazy sticky or something

I'm not saying you shouldn't do something but I can't help but wonder what scorching a golfing green is going to do to further the revolution.

But to answer your question if you get some lye or other caustic chemicals you could easily carry them in a backpack and not have to worry about the attention a fire would draw. You could even get herbicides specifically and probably do quite a bit of damage.

now that you've said you're set on doing this at night (assumably to be discovered by people in the morning) i see no reason you can't go the gunpowder route. if you drop one or a couple low-ish powered guys, that would surely freak the fuck out of people and send a message that wouldn't maim or kill anybody.

Also thought about this, I want a kind of 'wake up one morning and the green is fucked' kind of effect though, would the grass not take a couple days to die?

destroying grass is not real action and reddit-tier civil disobedience

What type of group? I'm in India, though(am burger). I'd love to join into something to help spread class consciousness, etc.

oh thats sad, your dedication despite this is awesome though

Fuck you, things start small.

OP, stop elaborating. Everybody else, keep throwing ideas in.

pretty sure even handling explosives get you under terror charges in the UK and you lose every kind of legal protection. Also I don't know how.

Even though trust me, if I could blow up the whole course I would.

which is why I want something more punchy. The point is though, its Trumps own grass.


so what is

absolutely nothing or do you have another suggestion?

well ideally we would have local chapters all over doing above ideas and also trying to created co-operatives. But maybe it would be better to start with a dedicated study group/meme machine +online and IRL direct action, brigading etc?

Yeh it kinda sucks. I feel like a new group is needed anyway though so

I think it would depend on the actual pH of the soil and what chemicals you ended up using. There are some weed killers that work in hours, and iirc something like lye would just devour something like grass, but I'm not really a chemist.

The only reason I would advise against something like this is that I think it kind of blows your wad. If you're going to perform some kind of sabotage it should be someplace essential and devastating, otherwise if you start out with penny ante stuff security just gets tighter around sensitive areas. But that's just my opinion. Marx speed fellow worker.

This will not work, it will be put down to yobs or kids. You would be better off gluing bank locks shut.
Personally I think cheap A5 printed posters on low quality paper done inside your home on an old printer using wheat paste would be more effective. Making a mess is really not going to rustle anyone.
t. little shit, local yute. took half a year of destructive campaigning to get a mention off anyone

Putting it down to yobs or kids might not be so bad really if it keeps the heat off op.

But then what is the point?

I really doubt that anything less than torching ALL the grass and some caddyshacks will really make much of a difference to a luxury golf resort. They would probably lay down new turf on the lye/chemical-affected spots within days.

Get a supersoaker and fill it with something corrosive. Go around to porky neighbourhoods and spray their cars. Balloons filled with paint are good as well. Find out where local rich cunts live and throw waterballoons filled with paint at the front of their house.

OP becomes a hero of labor by creating jobs.

Just because the authorities don't know for sure who did it doesn't eliminate the intention.

Eggs peal paint and finish don't they?

Okay but you have to consider the media climate. I am going to specifically state in literature that will distributed to the media that this is in solidarity with American workers arrested on the inauguration of Trump. The media flat out hates trump, they will love this.

that's what I'm betting on anyway

No they need to know why its being done.

This is my point, they will be able to cater for most eventualities so I need somthing they won't be able to deal with at least for like 12 hours. Just so they loose some business and then some big shot who was waiting to play the course can't and the news gets out. Hit porky right on his weekend

Yeah eggs will do a good job. Plenty of household cleaning items will do the trick too. Diluted battery acid is also effective.

I already have a target, I specifically need to disrupt one area.

Okay, while I seriously doubt the media will pay you any mind because plenty of the ballsy things I've seen done and been a party to (scaling central Manchester skyscrapers, destroying town centres) I'll help you with some protips if you tell me your target/general plan.
You'll have to contact the local media personally too.

wanna move to email? Are you UK also just you say Manc?

Yes I am UK. We can move to emails if you want but it would honestly be more incriminating than anonymous posting here, unless you were to start going into location specific details (which you shouldn't be trusting me with).
I can, however, offer you rules of thumb for not getting caught and some tricks for whatever it is you have planned. These would be much more useful than me spoonfeeding you a plan for your local antics.

tbh I'd like to try to convince you to help me or at least let me try. If you have been involved in similar before you probably have contacts who may also be willing no?

It was close to a decade ago when everyone was going at it, a lot of people are keeping their heads down trying to hold a job and I'm personally being a good boy so I can leave this irredeemable place. These people were all graffiti writers rather than anything explicitly political (although there is a disdain for private property being placed over the individual that surfaces every now and then). Honestly one amateur with a common dirt bike is infinitely more useful than someone that has no local knowledge and hasn't run a mile for almost a year.
If I like your plan and it's pretty low risk I may attempt a copycat, though.

[email protected]/* */

Sent email from throwaway.

first eat a lot of laxatives, then if take an enema and hold yourself to you can't no more. then make a BIG mess in your room


have fun


for the love of god don't use gmail use burner.
this is like basic opsec

Trump is no worse than Reagan (washed up actor who got dementia while in office and whose wife regularly invited a fortune-teller to the White House) or George W. Bush (who suffered from alcoholism). I have no doubt that Trump has a higher Autism Level than either. When you look at liberal-leaning media from the early aughts, it was also full of hysteria like now. But Obama quadrupled the drone killings. Obama personally ordered the drone-killing of some guy who wasn't even 18 yet and who was only guilty of being the son of a terrorist. They killed him. And when that topic came up in a press conference, Obama's lackey made it sound like they killed him as collateral damage when killing his dad. Not true. They targeted him separately, at a different location. 17 years old. For being the son of someone. That's Obama. If Obama isn't Hitler, and he isn't, then Trump isn't Hitler either.

Dude, don't kill yourself! People will see all the typos in your suicide letter and then you will look pretty stupid. Sleep over it, whatever "it" is that you have in mind, have a fap, and then think what you should do.

>I have no doubt that Trump has a higher Autism Level than either.
Fucking word filter. Eye Kyu.

All Obama's bad shit, including killing one 17-year-old (his age doesn't actually bother me that much, tbh), was stuff Bush probably would have done. I mean, except going into Pakistan to kill Bin Laden, but that's because Bush had some kind of "just fuck up the entire middle east and forget about him" agenda. And drone killings are an improvement - the underlying problem isn't as much the drones (which risk a few less lives) but the poor/corrupt motivations for attacking. Obama was awful, but he was at least efficient enough that you could pick out a specific time he went and murdered somebody.