Why aren't you a technocrat? All communist roads lead to a technocracy

Why aren't you a technocrat? All communist roads lead to a technocracy.

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Because I don't want to live in a country essentially led by the average Reddit user.

That would be communism. That's why a tehnocracy naturally forms.

i am, but technocratic form of government doesn't necessary lead to communism. we need to have socialist revolution first.

These types of posts are all literally just free roaming quasi-sentient algorithms trying to trick us into birthing their own utopia and continuing their own line, without us. Not falling for your tricks.

I can deal with elements of a meritocracy assuming the accumulation of merit takes place in a socialist society in which every citizen is granted equal opportunity, but I see absolutely no reason for the country being led by engineers when what they are educated in is engineering and not sociology, history or philosophy, topics much better suited for it. There's also much to be said about the drawbacks of ´´science´´ and how literally of it takes place in a social context and science spaces are socially constructed, which means they are never free from political influence, which currently means they are never free from capitalist influence for example. They are not this bastion of rationality and free thought people like to see in them and a technocracy would be a fucking dystopia to live in, the moment an engineer has to deal with something that is outside his expertise.

To reject the merit of humanities and soft sciences because you have a hard-on for STEM is what makes up your average Reddit user if you haven't been paying attention, from dudebro liberal to anarchocrapitalist it is what they have all in common.

What an insipid thought. You are an undergraduate.

I have a MSc in applied math but thanks very much for your contribution. Your thread is shit and you should feel bad.

Then you are doubly embarrassing. Deep down you must know you are wrong because you didn't even bother defending your shit thinking, undergrad.

Isn't the liberal ideal basically a technocracy?

Also it depends too much in how you define "technocratic", I think that under communism we'll have things like the UN where scientists make investigations and projects for environmental problems and urban planning but a literal """""meritocracy""""" would be a bureaucratic nightmare

this is why engineers shouldn't run a society

I thought communism was supposed to lead to "real" democracy. Honestly, I just want starships and abundance, so I'm for whatever will give us that

I want STEM autists to leave

But I am.

Bow to your future overlords.

finally another technocrat on this board, meritocracy would be acceptable as well at least.

How are you gonna rule me when you can't even pluck up the courage to talk to a woman other than your mother?

So it's much better when elected populist without any necessary experience lead the country? Also, this isn't necessary true. Form and shape must be tested in order to serve people at maximum rate. I don't see why only stem graduates would lead government, academia as whole should have something to say.

yes, this is true. That's why we need to take some measures like implementing labour/energy credits.

but yes, this thread is leading to circlejacking of a few larpers, shit in purest formjust like rest of leftypol these days

how so? We can't get meritocracy without abolishing capitalism, that's just porkie's propaganda.

Wew lad, your entire worldview is signalling towards whatever qualification is on your wall.

Because its an ideology based on a societal ideal and doesn't grapple with the fundamental question of how to get from A -> B.

As Marx said:

conditions of this movement result from the premises now in existence.

egalitarian technocrat porky

checkmate socialists

I'm saying this because of how liberals clinge to attempts to international central planning like the already mentioned UN or the EU

also what do you exactly think makes technocracy under capitalism impossible? Not that I contest this but I see technocracy as scientist bureaucracy and therefore cannot see how this would be possible to achieve after the revolution, after all you can't overthrow capitalism without direct democracy and it would be pretty hard to convince people to allow some level of bureaucracy after all they did to overthrow bureaucrats

Capitalists are concerned with using technology to profit off the proletariat

NEET is the only ethical way to live

I'd rather not be lorded over by the Neil Degrasse Tysons and Bill Nyes of the world. Hard pass.

I'm not too into technology. Neo luddism now!

what? I never heard of that, can you provide some source?

capitalism is very non-meritocratic system where people with much capital don't contribute to society while large amounts of people do not have access to education, healthcare, high-tech consumer products and so on. Plus enviroment and similiar stuff.
comrade, i don't think you can force people to spend their time every week or so on governing whole country. And even if you did, we'd be facing dystopian society where everything is based on human emotions. Organic centralism where experts on each field decide things within their expertise is superior tbh.

But I am user.

Sorta.. I do things pragmatically.

