So anyone willing to debate Destiny in front of +4000 viewers...

So anyone willing to debate Destiny in front of +4000 viewers, he's a radical centrist video game streamer that was on a tour debating alt-right figures and random Holla Forums posters, now he wants to talk to more people on the left.

His twitter

Recent video about punshing an alt-right :

His other debates are on his channel.

Other urls found in this thread:

Tf are you talking about, he's a liberal/socdem.

So how do I debate him then? I just wait for him to be on a show or something?

Wow why is he fucking bouncing in that mp4

His words not mine. he's not a liberal that's for sure.

Please don't send muke to do it.

If he believes in the current world paradigm of neoliberalism, then yes, he's a liberal

he doesn''t though.

This guy is an idiot.
He "wins" debates by carefully selecting his opponents and using non-arguments like "hurr you can't link me x media site because it's not credible".

Dear god no. Hes not ready yet. Let him train in the hyperbolic reading chamber for a few more years.

He does manage trip up Holla Forumsyps on occasion which is enjoyable to watch. I think an actual conversation would be more productive

just not with muke

Debating alt-righters is not a high bar. Is he gonna be able to engage with economic arguments against capitalism, Marxist theory, alternatives to capitalism, etc. or is he just looking for liberal feminist/BLM types to trounce?

Ryan Dawson wrecked his mangy mainstream hole over trump v hilldawg, destiny spent most of the debate sputtering and saying ´"ah didnt know that", hes geopolitically retarded like the vast majority of self-acclaimed youtube politickers

To destinies credit, he does seem to want to have actual debates as opposed to just pushing his narrative. this might be because he doesnt actually have a narrative, his shit is inches dep at best it seems, still i respect a man that is willing to learn a lot more than a cunt like molycuck

Not an argument

he barely knows recent history, obviously you can be a competent theorytard and still not understand geopol (like most a you fags;^) but i wouldnt count on the man named after a fucking video game knowing much about economics

then get on and debate him.


i'll do it.

Might be a good idea to snoop around his yt a bit if you are serious about it.

DM him on twitter or something, he's generally pretty open about letting people on his show.

I already said I would do it, you tell me how I can then.

I watch his videos occasionally. He does have a grasp of some neoliberal economic ideas. He use to be a lolbertarian. He's completely ignorant of socialism, but he's not a total dummy.

Yeah nah

Eh I don't have a banter twitter and it won't let me make one, I left one on his Youtube channel anyway

pls teach him a thing or 2

Internet debates don't accomplish anything.

Well the best way is to DM him on twitter or tweet something at him that you don't agree with, chances he will spaz out call you an autist and invite you to defend your position in front of his viewers. he will go live even if he wasn't intending on streaming.

other ways are posting on his subreddit o sending him an email.

but depends if you guys even disagree at all? he hates Holla Forumsytes but thing radical left is just as bad, but SJWs and BLM are not interesting in debating so unless you're a radical leftist I don't see how you guys can disagree?

an alternative would be to check out his chat at and see if he is paying attention.

We aren't here to accomplish anything, just antagonize our ideological enemies for fun.

Centrism is objectively radical when you think about what it entails, but centrists enjoy a caricatured feeling of "neutrality," "reasonableness," or "listening to everyone."
If you can dissect the contradictions of this worldview you're golden

Send one of the non-retarded Nazbols to him, that would be funny.

Sure they do, they inform the audience and swing their perceptions accordingly.

No pls


I'll try that, he might just ignore me though, it's not like I'm famous or anything.

There is at least one, I'm pretty sure he's just bored and entertains the ideology to cause butthurt though.



How about it, boys? Think we can win Leafy over to our cause, and get him to make videos on Marxist theory?

what the fuck is a radical centrist.

Would you ever call in to True Capitalist Radio?

Pretty sure he already posts here as an AnCom tbh.

edgy contrarian who thinks people who actually pick a side are stupid

tweet something in opposition to his latest video

but wait till hes streaming on twitch

How about, no ? The kid is a shitposter.

You guys are clueless centrist is correct he has many views on both sides kys.

I DMed him and he just ignored me, I don't wanna be an asshole about it, I don't know this guy. But I do think Richard Spencer deserved it so I could just say that.

He's not streaming but he's in his chat right now.

you dont have to wait until he's live streaming

I'm on the screenshot AngelThump

How do I get to this chat? I'm on the channel page chat and it's like empty. I don't watch streamers lol.

He will be right back, after food.

And? Centrists are liberals.

My name is KingAssRipper.

