Daily News Thread 1/23

Benoit Hamon: 'French Jeremy Corbyn' set to be Socialist candidate in surprise win

A radical Left-winger dubbed “France’s Jeremy Corbyn” was today on course to become the ruling Socialist Party’s candidate in presidential elections this spring. Benoit Hamon, 49, has caused a stir with his policies including giving a guaranteed income of around £550 a month to every citizen, whether they work or not.

In Trump's America, 'Felony Riot' Charges Against Inauguration Protesters Signal Dangerous Wave of Repression

More than 200 people who were mass-arrested at the Washington, D.C. protests against the inauguration of Donald Trump have been hit with felony riot charges that are punishable by up to 10 years in prison. Those picked up in the sweep—including legal observers and journalists—had their phones, cameras and other personal belongings confiscated as evidence, a lawyer confirmed to AlterNet.

CIA Nominee Leaves Door Open to Torture, Making Senate Vote a Test of Principles

CIA director nominee Mike Pompeo — whose confirmation vote in the Senate is set for Monday — has said he is open to changing the rules governing the interrogation of detainees, which could mean re-authorizing the use of the torture technique called waterboarding.

Israel lifts restrictions on building more homes in East Jerusalem

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has told senior ministers he is lifting restrictions on settlement building in East Jerusalem, a statement said on Sunday, immediately after the city's municipal government approved permits for the building of hundreds of new homes in the area.

UK Government 'tried to bury' its own alarming report on climate change

The Government has been accused of trying to bury a major report about the potential dangers of global warming to Britain – including the doubling of the deaths during heatwaves, a “significant risk” to supplies of food and the prospect of infrastructure damage from flooding.

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Better than this Ham guy I'm sure.
It not as if they stopped.

Does it even matter who runs the socialist ticket? Right-wing plant Holland's fucked up the party right! t. Burger

Thanks for the news user

i havent seen her in the longest whats her name?

Marx bless you and Engels keep you OP

Not a frog, so I'm probably missing a lot of on-the-ground context, but from the polls it seems that no matter whom the Socialists choose, he'll just get the scraps from party loyalists, spoiling the vote and helping right wingers win in the process. They should just give up on their own campaign entirely, decide what they want to be and support either Melenchon or Macron.


Wakatsuki Shelby

Holy fucking shit…

Yeah and I bet the programme commun will be implemented this time around.

The first one sounds like an overstatement tbh. England is not a particularly hot country, if their heatwaves usually kill 6 people but killed 12 that year, it's certainly a sign of climate change but not as a big a deal as they make it sound.

If climate change is making it that bad in the UK, how bad is it going to be in Canada/US?

To make it short, we are all fucked, a lot of land will become uninhabitable and everyone will suffer.

We need to finish the Mars colony so we have a backup and work on supertechnology to restore our planet, but that will take time and the capitalist system might not even be interested in developing such machinery.

meanwhile in burgerstan

How much time do you think we got?

we're much more scared here of flooding,especialy in London which is just a drained swamp and can flood very easy, than drying up from drought

I heard 400 years until we reach the highest state of fucked-ness. Then the ice caps will have melted entirely, the gulf stream will die and a lot of earth will become much cooler/hotter or a desert.
The more shit we blow into the air, the shorter this time limit becomes.

There's always that 'extinction by 2030' meme, but that is debatable. You think geoengineering would help?

lmao we'll be lucky if it ever has more than 1000 people in it.

I really hope Macron wins in France, I wouldn't wish a Jeremy Corbyn on my worst enemy.

The plan is a million and Musk seems like the guy to manage that. As long as the population is self sustaining and can keep going in case we earthmen end up killing ourselves, all is fine.

To reference a certain very euphoric book, the King on our chessboard is not earth but humanity, we can sacrifice earth if necessary but we can't sacrifice our continued existence.

