I'm sick of this shit

Okay Holla Forums, I bet you're all tired of hearing about George Soros, I sure as hell am. Please explain to me why Holla Forums and other classcucks think Soros is part of some grand leftist conspiracy when he clearly isn't.

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Autism and Alex Jones.


He's one of the primary reasons the Berlin Wall fell. I have no idea where this whole "Soros is a secret communist" came from. I'm guessing Pat Buchanan in the 90's.

The best part is that he literally funded anti-communists throughout Europe during the Cold War.

What did he mean by this?

people think he's a leftist because the overton window is all the way to the right

Conspiratards don't need reasons. They'll make them up.

Because he's a Jew funding idpol organizations which is anti Western which is cultural marxism which is communism.
It's that simple.

Because some people are dumb enough to mistake leftists with liberals

He's a super rich globalist jew who you can vaguely link to the Rothschild patriarchs through his business dealings. He funded MoveOn.org and DemocracyNow along with a bunch of other Occupy and Bernie related shit. Gives tons of money to Obama/Clinton campaigns. Huge advocate of free trade deals and mass immigration. He's a zionist who was also a crypto-fascist in Hungary that sold out thousands of jews to the fascists there (which Holla Forums ironically doesn't grasp the significance of). Guy made tons of money shorting currencies and markets in vulnerable economies. He's a predatory finance capitalist whose inolved deeply in wall street/city of london financial crime. one of the officially riches people on earth. did i mention he's a jew? that's why Holla Forums autistically fixates on him and ignores the Koch brothers and Rupert Murdoch who they've meme'd themselves into believing is jewish even though he's 100% gentile on both sides

How so? Are you implying that we were more left wing a few decades ago?

they think he's a lizard person or some shit


just look obamacare, he took a republican policy from the 90s and they called it socialism for 8 years



He didn't sage, he left his email in the field.

What are you referring to? I know Obamacare is in part based on Romneycare, which was a healthcare plan for Massachusetts passed in probably 2005 or 2006. But that supports the idea that we're moving to the left, not the right.

But that's clearly not true, things like open borders, identity politics, and Sanders-esque socialism would have been seen as far left outside of the Overton Window a couple of decades ago.

He's funded every colour revolution you can think of.

He is responsible for the migrant invasion of Europe, by organising the movement of people from shitworld countries to Europe on one hand and then blackmailing European countries into accepting them on the other.

Funded and organised the nigger riots in Baltimore and other cities, and is funding Black Lives Matter. Remember the mainstream media stirring racial tension in the George Zimmerman and other cases of black criminals being shot by police? That's George Soros. He's a confirmed domestic terrorist.

If you're a white nationalist, George Soros is at the top of your shitlist.

Also, implying leftists and globalists are mutually exclusive.

economically? yes

union membership in private firms was about 33% in the 50s.

now it is like 7-8%, if not less

yes, socially society is more progressive.

but economically we are worse than before fdr. sanders-style "socialism" (aka being FDR-like) is seen as "pie-in-the-sky" unrealistic


oh ya george fuckin soros great guy

Back in the 90s, the Clintons tried to get universal healthcare passed. Obamacare owes itself in large part to the Republican counterproposal (which never passed). And, as you said, it also was based on Romneycare. Actually, that shows that we've moved to the right - Romney supported it when he was governor of Massachusetts, but when running for president in 2012 he opposed it.

Union membership is lower because there are less people working in jobs that unions traditionally cater to. This is due to globalism, which is internationalist and therefore leftist.

So then you agree with me?

That's obviously not true considering the passing of Obamacare. We've been slowly etching more and more to the left, the fact that any kind of semi-socialized healthcare plan made it through Congress is evidence that we've moved farther to the left, no such thing ever happened under FDR. We've just been slowly adding more and more leftist policies on top of the old ones. Now, if you want to argue that it's started to shift right since Trump, then I'd be willing to agree with you. But up until Trump it was a very gradual and steady push left for decades.

So you're saying that 20 years ago, Obamacare was seen as too far left but now it's seen as perfectly acceptable legislature? How is that not a move to the left? And Romney lost, I don't see how that supports your argument. His position of being anti-Obamacare was clearly not popular enough to get him elected.

No, 20 years ago Obamacare (which wasn't called that then, obviously) was seen as the most left-wing solution the Republicans would allow. Now, it's seen as too far to the left for any Republican. That's a move to the right.

The Clinton's push for universal healthcare failed because Bill spent pretty much all his political capital pushing NAFTA, pissing off most of his own party.

It wasn't because universal healthcare in the '90s was just that politically poisonous


So Soros contradicted himself?