I have dealt with this man many times before through his teamspeak and other dealings. He is a sham, a bastard, and will pay for the way he treats his viewers. Anyone that disagrees with him is basically automatically banned. Fuck you.


you need to login through twitch, reddit or some other site.

Oh I see it's on his site, I was on Twitch

But who will build a new dielectical theory of positive vibes within the capitalist superstructure?

Move over Adorno, LeafyIsHere.

explain to him why its ok


At best, you'll only get him into the average anarkiddie memes on this board.

They're linking to this thread.

Stream ON

get in big boys. debate starting soon.

Name one thing wrong with the alt-right.

My internet is so shitty I'm getting like 50% buffering. Might not be able to do anything

Set it to low or mobile.

bump, he's going to talk to that guy.

Lmao I remember fucking with this guy on /mu/, he's a real angry, insecure manchild.

destiny posted on /mu/?

For what purpose?

what when

What are we doing with our lives? Have we really fallen this far?

We're on the way up
Today vidya, tomorrow the world!

That's me but I can't get Discord to load now, fuck.

Centrism doesn't exist. It's just a way to feel like you're smart by completely capitulating to whatever the ruling ideology happens to be.




pretty sure he dropped out for a casino job

How do we know whoever is debating this dude actually knows what the fuck they're talking about or isn't some Holla Forumsyp? We're gonna look like idiots again.

it's happening?

Bump, this guy is on.

can't be worse than muke

I don't even want to watch this shit. Destiny is a cunt who can't debate without flipping his shit and I very much doubt we got an expert Marxist on the case here.

He sounds suspiciously like muke

What's the link?

New developments in Marxist-Centrist theory by Destiny

this going well

this is awful

it sounds like your lagging or you have a shit mic

Wow this is fucking shit.

Is our dude bad?

I apologise everyone

Technical problems. Too early to tell.

Reported, saged, filtered, and capped for future shaming purposes. There's no such thing as a radical centrist you fucking mong.

he can't even get his mic setup

Disconnects every 10 seconds and said saome dumb shit along the lines of "its fine to beat up nazis because they nazis dude." and "no one really believes in free speech but at least I'm honest about it."

Holla Forums here, just laughing at you, even the retarded girl that wasn't actually from Holla Forums did better.

can someone with an actual argument represent us please

Can someone else jump in and save the day?

He might be, if he got a chance to say anything through his cockblocking mic

This please

it should've been rebel
at least he can string a sentence together

Brigades, you fucking retard.

It's my patriotic duty to punch you.

Tell him about how r/socialism's audiobooks

Why the hell would you volunteer to debate when you have neither a coherent argument nor the technical means to do so?

Honestly someone else should take over from me

Yeah let's just get muke to do it.

Or Holla Forums, go on and shout NIGGER at them, they seem to be waiting for that to happen.

At what point does it become okay to punch someone?

Have an upboat XD

If someone takes over at least have a coherent, preferably "radical" point to make.

This will solve all your questions.

It's because he's posting as International Brigades. Please stop trying to fit in so hard.

This is disgusting and humiliating.

Yes it is
I am sorry comrades. I disgrace myself.

DELET THIS if nobody steps up

can we get a discussion going here and then have someone present it as a response in live debate?




bumping thread


I do but I'm a theory guy, take time to write out thorough arguments, and have no debate expertise
plus I have no mic

Can someone provide links on
antifa is not fascist
violence against "free speech" that promotes violence

If you can't defend an idea, you shouldn't hold it.

I would volunteer but I'm not even from the US and I doubt this guy would be able to discuss anything that's not within his information bubble.


like what?

I'm not either but then again I sucked

I expected him to have a topic, that's why I fucked up so bad

I dunno what I was thinking.

If that happens you win.

I'd do it but I have a lisp and it would do more harm than good.

Why bother?

Hes just gonna get red pilled like Tay and Pediepie.

Do it. We're desperate.
Just provide him with good context/background for the topics.

This. If you can stump him without coming off as an obscurantist, you have a free platform to push your ideas.

What happened? I wasn't watching. He invites people but doesn't have a topic? How about the topic of ´´what is socialism and why must we overcome capitalism´´?

Socialism is where the government owns the means of production.

Agreed. I personally speculate you could count the number of people here who have actually read Capital on two hands.

He didn't really invite me, I just assumed he wanted to grill leftists but he said his fans just posted this topic apropos of nothing.

I have no idea who this guy is, but internet debate usually doesn't work like that. Each party takes a side on some massive intellectual difference of opinion (like socialism vs capitalism) then tries to score cheap points against the other. Whoever looks cleverest wins.

