Is this true, comrades? Is this how we finally bash the fascists?

Is this true, comrades? Is this how we finally bash the fascists?

If the protest becomes bothersome enough for the bourg these faggots will feel batons and bullets. Peaceful protest can only go so far.

You dumb faggots should be less worried about fascists who make up a fringe political movement and more worried about the neoliberal establishment that has actual power.

Fascist scum are the guard dogs of the bourgeois neoliberal elite

But nevermind, nazbols will always shill for fascism

Yes, let's improvise with all the possibilities of the spectacle. Next up: black bloc … but on skates! Standing silent protest but with headphones and your own music! Pink bloc! Samba protest! Anything but the hard work of organizing a revolutionary party!

No. But this is the only realistic option for protests in Turkey right now. Erdogan has a genuine overwhelming support from almost all strata of society. If a revolution led by the army failed to gather popular support, another by fringe avant-guardistes will faill even harder.

No, this is

Non-violence only works if your enemy cares if you lie or die.

True violence is when you change how things work.

why would you want to bash the fashists and not the stirnerfags?

They are equally bashable. One protects the bourg because he doesn't know any better, the other protects the bourg by his passive individualism, while he knows better. Morally the latter is worse.

They really are pacified, maybe Holla Forums wasn't wrong about one thing after all.

Why am i such a special snowflake and everyone i meet around me is a brainless nice guy that must do le good and be le nice person and things like questioning democracy and not brainlessly hating assassinations and killing are evil

No this is

As far as I know, in Turkey fascists are a real threat. History proves that they collaborated with the government on many attacks against the leftists.

non-violence doesnt work
unorganized violence doesnt work
violence organized towards anything other than the bourgeois doesnt work

basically if youre not shooting porky you're pretty much fucking useless

This is why you need the vanguard party.


Maybe in India where the priests have been advocating nonviolence for millennia, not in the US which is a culture that glorifies violence.

case in point

But not against the state or businesses. Then you need to GO HOME!!! and STOP BEING STUPID!!!

Marxism-Leninism is the only successful revolutionary way

Name a successful ML revolution

All of them

You such smart. You clearly have it all figured out.

typical bourgeois liberalism.

yeah but clearly they deserved it because they're trespassing or whatever else fuckers say


It definitely makes the police look like the bad guys if they have to break it up.

But try doing it on a major road or railway track or corporate HQ and see how long their restraint lasts : ^)

falun gong already did it and got their asses kicked