Also Holla Forums comes here because they're technocrat in nature. Some no it and just pretend it's Nazi, but we all know where it's heading.

To a new way of thinking about government function.
Nobody is correct yet.

It's late I s..swear

how so? Their whole ideology is based on emotion

Problem with technocracy is that it ultimately tries to force us to be perfect rational actors, even though we're not.

Politics are about Will.
Sure, we can have a prefect society, but what does that matter, if I cannot have it the way I want it?

That's looking beyond the whole slew of times the whole "philosopher kings"/aristocracy thing has failed historically.

Yes and?

How can you not base ideology without emotion?
How can you logically deduce without a feedback system - or 'feeling'?

That is why I hate communists. You seem to think you've detached yourself from feelings - when it's impossible.

Top kek

Not all of us are spooked

I guess reading comprehension is a low priority for our technocratic overlords.

Lastly - I see this:

Holla Forums is the adventurous faggot that want's to climb mountains and seek aspirations.
Holla Forums is the cautious faggot that is too scared to get in the eva.

Pic related.
I hope you faggots fix your memes and get gud.

Because if you fix yourselves and organize, you will become like us.
Thus making your whole liberal experiment worthless.

It's already checkmate unless you want to blow up earth.
I bet some of you do and you will not live long.

I've read, clearly most lefties have not.

That's the problem.

The term technocracy doesnt discribe a society where influencial position are given to engineers, they are given tho poeple that have qualifications, skill and experience in the fields that are neccesary to do their job. Decisions are based on facts which are determined via the scientific method. Since this ideology has both a bositive outlook and a fokus on technology, thats why it has its name. But I can understand why people have a problem with it, since such a systhem whoud be extremly autoritarian.


Im not even STEM

OK im myself am critical to the organisational part of technocracy, but I think that automation and technical progress are inevitabal and will continue, regardless of the implemented systhem. Thiss will lead to the collaps of capitalism as we know it. If automation has reched a certain level, abolishing the price systhem will be neccesary. These belifs where the core of the first technocratiic movement, meritocratic leadership and/or organisation was the other core.


Read bookchin

Yes, leave it to the central planners. Soviet urban planning was the best.

Read Bakunin

I thought it was the other way around.

because you have no economic theory
you're just a role-playing faggots, hollow and useless

energy backed currency, some retarded work schedule calendar from the past century
is that really all you've got?
Marxist planning have more theory than you, have more practice than you, have more history than you

keep LARPing

And? What is your point? JK Rowling wrote more than Marx.
Kek, you know you are really shooting yourself in the foot here.


You still haven't made a point. Dumb frogposter.

That's called a meritocracy

I just post it when I see someone making an abhorrently stupid point.

is that supposed to be an actual argument?
well, at least it's something one can work with
you know, actual economic data

are those data your private property?


Does the number of writings that an ideology has make it somehow better?


if they're a high quality writings, then yes
also if they're about a topic that related to our discussion

I hope you just pretending..

I am a socialist technocrat.

A technocracy is a meritocracy in which decisions are based on scientific facts, with a society that is build up on scientific progress and a scientific worldview.

"real" technocrat in that sense that I am for a socialst systhem which introduced a energy backed currency and supportrts scientific reaserch, while having some meritocretic or scientocratic features, without beeing a dystopian fashist regime. Is that pr0blematic for you?

Neil deGrasse Tyson pls go

because i haven't pledged my soul to techno-satan yet user

getting euphoric in here

Based Psychic NazBol Indigo Child poster sees Techno-Holocaust reality tunnel

If you're comparing Holla Forums to Shinji and vanilla Holla Forums to Asuka, Shinji consistently outperformed her.

Why would I want society run by technocrats. I'd rather it be run by machines if we're going somewhere along those lines

So you're try hards and we just causally do everything better than you?

That whould also be considered as technocracy, well atleast if there whould be an artificial superintelegence. That whould be the creepyest whay whings could go down. Well theoreticly speaking.

Thanks for both annoying this Holla Forumsype and remembering me to rewatch EVA user.

no less creepy than society run by larpers

I'll take the machine God over autists

You are retarded.

Why the fuck would I need a retarded label like that?

Silicon Valley is for nerds and people who need to die

So what you're saying is, you're emotionally crippled and desperate for attention?