Socialism is when the government forces the population to buy healthcare from private companies.

Seconding this
It's sufficiently broad to take in various directions, including a heavy focus on entry-level material.

And communism is when the government runs the hospital, like in Europe.
They literally turn doctors into slaves.

As long as it's not a tankie debating I'm all for it

That too.

Still too broad, in my opinion. Try 'is private property legitimate'.


don't use socialism, he believes in a lot of socialist shit

go all the way

he is pro free market a better position would be anti-capitalist vs free market

What's going on? He's just sitting playing minecraft


I'd take the mustache tripfag over this incompetence. At least he's well-read and intelligent, even if I disagree with him.

He's also thinking really hard.

Proof that socialism doesn't work. Checkmate, commies.

Tbf I'd love to see Pravda argue with a liberal manchild over the greatness of the Soviet Union.

Don't be mean, my mic just isn't working and I don't have another one

It's a little-known fact that Trotsky wrote his best theory while playing Minecraft in his war train


Pretty sure he'd get BTFO. No way he knows enough about the USSR, planned economies and the Stalinist system to coherently argue against someone who's super immersed in that shit.

Whoa there, no need to be so drastic, comrade

debate him on rojava

one of you guys hop on his chat or something

That's why I'd like to see it, it would be a ridiculously over the top curb stomp.

So is a debate gonna take place, or can I stop squatting this thread?

This dude has no fucking clue what he's talking about.

I'm hoping someone takes over from me and regains our honor that I lost

He could just google quality of life statistics though and blow your argument right out of the water.

Seconding the stashe.

Get Muke or Rebel Absurdity in if possible.


Changing my vote to AnFam.

what a fucking liberal

Where are you Xijn? Are you going to step up and be the stuff of Holla Forums legend?

need papers on the ethics of modern nazi punching with respect to defense of free speech

is it okay to use violence to prevent violence through the exercise of "free speech"

What is unique about fascism? If you make it okay to punch nazis because you don't agree with them then other people can punch minorities they don't agree with, unless there is something fundamentally different about nazis?

What is that thing?

What are the ethical arguments for not allowing "thought crimes" about racial genocide. We need strong arguments to break the 1984 propaganda that smashing nazis is policing them for not speaking "politically correct".

Please help

What happened? Did destiny win?



Holla Forums blew him out the water

Nothing happened. That's the problem.

It never happened cause his mic would d/c every 5 sec

My microphone wouldn't work and I looked like an asshole

Can't you formulate those arguments yourself? It's not really that hard when you point to how the US fails to prevent a fascist uprising and the failures of the government's executive must be corrected by individuals within society.



It's fine let's just admit defeat, at least it's not against a fascist and he's pretty left leaning.

do it fgt

Fucking liberals…

It's not fine though. There was a lot of engagement with the right but the left can't even be bothered to show up?

this is why communism doesn't work

If you guys don't admit I'm a real leftist I'm going to start spewing Bordiga and Stirner memes at him in a heavy Australian accent.

Why are you allowed to define the boundaries though?

Fucking wew
Belief is literally a compulsion, faggot. You can't choose to believe things contrary to your worldview.

this thread is a microcosm of communism smh

Not what I believe.

That is literally what Destiny said.

Dare I say : Alt-rights have more courage and sound arguments than commies?

Go on do it, I want to see memes and a Nazbol debating Destiny would make my day. Who cares about actual informative discussion, it's a Twitch stream

stopped reading there

he will probably stop talking if it gets annoying or obvious that it's a troll

Dear god, I thought this was gonna be another jimmypost

Destiny read Ayn rand when he was 13 and individualism runned his life until he outgrew it, so I'm pretty sure he can find some counter arguments.

He wants people to be individuals but doesn't believe in their own agency

For the love of god someone just actually do something

what a faggot

The boundaries of what?

Fucking really, even after my embarrassment I would still go back in if my shit was working. It's not that hard to talk to someone.

What defines what you can punch someone over

You do it, leftcom


No, I'm eating lasagne and enjoying the shitfest

Fuck it, I'll do it.
Prepare for meek lisping.

How do I get in a call with him?

I do hope you're being ironic.

best bet would be to highlight him in his chat at

wtf. i love trotsky now

Oh no a trot!
just ask around in his chat I guess?

Just get on his chat

With a twitch account or something, in the chat put Destiny in with your messages so they're flashed to him, eventually he'll give you a link to his discord

D-do you have a working mic and good connection, we don't want another embarrassment.




