I don't adhere to Holla Forums ideology...

I don't adhere to Holla Forums ideology, I generally just lurk /lit/ and /his/ and the political views are well balanced and they're generally not hiveminds but I have a question for you Holla Forums.

So all of you started out from 4chan but had different views, but you could've stayed there and expressed your views, instead you got bullied off and ran off to a "safe space" "echochamber" for lack of a better world, why and how did you lose the ideological battle? and why do you believe that you can bring back communism in the actual world when you got chased off of an imageboard?

Well first of all because admittedly, most people here are dumbasses. That still doesn't answer the question here because most Holla Forumsacks are even worse. The fact is, good ideas don't often win over bad ideas in discussion, especially when it comes to longer-term community culture. What sticks are funny coincidences, memorable slogans, and emotional appeals. That said, leftypol is hardly a safe-space. We used to have a fairly massive Holla Forums presence here (in fact I think a 3rd of our board is made up of ancaps, nazis and conservatives according to a recent poll), but even here you could see, before the mods became a bit more active, the pressure of stupid Holla Forums memes steadily lowering the level of discourse. Our board was often flooded with great, thoughtful questions like "what about human nature?" or "why are you guys cucks?" or maybe "people aren't equal! this disproves socialism!!! WE NEED ANOTHER HOLOCAUST!!!!!!!!"

Basically, dumbasses shout the loudest. Especially on chans.

Man it's not about wanting a safespace, so much as wanting a single place that isn't a shitshow. I really don't need to be faced with the same old artifacted pasta about racial Autism Level when I just want to talk about fucking Final Fantasy or something.

There is no ideological battle online, its a shouting match where arguments have no power. Poltards actually have embraced that fact and think its how you do discussions now

I did not.


So you lost the intellectual battle against stormfront and were driven off?

kek, any Marxist argument is immediately dismissed as a Jewish conspiracy to destroy the white race.

There's no intellectual battle on a board like Holla Forums, there's just shouting louder than the other person.
You could argue that their ideas are more memetic.


I quit browsing Holla Forums when it went full fascist some years ago, but I can only speak for myself


There was no intellectual battle. They do not engage arguments and evidence. Instead they prefer to call you a cuck or a Jewish shill or whatever.

Still, if their ideas don't have any merit they can easily be destroyed. I don't think there were initially more right leaning people on 4chan than there were left leaning. you can easily overtake Holla Forums right now. the trumplets are the vocal minority but if more leftists ideas were discussed in there rather than in a safe space it could become more balanced.

What makes /lit/ and /his/ different? why didn't the fascists completely overtake those boards.

Who says I left 4chan? I only post here because mook won't make a leftypol for 4chan.

already mentioned but stormfront raided 4chan and reddit and used psychological warfare and disinfo tactics to shape the window of discussion and discourse to their advantage. there's also a sizable cointelpro and counterintelligence presence on image boards and forums like reddit so we're fighting useful idiots, ignorant proles AND spooks/spooky algorithms all the time. then to add insult to injury humans tend to listen to stories that touch their feelings and amygdala before they listen to one's that appeal to their neocortex. this isn't universal otherwise leftists wouldn't exist, but it is more often than not in places like 4chan where being funny, shocking and aggressive is more rewarding than being sane or intellectual.

this place is an asylum for people who do not want to constantly fight a propaganda battle with Holla Forums and the deepstate on other boards

He shouldn't. we need regular Holla Forums threads on Holla Forums the shitposting will die down at some point and we can have some other regular general and spill a bit into normal threads. the problem is most of the actual communist threads are made by fascists baiting each other.

Go and argue against something Holla Forums believes on Holla Forums. I'm sure they'll listen to your reason.

Yes, but the effort will be lost on those who stick their fingers in their ears.

Because Holla Forumsacks don't read much and have a very shallow grasp of history.

This board is for more long form shit posting about leftist theory that requires some background knowledge and topics that don't/can't get covered in depth on 4cucks (screeching retards with one liner gotchas) or 8pol (who ban it, I believe due to hyperparanoia about muh goons or whatever). Not really rocket surgery is it?

In the same way Holla Forums lost the intellectual battle irl if you wanna call it that. I'll admit that Holla Forumstards are probably more politically informed than your average young lib or at least a lot of them are. Even still they're not taken seriously when it comes to political discussion outside of their various cuddle-box websites. Why do you think that is? Is it possibly because people are emotional and because for them the ugly nazi doing/saying something cringey is going to be more memorable than the right-winger who has made some well-grounded attacks on liberalism? If you believe in the free market of ideas, you are a meme. And the worst meme of all, you're a liberal centrist meme

We didn't "run off". We came to Holla Forums because it's better, and now get banned from every other Holla Forums board for not being nazis.

we've been making some attempts at taking back the board recently. Success has been mixed (in large part I would contend because ML's have been spearheading the attempts and they'll never make a "communism general" or "leftism general" thread. It's always an ML general, so you gotta explain to Holla Forumsacks that you don't support stalin/mao/pol pot/dugin/etc and that's a bit to complex for them. So they'll stop listening and talk about gets and how leftists prep black bulls and all that

yeah this is why trump won.

Wew. That aside, he hardly did any better then previous republican candidates, Hillary just ran a shit campaign.

Personally OP, I quit using imageboards for a while in college. I was busy, 4chan had become rote and boring and I was starting to get into political theory not just memes. When I was a frequent four chan user political memes weren't even that big of a thing anyway.

I never used Holla Forums I liked to lurk on /mu/ and Holla Forums mostly. When I used it it was still fairly left-leaning aside from the pedo shit. I thought /r9k/ had funny memes so I discovered Holla Forums that way, if I hadn't discovered Holla Forums I would've quit browsing Holla Forums and probably chans in general.

