How does an ideology like Maoism Third-Worldism resist turning into nationalism?

I apologize if my knowledge on the subject is sub-par, but it seems as if third worldism is nothing more than third world nationalism, especially when put into practice. For example, I know RAIM has for the most part abandoned Marxism and now simply call themselves "third worldist" while pushing something of a third world nationalist "return-the-colonized-world-back-to-its-authentic-state-of-being" line (basically, replacing Marx with some weird Heidegger-Said hybrid). The LLCO (assuming they're more than just a guy with a website) claims to desire a "pan third world" movement which would allegedly offset racial/tribal ideology, but from there on they still promote many of the same nationalist and essentialist tropes.

The whole "return to an authentic, pre-colonized identity" as a strategy to resist imperialism sounds dangerously close to the ideology of NazBols. The predecessor to MTWism, Mirsaid Sultan-Galiev, based his proto-TWist socialism on this notion by claiming nationalist revolutions by Muslims, Asians and indigenous Africans and Native Americans would be "socialist" by default as these peoples had always lived communally before colonization. These tropes are also heavily emphasized in the ideology of Nazi Aleksandr Dugin and his "Fourth Political Theory" which bases itself entirely on Heideggerian philosophy (but the general idea is nearly identical). It's also not surprising how some of the regimes praised by NazBols, specifically Khomeini's Iran and Gaddafi's Libya, are also praised by third worldists, not only on the basis of "anti-imperialism" but on their ideological lines as well.

So to summarize: given its understanding of imperialism and how to fight it, how does third worldism remain Marxist and not become another hyper-nationalist praxis?

Because we all know how well those arbitrary "pan" movements work out, do we?

Third worldism is a meme. It is first world white guys who fetishize the third world as some united block. What unites a Muslim in Somalia and a Vietnamese Buddhist? They don't understand the third world but see them fighting against the big Satan as Khomeini would say. Third world authoritarian regimes just magically become good when they oppose the US. It is not Marxist not even Maoist. The Maoists wanted to destroy the old china not preserve it.

Doesn't the LLCO support Duterte?

I don't know if they specifically did but i wouldn't be surprised. The NPA in the Philippines did.

Maoism third worldism is basically a bunch of fat white college kids who hate the lower class of their own nations, and sit around all day imagining a far away revolution in another country they can read about but never actually have to fight in and also they want these emaciated and poor third worlders to invade the first world and fight against the advanced drone armies of america or something.

LLCO is just one guy and a handful of his friends.

He dun goofed then.

it doesn't, and that's why it's

Maoism Third-Worldism usually holds that nationalism is a good thing for third-world countries. Hence why no leftist should take it seriously.

Jason really doesn't like him, idk about his LLCO buddies though.

They don't…which kinds makes me want to support Duterte tbh

But feels-based contrarianism and oppositionism rarely leads anywhere good.

Jason and the LLCO (which is really just Prairie Fire and a few of his online friends) disagree on Dutertre and North Korea.


How is Dugin not a Nazi?

It IS nationalism.
Jacobins were nationalists, Communalism in Kurdistan is nationalist.

Nationalism is not the sole province of the Right.
Fuck their stupid spooky bullshit.
A nation does not have to be an ethnicity, a nation can be a subset of the Greater Human Collective.
First, Family Solidarity, then Civic Solidarity, then National Solidarity, then Global Solidarity.
It's just order of operations stuff

just spooky shit fam


he is a civic nationalist to begin with

It doesnt. Nationalism is the first and the last tool of the elites to maintain control.

He's not a racialist for one?

I thought he was an antisemite.

No not really.

Turd worldism is the worst nationalism. How is being from the third world mean u share a culture?

I personally don't view nationalism as an inherit bad thing. While nationalism can do bad, it is still the most important tool against imperialism. Nationalism is the only thing that can effectively get people to mobilize against imperialism. And Third Worldism IS Third World nationalism, no-matter how much Third Worldists use mental gymnastics to try and get around that fact.

I'd have much more respect for Jason Unruhe if he made his case for MTWism using the philosophy of Heidegger and also Sultan-Galiyev, rather than just using straight economism.