Jesus the dude is insufferable

Start a crowfund for Trot poster. Now.>>1277553

That's the Trump press secretary

I would've preferred Nazbol as well or Stirnerfag, but can't help it

fucking go for it then



but I'm not a Nazbol or Stirnerfag

What did he say?

How the fuck do I get his attention? Help

He's mostly listening to the White House press conference

Trots are objectively the best tendency though, nazbols are literally a joke and stirnerist egoism is a dead end
As long as they're actually real trots

What's your name on the chat?


What's your name in chat?

Join the discord here:


You can be whatever you want to be, user. I believe in you!

go in his chat highlight him via @destiny and say you want to debate him

Pretty sure there's more than 3 tendencies on earth.

In the case of fascism it's self defense. The people who they say they would gladly genocide or deport are taking them at their word and physically confronting them. This idea that politics has to be sanitized of violence to be legitimate is completely removed from reality and is only espoused by insulated westerners.


Join this link and stay in the general room

Is he talking about liberals who give in to fascism the moment the left becomes remotely scary?

Destiny accepted the challenge, prepare for memes

but talking about genocide isn't violent its just words

you cant punch people for disagreeing with you

I'm up for debating him, but I cant join in with what's going on now and I dont really wanna talk about Trump anyway. Will be doing further debates in the future? If so, best way to contact him? I assume twitter or something.

Yeah, let's fight the fascist after they've started genociding

That's where you're wrong, kiddo.

We already got the Trot for debate.

hes talking about the guy who punched Richard Spencer

why? why would you bother participating in the bourg decadent entertainment that's youtube/twitch cancer personalities?

Yeah you can DM him on Twitter and debate him some further time

Why have only one debate?

twitter for the future, but let's see how this works out first



Yeah I know

Wouldn't libertarians disagree with commies about what violence the state should be allowed to use to implement their ideology? Should they be allowed to assault them over that?

Hey Trot how is it going? Are you in the Discord?

most of them are 12 year olds though, what's the point of engaging people that don't want to be politically educated in such a cancerous platform?

I'm on discord but haven't been added into the call with him

give him a minute

Marxism is what made my balls drop tbh

Good, get 'em before the high school ideology classes do.

Are you in the general voice chat and told him your username?

There is always a need to agitate. The younger the more impressionable.

And words become action. I don't know about you but I'd rather not wait around till fascists become politically relevant enough to start genociding people before I take action.

Now we wait.

Good luck Trot, save some for me yea?




Lol fuck no

so we should wait until they start genociding? are you by any chance mentally challenged? cause you'll be the first one to be genocided

Great way to approach him. Remember to be friendly'n'shiet

That was a normie that got into the thread via stream linking in chat.



Everybody should try to engage in debates regardless of education / job / status. No reason not to, it helps you solidify your views, or learn from others' views.

Thanks fam

So you're only using the trot flag to take the piss out of us aye?

why isn't the trot in chat anymore

C'mon trot! Are you in or are you out?

what's the status on debate

I'm waiting for them to pull me into the call



I agree that we should kill fascists, but these are not arguments.

The best thing I have come up with so far is analogous to when you are being robbed and you call the police to wait for them to show up.

The police and legal system are not legitimate. If you call the police to report a Nazi they will not arrest them for inciting violence with their speech but they will if the person is an Anarchist.

The police have no legitimate authority. This is why the people chant "Who's streets? Our streets!" The streets belong to the people not the corporate masters served by the pigs.

Punching Nazis is a form of community watch and self defense against the advocation of violence. These are not your streets.

I need more fuel this is not enough


I am not going to waste any more of my energy on "I stream video games and also pretend to be intellectual and use my entertainers talents and big following to create a sphere of mutual reenforcement".

Im not wasting my time on any more people like leafy or bananaman. If you truly want me to give a toss show me he isnt just another "lol i iz so smart and will talk over you and have my followers attack you".

Destiny actually seems nice

ok you're an idiot. go on and "debate" your cancerous streamer, bet you'll feel very proud of yourself for debating a manchild that has read exactly 0 political theory in his life.

but hey im sure once you "debate" him his 12 year old adhd fanbase will start reading up on radical left politics. im sure you wont just be putting money in his pocket while you perpetuate decadent capitalist entertainment


Well seeing as how genocide of libertarians isn't a feature of communist thought I personally wouldn't say the situations are the same. Context matters. But sure I guess the same rules apply.

Whoever is the polish guy talking with destiny sounds like a snake. no bully thou

"Spectacle" is an anti-trot concept

Forgot to add:

I actually have shit to do in my fucking life. I have a fucking job. I need to allocate my limit time accurately and I'm not going to waste the one hour i have to shitpost and relax on something that might be as usefull as talking to a brick wall.

