Richard Spencer lost a fight against this

AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. Where was u when the alt-right was kill?

At least spoiler that shit foo

Anyways slave Ray has been dead for months

Spoiler that shit pls

Have some cute puppers to wash your eyes out with


The fact that it's not even the same guy makes it even more hilarious.

They're "forcing" themselves to watch this ridiculous porn, for no reason. Literally "research purposes".

More here

I'm watching shit eating cuckoldry big black cock porn because of YOU, commies!


Lol, so they tracked one that had been dead months before the inauguration day started and dare call it proof that he was in the protest ?


Slave Ray has ANTIFA stickers in his room and hangs out with a gay prostitute with an ANTIFA tattoo. Face it guys, these are the people on YOUR side.


So slave Ray faked his death to his own daughter in order to join antifa? How deluded can you be?

Holla Forumsacks are delusional.

Actually if you look at the edit history of the facebook post in his daughter made a edit saying "Dad I'll miss you" on the 15th of November 2015 with Mandy herself saying Ray died 11 months ago (so the dates add up).
Ray's twitter made the last post in Feb 2015, 10 months before his death.
When in doubt always remember; /Pol is never right.

Oh look another shit-tier attempt to push the narrative that the guy who clocked Spencer was a scat fetishist who's been dead for a year, using their encyclopedic knowledge of the scat porn the scat fetishist made. I wonder who could possibly be behind this post.

Jesus Christ now his daughters facebook is getting brought into this? Imagine you lose your dad, then one day you find pictures of him in scat and cuck porn being put all over the internet to be "analysed" by laughing strangers. How horribly humiliating. And all because a bunch of little Nazi Trumpcucks got assblasted by a guy getting punched in the face.


Holla Forums never suported spencer before now

I don't doubt it, he's a retired guy who spends his time on kinky shit and lifestylism, doesn't mean he punched Spencer.

I though the guy who decked Spencer was black.

This man Holla Forums is claiming to be the puncher has been dead since 2005, rofl.

Yes..Research purposes….y-yes..

Eh. That's Holla Forums logic for you. I'm disappointed but not surprised. It's so childish.

Nah, watch the video(s), it's a white man.

Oh fuck I think I got it. I hadn't watched the videos and saw people calling him black. Some wires must have gotten crossed with the "black bloc".

the question is, who's the brown pill guy? is he, dare i say it, /ourguy/?

You hadn't seen the videos yet? Christ, I'm surprised. The video has been everywhere on social media sites. Memes, too, showing the puncher. It's pretty funny, I mean, I'm never fond of violence but Richard Spencer advocates for such atrocious and violent things it seems fair for him to be punched while about to explain his Pepe pin to an interviewer.

I only saw a picture where I couldn't really see any part of him. I just didn't care to look into it past "yep that happened."

We should make it our mission to punch Spencer whenever possible just for slave ray, who did literally nothing wrong.

Sir Reginald may well be, as you say, /ourguy/