I know you guys hate liberals and feminists, but I found something that really fucking triggers Holla Forums (and Trump supporters on twitter): Cuntposting.

Basically, they hate being talked to condescendingly by someone they percieve as inferior, but in a humorous mocking way instead of sperging out.

This girl gets daily threads on 4/pol/ and having used the tactic myself, it is incredibly effective even if they are fully aware I am being ironical. Holla Forums just can't handle being talked down to by women.

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Yes let's keep ramping up the layers of dissimulation for trolling purposes, what could possibly go wrong?

Oh darling, I bet you actually think you are cool and vanguard because you are a sickle and hammer nazi. But here's a tip: Take your flag off so your ignorance and lack of reading isn't immediately obvious to your fellow leftist friends.

First time I agree with nazbol gang, this new obsession with being ironic and hypercritical of everything while not advocating your own beliefs is cancer. Also, Trump probably never even reads his Twitter replies.

You can't even troll good.

You are now aware
exists and they are unironical about it.

Why do the teenagers on this board still think Holla Forums isn't 75% post ironic shitposting and memes?

What's next? Raiding Holla Forums with banana posting?

You win people over by getting the opposition to join you and to like you, not by hissing impotently and acting as if you're a man living in the 20s and they are women suffering from menstrual pain.

From behind the veil of anonymity you can do both.

Discrediting the other side is just as valuable as accrediting your own.

I shall proceed to call this "womansplaining."

They should be ridiculous for unironically believe a rich fascist CEO cares about them and tells them the truth, I mean how stupid do you have to be

i have never seen this cunt on Holla Forums

Actually, bullying people and calling them retards can be much more effective for getting them to join you than bullshit "love for all + hugs".
Hugs are for the cool kids.

yeah. i've been noticing threads about her for weeks. Holla Forumsyps get trolled so hard by her.

I hope you never become parents. :^)

Plz tell me you are not unironically trying to convert Holla Forumstards, they are a lost cause

Is this what they call the symptoms of "Late Stage Capitalism"?

It's much more fun to see triggered Holla Forumstards over girly language, they're already used to calling themselves insults.

hey bess

Thanks for the advice, Holla Forums

oh honey, what are you doing now, just calm down baby, it's just a few tweets, shh. shh. it's alright.

Holla Forums-tards get their own converts by talking to people with enthusiasm and passion, or by being bullied by "progressives."

Aka by giving emotional easy answers to people who easily fall for emotional lies and big talk.

Left needs to keep the rational high ground, Trump has already led the masses against him and towards the left, especially now that Trump supporters online become incredibly bitchy and annoying thus pushing people away from them even more

Literally Hillary lmao

It's like you haven't even read Bookchin.


Some polyps are literally teenage autists. This won't work on adults.

This is the kinda stuff liberals do.

This "cuntposting" if you want to call it that is literally the oldest thing in the book. I remember it from chatrooms when I was like 12 years old. Back then they also did ^_^ smileys along with it.
It usually was a good indicator that the woman was triggered when they went into that "mode".

Holla Forums is just very sexually frustrate that they don't have a mommydomme and seeing cuntposting makes them jealous as hell

I'm unsure what can come out of this and how to use it for our adventage but fascist are slaves who think they can choose their masters, we must do something with cuntposting

On the contrary, they love it.



I'm just saying this might really back-fire.

Just be sure to always larp as a liberal.

I'm with Kurdposter

Why am I so extremely attracted to this girl

It's hilarious to watch Holla Forums sperg out but of course this only makes them crazier. The alt-right was built largely on insecure masculinity. Making them more insecure only makes them worse.

You people disgust me


I think making them crazier could have some pretty funny consequences.

Impotent marches, live streams, tweets, this is the modern left larping as the left of the 60's, except even stupider, and also the black people who participate are just lupenprole trying to steal flat screens.
Do you know how many people probably tweet at trump all day, it means nothing, you are just a drop of piss in a sea of shit, he is still the president.
What are you going to do?
Gonna go outside and trash your own neighborhoods?
Going to break the window of a starbucks and destroy some small business?
That will totally show trump.
Gonna go home and make smug tweets so your retarded echo chamber of left friend can jerk each other off?
Gonna let the neoliberals keep control of the DNC even after they lost to a wwe hall of famer?
Going to let republicans control both houses and the presidency?
Going to make sarcastic and impotent tweets to form a self serving narcissistic smug catharsis for yourself while trump brings back jobs, guts obama care and shuts down the border?

Hello Holla Forums.

Don't make us send the smashies round.

Honestly smug condescension has been the liberal MO for a decade now. Nobody likes it and it may have helped Trump win.

When you try to humiliate Trump in the same way you humiliate his supporters, it makes them indentify with him more.

It works. If you tell them every day when they bring up their dumb shit, how wrong they are, why they're wrong, and actually explain these things. They'll eventually realize they are wrong. If you don't start crying and pooping yourself when confronted with their "edgy never before seen positions I bet you hate huh mom?" they've got nothing.

No they didn't.

Of those women who voted, those of them who were white, tended to vote for Trump.

But even fewer people voted for Trump than voted for Romney.

So to say that "white women voted for Trump" is misleading, and is FBI-tier if it is deliberate.

But we ARE superior. Are you telling me our ideologies are equal to Holla Forums's genocidal fantasies?

White women swung to Trump by 9 points. That's a fact.

It triggerd them all the way into the White house. You're too smart by half.

I'm pretty sure that impossible for most liberals.