The guy has that Zizek lisp.

Watch this If you actually think this "debate" is going to be worthwhile. The dude made a 30 minute video about a topic that he is completely ignorant of.


m8…. i have news for you

Reminder that when people say "But what if people start beating up the commies?" they've already done this for decades with the IWW.

Also this Trot is triggering the fuck out of the chat, good work!

Yeah, that's a much better use of your supposedly valuable time.

Shitposting relaxes me. Spending hours preparing for a debate thats about as enjoyable as stabbing my own hand is not relaxing.

This relaxes and enjoys me. Also, don't want to miss out on the off chance you can show he is actually not a retard like most youtube "intelectuals"

what is happening

ugh kill it already

Why did this event even happen in the first place?

Turn it to class

Mention race is not a class, it's based on objective material things

Im out of the loop, whats the happenings?

Destiny is pulling the capitalists are rationally self interested so you cant kill them.

I don't have counters

Debates are pointless at the best of times, and doing it in front of a live audience is just stupid. It isn't a contest of logic and evidence, but rather one of using clever logical fallacies, biased sources, and simple charisma to win over public opinion. If Trump's victory tells us anything it is that people are gullible idiots who will side with whoever can tell the best lies.

SocDem liberal centrist whatever streamer Destiny is accepting leftypol callers after fans pulled them in



This guy sucks at arguing, can you somehow join in or is this a 1v1

currently: Is violence acceptable?

This is bad. Stop letting him make this about violence against people for what they believe.

it's a 1v1 for now. I'm pretty sure you could join in when it's over


What does that mean? Like capitalist will haunt the earth?

Just tell him that socialism is in the self interest of the majority of the population and that capitalists become subservient to capital.


Who's the guy talking?

a trot

Write in the general chat, ask RightToBearArms or an administrator.
He usually doesn't do 2v1s but that may just be because of lack of opportunity.

that porkies are only porky because they system made them bad and they are poor souls that need to be reeducated with compassion and if you turn the other cheek enough the oppressors will realize they are wrong and stop

The only proper response to this is to point out that deontological ethics are shit.

Please don't advocate street fighting as political action.

This is true to an extent. The enemy is capital as a system, not capitalists as persons. Except they won't ever stop their service to capital accumulation and need to be killed or imprisoned to end it.



How the fuck are we losing here

Oh ok. Well communism doesn't say that every porky must die so that's a strawman. It's just the obvious outcome of one class protecting it's interests over another's.

Dude Trot you didn't have to throw me under the bus, I did have more of an arguement than what I got the chance to say with my shitty microphone.

It's completely true. A sufficiently advanced society would have no difficulty rehabilitating the capitalists once they were removed from the influence of capitalism. The system of capitalism is ultimately the thing which deserves all the blame.

Never trust Trots.

so then by the same logic nazis are just sad people who got tricked into white nationalism because they are dumb and MLK gandhi peacewalks will change their mind

except that's historically inaccurate

i hope our chat representative can pull a

I will take what is democracy for 100 dollars, Jim

Holy fuck you people are actually mentally ill.

Ok, so its ok for me to beat up Commies because I disagree with them. Thanks.

so its wrong to bash the fash?


It's ok to beat up nazis because nazism is a threat to all

And that's why you'll never have a successful revolution.


There is no "ok" or "not ok", there is only might.

The first part is usually true, and the second part I already stated my disagreement with.

And I believe Communism is a threat to all so I'm right to bash the pinko by this logic.

Ok, so Capitalism is the best, got you.


Well isnt communism a threat to all ?

That's why it's called class struggle and class war, not class group hug.

but you'd be wrong, user

You should take whatever actions lead to the minimum suffering and greatest happiness for humanity over all time.
If you want to bash the fash, be very smart about it and make sure you carefully think through the consequences of each action. Mindless violence rarely solves any problems, but carefully targeted violence might have its uses.

Oh yes, the USSR, China, Vietnam, and every other communist nation dindu nuffin

Fucking kill yourselves.

And the Nazi's would say the same thing, so what's the point ?

There is no "best", there is only what has the power. Stop thinking in RPG-terms like "good" and "evil", they litterally do not exist and are filled in by an individual based on their own worldview.


So if the majority thinks gays and trannies should hang by trees than that is just democracy in action right?

Nope. It's a threat to capitalists.

Capitalism == SLAVE/MASTER

Fighting is trivial compared to the problem of figuring out the optimal course of action. That's the real struggle.

that's irrelevant by the rules you've set out though.

you've activated our trap card, bucko

what rules have I set out?

