Anarcho-Feudalism when?

Anarcho-Feudalism when?

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Isn't that just anarcho-monarchism?

It's just flag related

spot on

I have trouble understanding how people can sincerely believe something so stupid

B-b-but isn't that just anarcho-capitalism ?

I think people are making up oxymoronic ideologies as a joke. Think anarcho hoxhaism.

I do not exclude that with time, some people might take it seriously tough.

im thinking about making an ancap mod for CK2 replacing feudalism with ancapism. giving rulers "breaking the NAP" as a causus belli for example


and then everyone clapped

How is that level of autism tolerated? Americans actually have to live with this?

anal i mean anarcho-anarchist will win

Please do

But isn't that just how merchant republics function anyway? You can declare war on someone for infringing on your trade and pillage their country justified solely on a petty commerce dispute.
This a hilarious idea though.

AnCaps are giant larpers who want to bring Monopoly into real life. They should be put in some kind of playroom with anarcho-monarchists and national-anarchists while the real anarchists do adult politics.

Please let this be real.

Anarcho-monarchist ? What led to the invention of such retarded ideologies .

Intense want to play pretend tied with low-functioning autistic politics.
These people have never grown out of their childhoods, basically.
They're more childish than an egoistic union of adult baby fetishists.

Even more hilarious is the ancap's whining of the NAP while he's trespassing on the anarchists' property

The NAP to AnCaps is like the Holy Bible for fundamentalist Christians.

I love my country.

When I first heard about anarcho-monarchism, I thought it was a contradiction. But when I learned more about it, it's basically stateless voluntary tribalism. Where the people of a stateless commune chooses a family to symbolically represent the commune, yet this family has no hierarchical power over the commune and is just a symbol, so it's actually not a contradiction as long as it's voluntary among the commune. But I think anarcho-monarchism is kinda spooky.
Tolkien the creator of the Lord of The Ring series, first identified as an anarcho-monarchist. He said he preferred voluntary stateless communes but with a family to symbolically represent the commune.

I don't see why it has to be a family…wouldn't it be better if people voted for just random nice people who lived in the commune and Could be replaced easy
know it doesn't make much sense, but I guess Tolkien was trying to make a brand of anarchism that's more appealing to traditionalists

Random people don't really have the same symbolic power?

so… it's like orcs vs humans

-this would easily turn into real feudalism
-people without nuclear/extended family support structures would be at a disadvantage–even if the family that was democratically chosen *was* merely "symbolic" and they indeed had no real hierarchical power

goddamn, i love tolkien's books but his catholicism had him spooked as all hell