It's in my self interest to pretend to be a feminist so that women will like me

It's in my self interest to pretend to be a feminist so that women will like me

they will never like you

If you think of it, women really have us by the balls. I don't buy into the 'women are still being opressed' meme, unless we're talking about non-first world feminism.

Never ever act how a woman tells you she wants, it's fucking retarded.

If you live your life pretending to be a feminist, aren't you actually a feminist in reality also?

This is about woman you dope

How about you pretend to be a confident, likable person OP?

I was mocking you.

You are literally a Holla Forums strawman

Yes, but not about my views on woman. Which is they operate on how the society sees them first, so them blabbing on about a Feminist man means nothing, they want a chad thundercock to dick them down and force them into gender roles while they coo and laugh about their principles and think they are cute.

For the ugly, they just use their vitriol to reply as demand these men act like faggots before them with no cutesy flirting.

Feels good to be gay


Is this how Emma Goldman reconciles Stirner and feminism?

this is decently true, most feminists i've met are either dating Chad or fucking Chad. the only one's who aren't are either good people (very rare) or too unappealing to attract Chad (common). its unheard of around here for an attractive feminist to date a guy thats actually what she advocates for

No it isn't. You're projecting your infantile sexual fantasies on basically everyone it's really sad

Are there any men who aren't fused to sex like they've managed to ram their cock so hard up their own ass it came into their brain

Yeah but we can't take you seriously if you're using a trip so we pretend to be chauvinist assholes ;)

Wasn't there a thread on cuntposting? We decided it was a bad idea.

Can't have sex if I don't feel a connection, I feel like shit if I do and that I need to wash myself for an hour or 2. Sex with strangers is a meme and is the equivalent of being a alcoholic.

If she ain't with Chad, she's in an open relationship and he's fucking dying inside. And no men aren't completely about their dick, most actually want a woman and a family, and not cheap hookups into their 30's.


And what if she is, "Chad"?

People are fucking unrealistic confused retards news at 11

Women are too confusing for me tbh

I want a Rosa Luxemburg waifu-bot

You disgust me if that us unrealistic. It's unrealistic if you want to marry a Feminist and are not the dominant partner.

What's the deal with these kind of memes? They're quite odd now that I think of it.

What if she is a tranny?

It is unrealistic, nobody is going to have a liberal baby boomer life.

Why is this insecure easily triggered peabrained Vietnamese comfort woman still allowed to post here?

MMM how about dyke. Because you're going to see that now that there's shit all anyone can do about it.

Dykes are a meme

prepare for another thread of shitty r/TheRedPill memes

The same reason I post anonymously most of the time and put this trip on threads that need a good shame induced bukkake. On all of you.


Man all these autistic NEET's really grind your gears don't they?



oh shit burn

this is a volcel board
I want incels to leave

You're a phony! I fucking hate you phonies

If the issue appears, i always state i don't have respect for feminism. This makes girls hating me and stop talking to me, but i don't give a fuck.
Having a social life is overated.

You spooked yourself by putting pussy as something greater then anything else.

Long term, I think it affects owness.
Stirnerian self-interest would probably reject it on those grounds.