Yes. That is LITERALLY the definition. Demos-Kratos

Yeah. Do you know what democracy means?

Nazism is a threat to whatever people outside the "race" they defined and communism is a threat to whatever people outside the "class" they defined.

Simon, are you in here?

Not the same user, but people make terrible rulers. The sooner we can remove all humans from the decision-making process the better.


If its ok to punch Nazis in the face because you feel they deserve it and are dangerous than it is just as right to punch ANYONE in the face for the same reasons.

that if i disagree with you and think your ideas are dangerous i don't need to engage your ideas and can just use violence instead to suppress them.


I don't feel they deserve it, nazis objectively deserve it.

It's not about disagreement, it's about nazism being an objective threat

That's because infastructre plans are being designed by reality tv stars instead of engineers


Rights by definitions protect the interests of the people of the system they we're created in. Slaveowners had rights to their property and slaves. Are you saying you can't kill them to free slaves?

If you agree to this, can you realise that what is and is not justified is completely subjective to every person?

i think your belief is an objective threat. how are you to convince me otherwise when you're in the gutter spitting out your teeth?

That's how the world actually works. Communists have been violently suppressed for over a century. This isn't anything new.

And commies objectively deserve it. Communism is an objective threat to anyone that does not identify as a communist or has the least bit money as shown in the purges in the USSR, the purges in China, the purges in every single other nation taken over by communist.

these two are incompatible

And the Jews are the plague controlling everything behind curtains. And many communist would argue that most middle class is also a threat to their ideas, so I dont understand why one is more justified than the other.



Why not? According to whom? You?

Why can I not use violence against people who use violence to keep me down?


Nice meme.

you have a religious belief. you've failed to follow logic because of it.

When did Richard Spencer use violence to keep anyone down?

Give me a quick rundown to all the different ideologies within communism so I can simply class them.

I dont give a toss about muh meme nazi.


He's doing pretty fucken great after they got off of the race thing.
Destiny's doing a lot of listening


nod an argumend :DDD


Read a fucking book.

Classcucks like you
People like Bill Gates

Capitalism is essentially more based in meaningless value than an alternative more dug in material realities ever could.


Le German Idealism man should be outside of your limp compass.

need new thread fgts

Hehehehe, you poor sod. I would need 3 or more replies for that.

Fucking champagne socialists

Oh shit is it polish comrade?

Not even Robert Conquest stands behind his own trash.

Commie here. I actually agree with you. Violence should be used like a scalpel, not a sledge hammer, and every effort should be made to avoid it where possible.

"I don't have a background in economics"


He doesn't have a background in anything.

you already won

great job

why the women top left

Damn he is doing a damn fine job TBH.

I mean use the free platform

Tell him everything he thinks he knows is a spoook

he still hasnt brought up "b-but human nature"

Well you can give a few on top of your head, and saying there exist divides amongst them according to:
How should the economy be organized (from market socialists to central planning adepts)
How is the political apparel organized (from Anarchism/communes to ML/ Vanguard party.)




WTF i hate trots now

What about it? This dude already demonstrated he has no idea of what's happening in the Syrian civil war.

self defense
self policing
decentralized militarization
arm the gays
automated space communism


Who was he talking about?


you can wrap it up you did great and sounded well read

stay away from talking about chan culture

We in this thread


Hi guys,

I came here from destiny's stream. I really like this gay pollack hes talking to and I would like to know more about communism.

Most of my friends are alt-right cringelords and I'm concerned about how much I'm exposed to those ideologies.

Where can I start with communism?

Never trust some schmuck Trot with a lisp.


Destiny already believes that

Nick Land.


Hi Holla Forums.

Do you mean in reading or just being introduced to ideas? Maybe just lurk a bit.

The communist manifesto is a classic intro.

fuck off


Check some threads from time to time and try to pick some interesting ideas from all the shitposting. This is btw called lurking

Reading list dump
Go slow and lurk a lot, discuss shit, etc.
Watch the Richard Wolff lecture we sponsored

Information wants to be free.


I wish I could go on. i don't have a mic, but I could at least lay the groundwork of why he have the position we have. Basically a market socialist BTW.

Different type of socialism m8. Communism is without states, classes, or currency.

Don't start with Communism. Start with socialism. Richard D. Wolff and Zizek are good places to start. Also, some starters of why capitalism is contradictory and inefficient:

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I fucking love red flags

But most of my friends are retards too.