In short, OP its called growing up, to me Holla Forums is the most intellectually stimulating board on this website and probably cuckchan as well.

I think it what generally out of the fact that lefty, economic ones mind you, were generally drowned out of places like pol. Leftypol might've originally created as a containment thread and joke TBH. But I've only been here about a year so I don't know that much.

It also doesn't help that there's multiple different types of leftism. With the higher poster amount, I can say the this board's quality has dropped a bit. Typically the best threads were arguing with lolberts and ancaps, since there the only ones with a type of logic.

There's also this to consider.

It's funny, because you can't have a market when there's no scarcity, otherwise your artificially forcing it.

If by
you mean getting banned for "defending ebul jewish bolscheviks" and not literally sucking Hitler's cock,then yes,that's what happened to me

trump lost the popular vote and would have lost the election if it weren't for voter suppression, and people just generally despising hillary. there were a lot of people in great lakes states like michigan who were previously dems who voted for local candidates and just didn't vote for president. Besides, Trump voters were not Holla Forumsacks. During Trump's more extreme foot-in-mouth's his poll numbers got worse irl if I recall correctly, but these were just basic Holla Forums positions like "ban all muslims" or "mexican immigrants are rapists, murderers etc."

So no, Holla Forums's has not gained traction in terms of public opinion really, and if they did, it wasn't because Holla Forumsacks are really logical XD or anything like that. People may come to find reactionary ideas appealing if that is in their interests, not cause some autist keeps messaging them bell-curve graphs. It's just republicans are very good at maintaining their base and dems ran one of the worst possible candidates on one of the most elitist trash platforms possible.

You don't get banned on 4chan for leftist ideas.

Leftpol is useful for discussing theory and circlejerking many of us venture out onto Holla Forums and /n/ to "debate" with poltards. Yes leftpol is a "safespace" but it serves more purposes than just making us feel good about how superior we are and allows us to discuss important topics within the movement without constant nazi-shitposting

Not the guy you were replying to, but you do on 8/pol. I've been sensible and engaged in debate on 4/pol/, and I had at least two people asking for me to be banned. I don't know if that's any indication of 4/pol/ banning leftists, but you can hardly blame people for wanting a place to discuss a certain braind of politics when you're confronted with people asking for you to be banned.

Holla Forums isn't a "hivemind" or "echo chamber" either; there are many differing views on here. Furthermore, I think Holla Forums was started out of the view that 4/pol/ was a board for discussing right-wing politics, which is something you can't really blame, as that's the impression you get when you go there. Just as 4/pol/ looks like it's for right-wing politics, /g/ looks like it's for technology and /a/ looks like it's for anime.

There are Holla Forums threads for people who specifically go to post on 4/pol/.

We tried to express our views and people were apathetic or hostile. Having a place to discuss leftist politics helps bring similar-interest people together. What you're describing really isn't a problem and it's certainly not "losing an ideological battle".

Perhaps beacuse the right-wing ideology is so attractive (believing there is value to be enjoyed from one's birthplace or tribe; the desire for authoritarianism; politics driven by identity and disgust with the actions people take in a free society; characterisation of "SJWs" as "left"). Perhaps that's why we're losing the ideological battle. Being a right-winger is an easy job that makes you feel good about being you.

"muh echochamber" has nothing to do with it, faggot. Holla Forums bans Holla Forums posters because they're "shills" and "kike lovers." When Holla Forums bans people it's because they're spamming or shitposting, at least here we can debate.

I just wanted a place to talk about shit where it was the main topic, I'd be fine with 8pol except you outright get banned for disagreeing there

i still use those boards, mostly shitposting on /lit/ and somtimes serious discussion on /his/

but i did not really start out from 4chan, i lurked a lot of places and then i found this and it was pretty good to have a discussion with people who actully made some sense in my eyes.

and Holla Forums was already to late to have any real discussion on when i got into imageboard culture. or sometimes i see that they make good arguments.

I've been here for two years, what the fuck are you on about?

That's pretty fucking dumb given Holla Forums has it's own Holla Forums

I didn't come from 4ch or 8ch Holla Forums and when I did post on /po/ I constantly got banned for differing opinions.

See, you're only half right on this account. You seem to imply it was straight from 4chan to Holla Forums, but few actually came by that route. Here is what happened with most people.

It's only within the last few months that we started getting people coming directly from 4chan. Likewise, most of us also post on other boards, be it on 4chan, Holla Forums, or more obscure imageboards. We continue posting here because, while we all care to have some degree of contest to our views (when going to other boards like 4/pol/), having a concentration of users that are all familiar with the content we want to discuss in greater detail allows for a larger variety of topics to be addressed.
Say for example I want to talk about the works of the Situationalists and I go to 4/pol/ to talk about the political ramifications of their work. If 100 people show up to the thread, 80 have no fucking clue what I'm talking about, MAY look up the first paragraph summary of who they are on wikipedia, then either post to dismiss it or discount it based on the virtually no knowledge that they have on the issue. 10 people are shitposters who didn't even read the OP and just respond to one of the 80 wiki experts. 5 people might have some tangential knowledge on the subject picked up from other conversations or they know of people like Guy Debord, and attempt to pretend like they know something on the topic while quite blatantly exposing their balls to anyone who actually knows something. 5 people actually know what the fuck they're talking about and have read some primary sources about or by the Situationalists, but ultimately have to dig through 95 shitty posters to actually get to the content.
Now look at Holla Forums. Almost everyone here at least has some knowledge of the Situationalists, most have at least some knowledge of their basic ideas, and a good number of people have personally read some things on/by them. On top of that, of those who are less familiar on such topics, those people tend to be eager to learn something on by those who do have useful information to tell.

If I want to discuss concepts relating to the political left with people, I'll get far better returns on my time and intellectual investment if I post here.