New Zealand made a porgessive ban against sexist video game

As a feminist, I'm proud of New Zealand for banning sexist video games like Gal Gun. We don't need a sexist video games that promotes sexual objectification of underaged High School girls.(This is COINTELPRO, report anything like it)

Good, less anime virgins

So they banned games only sold in Japan.


This tbh. Nerds can find other commodities to indulge in.

This is a baby step, next they will ban more sexist video games from Japan.


I really hope new Zealand sinks

Then they'll just pirate it.

New Zealand and the incomplete human beings that support this should blow their brains out.

You're really pathetic at this.

Fuck off Holla Forums.



This game is on Steam. It's pretty fun, actually, and anfem, like usual, is just shitposting.

that's retarded but this isn't politics so go back to Holla Forums and/or r/the_donald

In all fields

thanks israelanon

based mods

What's the game where girls come up to you and you shoot hearts at them?

Honestly, galgun is shit, so I don't care.

If banning waifushit games is what we can expect from them, then I, for one, welcome our new esjew overlords.

There's too much shit the could be banned on this basis.

Banning crap is just an excuse for doing nothing useful.

Yes we do.

Holy shit it wasn't just for the sex, it was "sexualization of underage schoolgirls and low difficulty, making the game purely for titilation."

New Zealand telling weebs to GIT GUD.

what the fuck was this shit made in unity 1.0 or something? I hope they keep this filth off the market

I for one support New Zealand's crusade against filthy casuals.

Australia and NZ are full of sjw crybabies, not a surprise

Finally the nanny state gets something right



MOST sexy games don't get banned so while they'd be mad they wouldn't have the "purely for titillation" argument to use.

The ban doesn't even make any sense though. The age of consent in New Zealand is 16, and the characters in the game are at least that old.


Only five people even live in NZ, who cares

I'll have you know that New Zealand is home to over 5 million sheep.

based mods

well, the consumer market for videogames is different in jap-

I'd ban this shit too. force people to pirate it.

Gaymergate was a mistake

Censorship is political.

The low difficulty makes it sound like the game is just a way of trying to avoid child porn laws.

NZ is trying too hard to become Australia.

What kind of retarded moral puritans are running the Australian and New Zealandian government?

"Low difficulty" probably means that legislators were actually able to get to the content in question without asking a staffer or family member to play it for them

This. They actually have patrician taste and are weeding out the weebshit.

Fuck the west and its retarded sexual mores. The west is basically a malignant tumor at this point. Besides, even if the girls in the game were actually naked, they aren't even real anyway. Fucking Christ.

Feminist are so random… other feminists will argue things like this liberate the women and yada yada yada…

Who's the real who's fake?

you could argue that the fems whose ideology does the exact opposite of emancipating and liberating women aren't fems at all, i.e. libfems, radfems, terfs, swerfs and other assorted nutjobs or pro-capitalists

Emma Goldman isn't representative of feminists in general. Most feminists have been hypocrites from the beginning. They've never shown any particular concern for the rights of any women other than themselves. They're more than happy to police sexuality and call everything they don't like exploitation, as they're doing here, but if you want to protest for the right of women to not have to deal with actual exploitation from porky, not only will they not help you, they'll actively try to destroy you. Feminism has for the most part been a thoroughly bourgeois movement.

Stop being a fucking retard user

Fear enough… problem is the destructive feminism is more popular…

Social democracy
Not even once

That's not how it works, depictions of sexual activity involving under 18s are always considered CP no matter the age of consent in a country

Okay, first of all, we're talking about fictional characters here. Second, that policy is stupid as fuck even for real people. The west needs to take its puritanism and fuck right the hell off.

Wait, so according to New Zealand law porn is fine so long as the gameplay is challenging? God, I remember playing through old games on their hardest difficulty just to see 16-bit tits. It was a thing to see how close to naked we could get Samus Aran.

Censorship is always stupid and with internet is even more useless because the people who want to play this kind of games will just torrent it or buy from another country

I prefer the zero suit

What's the difference between the religious right and idpol at this point?

There is no difference. The religious right is the definition of identity politics.

There is none

We need to legalize human/powersuit marriage immediately.