Do we agree with him leftypol?

Do we agree with him leftypol?

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No, because in the event of a crisis the ruling class will back fascists with the full power of the State apparatus.

Leftypol is full of cucks who shout 'read Bordiga' at anyone taking action so probably not

He's right, but to be fair the CIA and FBI spend a lot more on the right wing than the left.

No, because street fighting is irrelevant LARPing. The moment either movement actually reaches true politics, the establishment will use the Fascists to kill the Left.

hes defo got a point but also the left regularly get stomped. The example he gives is not so common. In any case it was probably some building they didn't actually give a shit about

LARPing: The Post

Partly, left also gets stomped regulary and the right can allways count on the support of the state when they are smart enough.

But antifa tactics to defend autonomous spaces work, and with recent refocusing on decentral actions instead of trying to defend fortresses they only have gotten more effective.

those arnt leftypolacks tho, those are reddit/bunkerfag sjws and pol

Somewhat, but as soon as capitalism starts failing the right groups will get a lot more vicious and unify to protect capitalism.

Git gud

hahahaha this nigga cant be serious

cointelpro was following 2 far-right groups and hundreds of far-left ones

the popularity of Holla Forums (especially 4/pol/) shows there's a lot more fashies than we think, but it's just internet LARPers, whenever they organize in real life they get beaten the fuck up

praise antifa

Yea it is not as if Presidents have been actively manipulating drug policies to crack down on right wingers

you guys should start beating up antifa imo

Yeah, and it's why I support antifa and I bought a black bloc outfit yesterday. I always believed in the 'bashing fashies just enables them' bullshit but just look at the disparity between real life fashy activism and internet fashy activism. Most Holla Forumsacks aren't in any fashy groups, don't have fashy friends and don't go to fashy rallies because they know they will get beaten the fuck up.

don't worry lads, I do read kropotkin and spend time shitposting here

and I spent like 10 euros on the whole outfit, didn't buy expensive shit like a consumer whore

It's a meme you dip

Maybe one time you will grow up from your rebelious age. Please dont get killed in those antifa rallies or better go there and get fucked up by police and angry mob of facists. Play stupid games win stupid prizes

Kinda LARPING tbh.

I can only imagine the triggered Holla Forumsyp responses to this post imho

sometimes US intelligence is even helping us in Germany with arming and supplying our right wing terrorists! How nice!

Yeah, the right got that shitty consolation prize: the US government.

We need to learn to organize and do more than attack trash cans.

antifa is great. there is nothing that cements a politic movement more than in your face opposition

you forgot to take off your flag, Holla Forums

Exactly, which is why the entire left is now unified (and willing to use violence) against you virgin NEET cucks.

Hope you guys do a bit more than throwing weak ass punches. We really need to accelerate things right now

On the one hand, being willing and able to win street fights with the police is a really important part of getting your revolutionary movement off the ground, but like they said in the first sentence, if capitalists were ever worried about anarchists taking over, they'd put fucking Breivik in charge of Norway. I'm not sure what the answer to that age old problem is (other than spontaneous popular revolution, obviously), but just noting that the far right is disorganized means little if the state will side with them to prevent leftist takeover.