Looking for the user that posted Politics of Cosmology

Some Asuka poster, pic related, posted the rare manuscript of Bookchins Politics of Cosmology recently in a Bookchin thread.

I have some questions about it and it would be awesome if you could contact me at: [email protected]/* */

Or tell me how to contact you.

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I am the user you are looking for. Why wouldn't you just bump my thread?

Anyways, what can I do for you?

A guy I know in Rojava is really interested in it, and he would love to know essentially if its legit, where it comes from and if there are any major problems with it explaining why it wasnt released or if there are any other problems with it explaining why it shouldnt be shared. As you know the KCK is pretty into Bookchin and they would love to get their hands on more stuff. He also hinted at sending it up the party levels. Hes overall really hyped about it.

Not that user, but can confirm it's legit. It's been floating around for a while. I'm currently OCRing/transcribing and editing it into something a bit more legible/searchable/etc, do you want me to throw it across to your email when it's done? It only exists currently as the scanned typed pages with Bookchin's original edits and notes so it's a little hard to read.

Yes, I would love that and I could relay it to the guy in Rojava where it probably would receive the most interest.

Here's a link to the Politics of Cosmology:

Yeah, it's legit. I'm not sure why it hasn't been published, to be honest.

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Yeah allready downloaded it, its just really weird how this was worked on since 1994 atleast and how Bookchin clearly wanted it to be released but it still hasnt happend. In the last thread it was also stated that they dont really like sharing it, so there are many questions for me.

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Still interested in anyone that can offer any information on that manuscript

in the other thread I jokingly we should send it to Ocalan but it appears it wasn't as far fetched as it first seemed kek

based Holla Forums making contacts with KCK


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Its just some fighter on the ground that seems to know the higher ups pretty well and knows who to forward this to, they are pretty approachable over social media.

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