Person A spends all his money on frivolities

please explain

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Uncuck yourself. Bourgies didn't get where they are through ""hard work"". We aren't talking about that guy who lives across from you with the plumbing business.


Socialists would tell B that if A also wants to work and make money, A gets to work on that tractor too, insofar as he agrees to have equal responsibility in running and maintaining the tractor.

Besides, real life is almost never as simple as this ridiculous scenario.


Congrats on being fucking stupid OP

Stop calling everyone who doesn't agree with you a 'stupid prole', you smug shit.

ancaps seem to live in some delusional fantasy where everyone has their small plot of land they can live off and there's no assymetric relationship between the people who own massive amounts of capital and those who have to sell their labor.

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Why does person B get to live perpetually off the labor of others

Because person A is too stupid to revolt

Because person B saved his money and now his money works for him.

Pure ideology



watch the first three minutes of this, the whole thing would be good but just the first three minutes will answer the leftist stance on your question. The farmer who bought the tractor is still in column B specifically until he begins to collect the profit from the labour of others. He is still proletariat. He is not the owning class.

What's "U"

Whenever you get a dollar you didn't work for, that's a dollar somebody else worked for and didn't get

Renting is the same as loaning of capital with interest. Holla Forums often opposes these bankers because of usury, but does not see any problem with doing the same with other forms of capital? I find that this means they have not yet thought about what they are actually implying.

Person A lives paycheck to paycheck,, rent and food consuming most of their income. Person A works sixty hours a week at two part-time jobs. Person A is unable to save money or pay back their student debt. Person A gets really pissed off when you tell them to work harder.

if a machine i worked for allowed a man to make $2 extra dollar, what is wrong about me and the labourer splitting the money?


this is a whole different scenario now. The fact that you have a machine work for you is not your money working for you its just having an advanced tool.

"Money working for itself" can only ever happen through usury of one sort or another

Maybe person A should become more productive?

if he had taken a study in computer science instead of women studies he could go live in silicon valley and make $100k a year and pay off student loan really fast.


Might as well just say Person B is a capitalist

comrade plz

It is true, they loathe usury coz muh jooos

how is this a false dichotomy. You have been incredibly reductive in assuming that he could very easily just become a programmer in a number of ways.

The median income for programmers is 60k and women's studies majors are a very small number of graduates. Assuming Person A didn't major in STEM, a load of A's switching majors to STEM would mean that STEM jobs will likely have more competition and wages will stagnate because the labor supply has just increased. So we're back where we started, except telling A to major in business or something instead of STEM.

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Generic commodity?


No system will work unless its a hybird of capitalism/socialism with all personal freedoms in bill of rights and the ability to own property / strong safety net at bottom / maximum wage / like 99% tax above a million.

No clue why this cant happen since I dont know one Trumpet who makes more than 60k and I don't know one Sanders who is willing to share their groceries.

We basically need to murder everyone who doesnt believe a homeless persons life has value (WE ARE ONE MORON YOU WILL EXPERIENCE THEIR PAIN ONE DAY) and that people shouldn't have any way to advance themselves. Holy fuck I am working with retards here and it sucks. Nobody is capable of finding a middle ground anymore.


Don't be a hypocrite.

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