Jezza ain't that bad.He has support,he won the initial vote and leadership challenge even after they blocked entryists from voting cause 'muh trots',just not from those near the centre or right aka most of Britain.Fact of the matter is most the proles here are borderline lumpen and reactionary af

Extinction by 2030 is stupid memery. Humanity can survive on Mars so we would also survive on a dead earth, we just wouldn't be many and we wouldn't thrive anymore.
Geoengineering is our hope for the future, since climate change can't be stopped now. Even if we gave up our technology and went back to the middle ages, the same adverse effects would still happen. Either we keep going down this path and use the powers of future technology to repair the damage we have done or we embrace the death of this planet.

Has anyone actually been on Mars?

One thing I've been thinking about is how humans started off by adapting to their environment, then eventually molding it themselves. If we can't adapt further then we must take control of nature itself, lest we be cast aside as an evolutionary mistake.

This seems like a sci fi nerd's masturbation fantasy, what's the point besides giving the super rich even more impunity to fuck everyone else over? It seem incredibly myopic.

Evolution is done, you don't know how evolution works.
To have natural selection, the environment has to stay the same for a long and I mean LONG time. Our environment is constantly changing and we interfere in selection with stuff like glasses, correcting the inferior genes of people with technology. Evolution won't help anyone.

If you have time, you should really read this, it's a long post about Musk:

The Mars colony is justified because it's a backup of humanity. It won't be only for the rich, the ticket on the colony transporter is supposed to cost 100.000 so that normal people can afford it. Don't dismiss this, it's important.

Yeah the length's libs go to twist his words is straight up embarrassing

pretty sure i saw a "is Macron the french Bernie Sanders?!" article last week

meanwhile melanchon continues to get no recognition

really makes you think

isn't Macron a filthy centrist neoliberal like Tony Blair or Bill Clinton?

Hamon seems OK

You stupid nigger, half the planet lives on a couple of dollars a day

yeah that's my point, be skeptical of anyone the lib media wants to push as the "real leftist hope"

though to be fair Hamon seems better than Macron, and considering how much the mainstream hates Jezza it might actually be a backhanded comment

My family makes ~60-70k a year in burgerland. We'd be able to afford this if we basically dumped fucking everything we have into the half a million fucking dollars it'd take to get it.

How the shit is the "normal" person who lives on 30k a year in an apartment supposed to afford this?

Fuck off stealth exterminist.

It didn't work the first time you fucking morons. This isn't even about principles.

who ever invented first past the post should have been shot. their damn ancestors should be shot.

not happening.
the cool thing about a mars colony is in all likelyhood it would be socialist, or virtually socialist.

It's fucking obvious what strategy they drive.
It's to prevent Mélenchon from going into second round by taking potential votes away from him.

what makes you say that?Porkies are going to invest in it for mineral rights,real estate and whatever else they can exploit I don;t see the porkies allowing for that.unless you mean by the time we reach mars we will have Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism,in which case I don't know about that

u wot

Wonder how the news guys are gunna react to Trump's Red Line in the SCS. On one hand, it's obviously about getting Exxon Mobile exclusive oil contracts from Vietnam, on the other, it's psycho and could send half the world to hell, on the third hand, the western media has been fuctioning as an anti-Chinese propaganda piece since as long as anyone can remember. Who knows.


Because it's a red planet and no one is going to miss that poetic opportunity.

Tillerson just said the U.S. Is going to prevent China from approaching the spratly islands/reefs/rocks whatever you want to call them by military force in very unambiguous terms.

that just cold war brinkmanship.If they try anything the SCS it will just be a standoff between the US navy and the PRC navy,no admiral on either side would obey the command to fire

I don't know if I believe it– the U.S. Navy admiral Harry Harris I believe is a huge hawk and is itching to sink some Chinese boats. Also, I feel like this situation is more dangerous for a few reasons. One simply being that the U.S. of today is so arrogant and racist that they'll bomb anyone that isn't white with very little provocation.

It's not like they're shy about bombing white people either

The Trump experiment is very interesting: what would the government be like if we replaced all of its high ranking officials with business people? Well, on Day One they begin to use the might of the state to eliminate the roadblocks their companies had previously faced. I can not wait to see what this marvelous experiment can discover for us tomorrow.

then it'll come down to MAD,in whcih case nothing even matters anyways 'cause we're all fucking dead

Maybe this is fascism afterall…