Clinton may actually try to run again

"After watching Saturdays mega Women's march all over the country, Hillary Clinton and her advisers are already making plans for her comeback. They feel that she will only be a stronger candidate in 2020 and support for her will only continue to grow with the huge success of the Women's march."


4 more years

Is this a bad joke?



Meanwhile /ourguy/ is planning aswell, but he's talking to regular folks instead of millionaires. He will have the people's support when shit hits the fan.


Well, as an accelerationist this is good news. 4 more years.

So she'll have Bernie announce his run at the same time again, unite the party, get as many donations as possible for her, and then force him out of the race again?


God damnit, no.

She could actually lose the popular vote if she made it that far next time around. Like I bet even a substantial portion of the Women's March people are more anti-Trump than pro-Clinton.

As funny as this sounds I think it's just a cynical move by the Clintons to continue fleecing donors for speeches, fees, etc - or at least keep themselves politically relevant until Chelsea can run for a seat in Congress

She wants to get BTFO'd again and i would be more than hapoy to watch this

Have you forgotten how delusional and inept these people are?



Kill yourself Holla Forumstard.

Americans truly are a lost cause right now, they can't into communism when they celebrate a proto fascist rich capitalistic ceo who lies to people


Actually, like it or not, Trump is keeping promises if you are paying attention.

- Bombing ISIS in Syria and Iraq (leader caught / deaded already)
-Killed the TPP
-Repealed Obamacare individual mandate by Executive Order
-Killed White House Climate Change initiatives already, scrubbed from the books Day 1
-Bringing back manufacturing jobs (tons of companies every week are announcing this)

And I have a feeling this is only the beginning.

Fair point but with Hillary I think her venality tends to trump her ineptness

I mean shit, given Collapsegate I think Hillary's real struggle will be surviving the next four years

Oh look Holla Forums isn't even trying anymore


I really hope this is Holla Forums else this really shows how some people aren't revolution material if they fall for such petty tricks



This meme always makes me kek.

I think assassination of her would have been far more beneficial than campaign.

Some animals are only useful after slaughter.

The Neoliberals must be desperate.


what the fuck is elton john doing there?

I want this to happen, this is the accelerationist wet dream timeline.

Yeah the Clitonites don't have much of a chance at this point

They're aware of the acceleration that Commissar Trump will bring.


Since coming here a few months ago, it seems you faggots have picked up a new buzzword.

Shut up newfaggot, nobody cares about how little you lurk.

What I'm even more afraid is that if Bernie win the election but he's unable to make any actual changes with his time being in the White House due to porky cockblocking. They'll just blame socialism as being an utter failure.

You're being quite the accelerationist!

It's pretty old, people are just using it wrong.
Also buzzword doesn't mean "something that I don't understand"

Can't tell if clinically retarded or very new.

How? Is he even going to run again?

Meant for

I hope she finally dies before 2020

If he doesn't die before the next election.

Please no.

comrade jeb has gotten out of that stupid phase already

People only backed her because they hated Trump, and considering how corrupt the Dems are and how people will be more vigilant to vote out Trump, they'll certainly push her even harder on us.
I fucking give up, and agree with