Unironically this.
Come ride the right-acceleration wave.

top right actually considers himself a Nazbol he's claimed on twitter

No it isn't, it's super outdated and useless.

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Ask why he doesn't want social ownership.


Tbh as a third party from the chat he didn't sound well read. He sounded hypocritical and kind of crazy (less crazy as it's gone on but still still)

If your only defense of thinking people should physically attack other people because of their political beliefs is that you believe it's going to happen eventually and that you don't blame them for doing it then you're just demonstrating that you don't really believe that your ideas are good enough to convince people of anything.

It exists

GG WP trot poster. You made us proud!

Is it just me or did he seem kind of butthurt at the end there?

nice memes!@

Was OK I guess but Destiny didn't even argue, what a loser.

How did I do lads?

good job Trot, it wasn't a real debate but still enjoyable to watch

At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.


His defence of attacking Nazis was shit, his rest was 'okay'

Thanks for your feedback, it will be taken into account.

You did well trot. wtf. I love trotsky again

Veeeeeeeery good.

chat likes you m8, you did fine.

he seemed smug and butthurt the entire time because he's a fucking economic and political illiterate idiot posturing as a 'radical centrist' when he really just doesn't know what he's talking about or what trashcan of ideology he eats from

He didn't even try to argue so you did your best I guess. I think you could have pushed him more on what he thinks, but he seemed a bit butthurt and not willing to challenge his thoughts

Destiny seemed to believe that all his shit would be publicly owned at the end. Not sure how you let that happen to him and his viewers.

Other than that, not bad, pretty good.

you cute :3

breddy good.

Very shaky start, but very strong finish.
The defense of violence was confused and especially clumsy, and it started really looking up when you got off the race topic

Did we just watch the same discussion? ???

I don't have much time to waste calling you a moron here if you aren't going to bother reading and/or responding to this, but I was curious as to whether or no you would be interested in debating the morality of your little unnatural animal augmentations.
I am a rarity in my family and neighborhood, being one of the few who believe in genetic altercations for the benefit of the human race as a whole, but I can say right here and now that this absurd practice of torturous animal structual altercation is just sickening.
Anyway, back to the point, my AIM Screen Name is 'Wing Neo Star 15'. If you have it and the time to debate this with me, I am really looking forward to abusing your adolescent mind. I was noticing on your website the large degree of fools happing on the bandwagon with you…But why haven't you posted any e-mails against your website? Undenialably I am not the only person of intellectuality out there, so I know you have received similar messages to mine.
I look forward to your response, if any.
Steven Bonnell II

For once Holla Forums wasn't a public embarrassment

pls stop with the memes now

the nazi punching defense wasnt perfect but the rest seemed like a really well balanced intro

you weren't going to "win" but at least 1,000 up to 2,500 autistic gamers just learned about the real left. ur an internet hero!

Morality doesnt exist. Its a meaningless topic because it is 100% subjective and two people with different moral standards will never agree and only get angry.

fine job considering you went up against a person that doesn't even know what his own ideology is

Yeah man if only liberal democracy was a good enough idea it would have beaten fascism on the marketplace of ideas. It totally isn't an ideology that worships power and relies on inconsistency.

some of us were already on this board, we started the thread in hopes of getting some hard leftists to talk to Steven. He's been debating right leaning people all the time and mentioned being interested in talking to commies.

no shit he wasn't going to "win" what the hell were you guys watching because I didn't see a debate. guy didnt seem to know anything about the subject so he just asked questions the whole time

I'm not trying to insult you but do you have autism?

Thank you camaradas!

Yeah sorry, i should have pushed class sooner.

Nope. I do not.

Ok, Thanks.

Oh well that was cool time to learn some more chinese I guess.


Honestly the best case here would have been using the stream as an intro lecture to Marxism, and I think /ourguy/ accomplished that admirably.
When/if Destiny gets more thoroughly introduced to the theory these discussions can pierce more deeply

No no no, I'm not trying to break your balls here. You exceeded expectations.

Do you know what primitive communism is kind sir? If you do, we can start as to why it will return with more gizmos. Also, morality doesn't exist. It is a spook.

I'm just saying that he betrayed a lack of confidence in his rhetoric and arguments.

Where is the webm?


Same was when Destiny talked to that Shkreli dude. He wasn't as financially shroud and thus mostly asked questions to learn. If you want an actual debate pick a topic you both are passionate about.

You sucked shit and have no conception of what socialism is

Lol get him to play ths

I missed the live, did our guy/girl do at least better than the Holla Forums girl?

/ourguy/ fucking lectured the cunt into submissiveness.

