He doesn't have a black bloc appropiate outfit yet

the fash ain't gonna bash itself lads

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This reminds me of an article were the police noted that two blac bloc groups threw stones at each other over a distance, shouting slogans, as they thought each other to be nazis.

Its not as if rightwingers dress any differently, standart demo-attire for stonethrowers.


How about something instead that's not a pseudo-activity?


Building a party is not an armchair business.


I don't shit on black bloc for it's divine violence
But it's in no way going to build a real revolutionary movement

Exactly. We need to go back to our roots. Let the ruling classes tremble.

Let them be pissed off. If their day isn't being disrupted then you aren't doing anything at all.

Did they not notice each other's flags and banners?

Well, the story was told by cops.

Smashing random stuff is important, but Black Bloc people usually bash the fash pretty well so their okay with me.

this i can support

You meant to say "unimportant" ?


Most ANTIFA are just LARPING faggots. Especially the ones in the US. only ANTIFA I respect are eastern European ANTIFA. where they ACTUALLY FIGHT well organized nazi groups.

Come on now

parties don't make socialism my guy

Well, that just explains everything then.

The only uniform that matters.

yeah I doubt it happened then.in this day and age one of them would have recorded that.probably just cops making shit up to laugh at them

Reminder that it's super important to be as /fa/ as possible when smashing windows.