I have CERTAIN interest in Stalinist Communist, I have criticism(steeming mainly from Moralistic...

I have CERTAIN interest in Stalinist Communist, I have criticism(steeming mainly from Moralistic, and pro-tradition arguments) of the rich, and it's pointless for hierarchies to exist in a society were pretty much everyone is equally incotinent.

Yet I don't want to give up any of my wealth and personal property.
Can I still become a militant?
leftists get upset when porkies say
Well, I use a lot of stuff manufactured under Capitalism. Can I still be "one of you"?
or do I have to live in a flint ghetto to known the oppression of the masses?


the only way to live ethically is NEET

We don't give a shit about your toothbrush even if it's made of gold. The part of your "wealth" that would be seized are what we call the means of production, ie factories machinery and so on.

It gets upsetting because it's an absolute non argument thrown in our face everytime we argue against capitalism.
pic related

You don't need to live in a sweatshop factory, a niger ghetto or a forsaken White trash settlement to know it sucks user.
Usually having a shit job is more than enough to open one's eyes.

I never said I didn't wanna go neet mode
i despise nightclubs and would bomb them (spoiler) with none inside (spoiler)

oh, I'm relieved you won't take away my weeb stuff.
i was a fervent right winger but after careful analysis the right is based on lies

I still despise feminism and gender ideology .
But i volunteer to write in favour the conservative workers or at least against douchebaggy capitalists.

not for the hicks that paid their taxes, but they do exist user

are they in operation?
any photos?

they're called cops where I come from


In my country leftists 80% of the time shriek about the luxury goods of the upper class . So i'm confused about what real Socialism is supposed to be like.

That's socdems. They've besmirched our image so that socialism will forever be associated with 'I want free stuff! I'm a consumer whore!'.

buzzword alert
social ownership of the means of production does not directly involve private property except property that can produce other properties
you commies will need to make a list of what you define as 'means of production', and organise accordingly

So it's futile to be out-raged at even the most lavish of private possesions, if i understand right?

yeah but if some porky decides to side with the revolution and has a mansion chopper and a minijet. all these things could be more useful if they were owned by the comunity.

Well the ultimate goal is Fully Automated LUXURY Communism after all.

I said this in other thread, but I think the class system exists because of the sexual fetishism of using luxury to captivate other humans

=D that's something I can look forward.

Honestly. if i gather enough cash I'll contribute to some political platform thay endorses automated luxury.

if they're not means of production, you technically don't have to share
keep in mind, this makes you a greedy bugger, a tall poppy, and the lumpensocialist untermensch greens voter will attempt to rebel against you. I would avoid revolution in the first place trade my possessions for cool shit that isn't heavy or physically large (thinkpads), and or shelter stuff that is necessary e.g. plumbing supplies

maybe farming equipment and agricultural educational supplies

it's not sexual, you better be using that word metaphorically

I am not.
"gold diggers" are a well known thing, sadly.

imagine yourself born 100 years after the revolution and you live in huge mansion you earned from your porky ancestoers. I would personaly feel kinda bad and probably donate it to becom a museum club or whatever.

gotta put food on the table somehow

gold diggers are sadistic people, they crave wealth, not out of need.

how do you teach self control?

You just teach it!


Well, you state that it''s an act akin to a lethal virus to society to be gold digger

You start by having it.

that just polarises gold diggers, try again

what if i don't

hint: they need to learn, right? if someone can't learn by simply using words, what do you go to next?

Try the marshmallow test. Keep trying it until you get it right.

how do you use the marshmallow test on a wide scale to help gold diggers understand their flaws?

Natural selection. You administer the marshmallow test. You stop talking to the ones who fail. The ones who pass move on to the next step.