What happens when there is a massive decline in the quality of products and services because no one can get fired and...

What happens when there is a massive decline in the quality of products and services because no one can get fired and everyone is guaranteed an apartment and a basic food ration anyway and a massive gray market based on corruption and patronage arises for basic shit like getting your hands on a non defective alarm clock or a doctor that isn't a massive apathetic incompetent?

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Democratically telling them to fuck off counts doesn't it?

You don't want more than basic food and an apartment?

Trading what for what?

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Infilitrate the NSA, become a higher up, find out who is a piece of shit (cheater/liar/schemer/murderer/rapist/sociopath), then infilitrate the CIA to get access to electronic weapons, then use these weapons to kill all the scumbags. Some people are just bad people and gotta go. You cant have a perfect society with Trumps and Clintons. These people are beyond repair and want you dead at all costs. Its retarded how you think any revolution is going to happen without blood.

Municpilzation and confederation not collectivization and nation-states, OK? Praise bookchin

1)Already happening in the name of "maximizing profit"
2)Mainly happening because people hate their job because they are forced to work for anything to survive
3)In communism people will find work that they personally enjoy and fulfills them

But that's the only way to have communism. It doesn't exist in any other way.

Use their phones*

One of these days they are going to resort to this. Shits fucking real. Look up targetted individuals/electronic weapons. If you dont believe me then go down that rabbit hole and find out for yourself. Why the fuck would government not develop this shit? Why do you think 90% of the world is under a spell? You think MK ultra is just some myth? Haha. Its not fun. Like I said, if you dont believe me start trying to actually defeat your masters. These people live like gods and arent ready to give up their throne. You are a slave.

I have no friends or family, 0 dollars, 0 energy, and basically feel like a retarded dog in a case with nowhere to go. 2 years ago I was ballin and banging bitches. I must just be insane. Wow I guess you are right. My brain is just incapable of making a valid observation of this world. Kill me. Put me out of my fucking misery and enjoy your hell

this guy gets it

Even under the soviets many basic products where durable and of extremely high quality, they had horrible usabillity and looked ugly af though.

That is what happens when you nationalise the economy and try to centrally administer it, if you allow different productions facilities for similar things and decentralise control over it you will have a primitive form of competition, just based on what people like and the fact that a community wont allocate ressources to a shitty product forever if someone else makes a better one.

Also with the rise of efficient unicum production and the death of mass production we will be able to develop much faster without massive efficiency losses.

Much of our economy allready is a planned economy, just in time production has reached many sectors allready and will only spread, and we have massive platforms that can accuratly measure the desire of a population for different products, they are called Alibaba and Amazon.

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R u OK?

if CIA had so many weapons why couldnt they beat Castro ;^🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

Seek psychiatric help immediatly, seriously do it.

He is right about MKULTRA though

Kinda, but I can only advise to delve into these rabbit holes with a healthy mind and with a lot of scepticism. His other descriptions sounds like a serious health issue that should be adressed. If you rationalise your problems with conspiracies you can get stuck in shitty situations for decades.

Your posts are constantly utter shit, just thought I'd let you know gorillafag

It's okay people who ask the tough questions are universally despised.


I heard about this from Wolf so take it with a grain of salt but it seems like worker coops, which will be similar to the structures you'll have in communism, are pretty good at motivating their workers.

Laziness isn't simply human nature, it arises when you hate your job and try your best to avoid doing it. Worker coops switch people from one workplace to another, limit the amount of repetitive work you do by contract and do seemingly effective interventions when workers suffer from addiction or similar problems.
Hopefully, your problem will be a non issue when workers are less alienated from their work and aren't treated like cogs anymore.

It might be rare but if any actual rotten apples show up that just worsen the day of everyone around them and get nothing done, there should be a way to fire people, although it shouldn't be something that can be done willy nilly.

We form a hierarchy and reward system on basis of loyalty to the revolutionary party.

No, that ends with people lying and pretending in order to get money.