Do we really want to?

You morons.
This is why I said it was better to have a conversation than a debate.


That was fun, it sounded a bit like his debate with Ryan, I trust a lot of his fans will go look for biased source and post them on his subreddit then he will upload a video talking about the debate and how the trot got away with blatantly lying.

Worse things have happened

Vod for those who missed it.

Polish guy gets on at 1h31minutes

That's what Destiny does when he thinks he's talking to somebody that's genuinely crazy. He just prods with questions to keep things moving at times but doesn't really engage for whatever reason.

Source for why i'm saying

this, I have no idea how you think the guy won, his arguments were awful so Destiny didn't even bother responding to them and just sat there playing minecraft waiting for it to end. but you guys are in your crazy echo chamber and you autistically can't even tell that everyone was laughing at you or just being annoyed.

People are always annoyed by people who have different viewpoints from them. That cunt could have just kicked him out if he was done with it, but politely asking questions and listing to the answer is not how you "discredit" people, you sperg.

Also I would like to thank whoever that guy is for giving our friend a platform to basically preach without opposition.

Lmao is this actually how you believe a debate works

He wasn't trying to discredit him. He was curious by what the guy wanted to say.

No love for Reptillien Robespierre?

No if he kicked him he could've looked as the loser, but there is no point in debating someone that is more interested in rethoric and think you're the problem when you're a genuine ally.

Destiny is a big supporter of Capitalism, he's also very wealthy and has little to no input on society, he is not seriously going to entertain ideas that want people like him dead.


Is that the impression you got?

Did you miss the "so am I part of the capitalist class?" bit?
And moreover individual members of the bourgeoisie are not to be understood as enemies, the class is. You can't, and we don't, hold it morally against any individual capitalist for pursuing his rational self-interest, especially when material conditions are such that those who do not pursue rational self-interest are more often culled from the capitalist class so that it necessarily comes to consist of those who do…

You're really well spoken, Trot.
Would be comrades with.

No he doesn't.
Did you see him go ballistic on that Holla Forums poster?
She was crazy af.

Wow, I totally missed how Kek has smiled upon you and favored you with trips

Is it just me, or did he sound genuinely curious?

Can someone explain to me why Trot is used as an insult?

Yeah sounded like that to me too. hopefully we get someone else to talk to him more in depth today or tomorrow.

"Trotsky-ist" has become in many ways an essentially meaningless, schizophrenic term, referring at different times and for different groups to different positions directly counter to each other, many of which have built their platform on a repudiation of Trotsky's line. There are various more ridiculous offshoots of trot orgs, like the Pabloists and Posadists, while dead-end socdemism and """entryism""" seem to dominate the shitty political praxis.

That being said, actual trots, who actually uphold Trotsky's theory, program, etc are easily the most based. The theory of permanent revolution is an absolutely indispensable tool for understanding and rationalizing the history of the 20th century and charting a course forward.

The best cure for the anti-trot memes is just reading Trotsky, and wondering what he would say about certain groups that claim his legacy.

Wow, I'd rather have liberalism at that point.

Capitalism is an inherently global system that has outgrown the framework of borders and nation-states it grew up within. How many elected governments have been overthrown and replaced with right-wing regimes by the agents of capital? How many in the last eight years? The noeliberalism/protectionism divide is really a divide over nothing more than the tactical approach of the bourgeoisie to this contradiction.

You have to judge any theory by its predictive capability. What observations can it rationalize, how well, and what useful, testable predictions does it make, particularly about carrying out revolution? The fate of the USSR and postcolonial third world are exactly those predictions you should be aware of. The local bourgeoisie is indeed unable to carry out its own bourgeois liberal democratic revolution in various cases, depending on the nature of its antagonistic relationship with the bourgeoisie of elsewhere. These antagonisms are naturally of the sort already found behind the two world wars, and the primitive accumulation of colonialism is an example of a fully one-sided "antagonism," i.e. without opposition by local capital. Success or failure of these bourgeois revolutions is directly tied to the workings of international capital and the world stage (postwar East Asia is a key example of engineered "success" as a geopolitical bulwark) while the local proletariat of pre-liberal nations is extensively defined by, and draws its revolutionary significance from, international capital.

A two stage, "Defend third world industrialists!" approach is bankrupt for the simple reason that it threatens international capital the same way as any workers' revolution itself, and the relative impotence of the pre-liberal bourgeoisie is already an equilibrium of class rule. It's quite clear that success and failure of workers' revolutions is directly tied to the extent to which they confront capitalism as an international system, even up to and including the USSR itself.