Ignorant posters like OP fail to realize that the nazis on Holla Forums are close to seeing Soros isn't a communist in drag at all, but rather a symptom of capitalism as intensified by the Rothschilds. If you'd take a few minutes and draft up a few memes correcting this you could potentially change a few hundred, possibly thousand, nazis to realize the error in their logic. Instead, you'll continue to whine and maintain the false narrative that Soros is a socialist.

No he understands that soc dems are tools for porky and not obstacles. He's a clever bastard

But Republicans didn't allow it in the 90s, they thought an individual mandate as too leftist and it didn't become a law. A few years it was passed. Obamacare is clearly a much more leftist system than previously existed. The fact that Obamacare passed in 2010 but not in the 90s clearly shows that the Overton Window was farther left in 2010. I don't know how much more autistic I can make this logic.

Now, I'll definitely agree with you that we've begun moving right since Trump. At some point under Obama we reached peak-leftism and now the pendulum swings right.

No, the Republicans saw an individual mandate as unreasonable.

Holla Forums is just mad that they don't get to tell rich guys how to spend their money.


No I'm just confused as to why the same tripfag that insisted Bernie was just another usessless reformist is trying to use Obamacare as "proof" that the political winds are shifting significantly to the Left (as if the fucking NHS is proof that the UK has practically halved its ascent to socialism because of its existence)


International worker solidarity is not the same thing as capitalist globalization.

They both end the same way, so I don't really understand what you think the difference is.

Holy shit they're like mirror images of each other.

He is a capitalist, afterall.

Both end in a unified, identity-less, global proletariat.

Sure they do, George, sure they do.

I bet dude

Dude, Hoochie, most of your posts are alright, but you're really getting weird now.

What the fuck are you talking about? He is porky incarnate. He manipulates currency, pushes for globalist trade cartels, manipulates politicians into fighting proxy wars or to create new laws so he and his insiders get an edge over everyone else, funds liberal "protests" like slutwalks and BLM to keep the proletariat divided and does business with pedophiles regularly. Literally no political alignment can make you support George Soros, his name is poison and it's no wonder he associates exclusively with other poisonous people like Clinton.

hoochie is based, she is best post on this board. unrestrained hatred of brocialism and fashy's is admirable, POWERFUL MINDSET. her Power levels exceed most humans and must be weaponized for ideological purposes. We need more high octane posters who are self confident and aggressive in their intolerance for reactionaries. tankies are LARPing "muh dikk" faggots and NazBols are as well. I hate An-Fems but this one is superior poaster

Some figures are also available for the biggest private donors. George Soros’s
International Renaissance Foundation, for example, spent US$1.65 million
between Autumn 2003 and December 2004, supporting the ‘New Choice 2004’
and ‘Freedom of Choice’ coalitions of NGOs.
Considerable sums were also raised
privately by the Ukrainian diaspora and by foreign supporters of the Orange
Revolution. Here it is harder to be accurate, but a figure of several million dollars
is likely. In Chicago, for example, home to one of North America’s largest
Ukrainian communities and original home of the new first lady Katherine
Chumachenko, US$363,000 was raised. It is also harder to be precise about
the destination of this type of funding, although it is likely that such funds
supported the opposition much more directly. Overall, Timothy Garton Ash and
Timothy Snyder estimate Western funding at closer to US$100 million (Snyder and
Ash 2005).

Between page 23 and 24.

He's a shitty porky but a lot of the internet hate surrounding him in the past few years has been propaganda pushed by Russia because he was funding liberal groups inside Russia. Take a lot of it with a grain of salt and verify as much as possible.

Soros has been a meme on both the far left and the far right for quite a while.

Far left because he funded the destabilization projects in Eastern Europe during the Soviet era, which later became the Open Society project. Also, some people believe he had a part in the Asian financial crisis of 1998. He got rich off of it, not enough evidence he manufactured it though.

Far right, well because jooz globalist derp derp.

Read this


Basically he embodies everything the far-right hates. He's a use screen to project myths onto

Because Holla Forums and some Trump supporters here lack intellect and depth and take everything at face value, they believe the world is SIMPLE and explain it with grand conspiracy theories based on circumstantial brain dead evidence
"Omg he paid X that goes against muh right cause, dat means he is against US"
Which is as stupid as some lefties
"Omg he fucked TPP that goes against capitalism, dat means he is communist"

That guy was seriously right, I have no idea how you can possibly believe that we are economically left of where we were 20 years ago.

Like shit, if the repubs get everything they want in the next two years, we'll all be living in the 1890s again.

did he dead?

I'd say that's a likely consequence of drinking several milliliters of mercury.

Mercury needs to be directly absorbed into your bloodstream to be truly dangerous. Mercuryman is likely alive and well.


liberal bourg feminism at work