I dislike modern feminism, but if you actually analyze the situation, white women have it way better than black women, and have it better than any women across the globe. The biggest problem of a white western women is there arent enough women ceo's ( oh no there arent enough female capitalists a durrr) and they saw some half naked women in a video game and are jealous that its better looking than them. White women are considered the standard of beauty, they have the perks and benefits that come with this, like all men lusting after them and waiting on them hand and foot, while black women are deemed the ugliest or manly or scary.
The white womens big struggle is basically wanting to replace the white man as the person at the controls of the world.
after their defeat by trump, which no doubt caused a psyco social and psychic break down in white women especially, all they have done is make tweets, impotently protest while trump ignored them, and you ever notice how when something bad happens to a white girl they cut their hair off as if some superficial change to their head is a revolutionary act.
By the way one of my first fetishes was bald chicks, ladies.

White women did vote for trump, lower class white women who disliked their fathers and brothers and husbands being mocked and derided by the media and the ultra feminists that inhabit every university and coastal city.



However, as I said, turnout-was phenominally low, and Hillary failed to energize her voters, while Trump voters were very enthusiatic, skewing the whole thing.
Thus why Trump won like a quater of all the latinos *that voted*.
That doesn't mean that Trump has the support of 25% of latinos in general.

Nobody is moving left, you're just seeing the neo-liberal elite be more transparent as to what they are and ordinary plebs gravitating towards them.

These people on twitter are unironically retweeting anti-Trump shit from faggots like Bill Kristol. They're far, far worse than any "populist" and the worst thing is, they're being drawn into a broad alliance of people who are totally ok with hyper-capitalism provided the pantomime actors in the vein of Trudeau throw them a few bones in the form of gay pride parades and good status-seeking selfie opportunities once in a while.

Intersectional feminism is even worse though. It basically amounts to salty black and asian women sublimating their jealousy of white women into incomprehensible, postmodern rambling.

Don't kid yourself. It's all tribal at its core. Black women supported the hell out of OJ, they don't give a fig for wider "women's issues" unless it ties into some explicitly black tribal agenda.

Women jealously infighting? Please stop propagating harmful stereotypes!
You hit the nail on the head. Identity politics deviationism sins against universality out of conviction, while true socialist know you can only ever do that only for tactical reasons.

wew lad, your brain is full of fucking bourgeois feminism

Idpol is meant to distract you from material issues and you gobbled it up hook, line, and sinker.

The thing is, so have white men. Making this a gender issue does not buy you anything and only divides the people.

It's especially funny seeing them defend the TPP. These are people who knew next to nothing about econ but woah, Trump is opposed to it, and it's about globalism, which is good because muh pho etc.

FUCK liberals.

Good man.

What do we do about it? In spite of all the shit about a "war on drugs" the US isn't particularly strict on traffickers.

We need to give serious heroin peddlers the rope.

Also note that tons of heroin comes in from the North now, largely from Chinese triads in Canada.

This is how i see it

1. Upper class liberal white women (lena duham) wanting to destroy white men and replace them in power

2. lower class white women who dont fucking care about feminism, and know its poison and they arent ever going to get laid by telling a guy they are a feminist

3. Non white women who actually do have it harder than white women and exploit the circular firing squad like nature of leftism (lol, you jelly asian women are taking all the white men after years of white women acting like shrill feminist cunts)

4. White men, laughing at all of you while you backstab each other

Welcome president Duterte, I always knew you were secretly Holla Forums.

On a serious note: have the state seize the drug market. Make all drugs medically available, in government stores under government monitoring, for a lower price than the dealers.

Nah, I don't buy that. The nations with the lowest rates of drug addiction (significantly lower than places like Portugal in fact) in the world are all hardcore about drug laws.

The US never really fought a war on drugs in the first place. It gave it a good shot for a few years then just started giving equipment and millions to tinpot latin and south american countries who did nothing.

The way to do it is like Singapore, China and Japan do. Disincentivize it massively through strict liability punishment.

Criminal drug rackets are not Robin Hood figures, nor are they purveying things that help you attain "enlightenment" (ever been to an ancom meeting? You'll know what I mean). They're fucking poison, as are a good portion of prescription drugs, and they need to be fought tooth and fucking nail.

The proof is in the white OD rates. Which of course nobody gives a shit about.

I'm going to try to be polite.

You're right that it's not an issue that's exclusive to white women, but they're still a major part of the population affected by it. That doesn't make it any less of a "women's issue," or any less stupid to say that white women's "biggest problem is that there aren't enough CEOs."

So yeah, the solution is obviously a united front–it's a far-reaching issue that includes men and women and it's going to take more than just white men and women to fix it–but if you're going to say that it isn't a women's issue just because it doesn't affect exclusively and only women then you're just wrong.

The underlying cause isn't just the chemicals being used and abused. This epidemic is spreading through the same communities that voted heavily for Trump, both for the same reasons. The economy hasn't been kind to anyone except the super wealthy, and one thing Holla Forums is actually correct about is that white people have been and continue to be the patsy of capital. No jobs are coming to these people, no wealth, no future, no way out except the military or suicide, and no one seems to be interested in helping them at all. They voted for Trump for the same reason they kill themselves with liquor or heroin or whatever–because they're desperate for something to alleviate their constant misery if only for a little while, and Trump's the only one that said he'd do anything about it while Hillary was talking up and up her the historic significance of her self-obsessed victory lap.

The disease is capitalism, and the only cure is socialism.

Also funny you should bring up Duterte because most of the major dope peddlers in PL are chink triads, and as anyone who has read anything about PRC espionage knows, the PRC basically controls overseas triads, or at least has huge influence over them.

Fucking chink rats have the audacity to complain about the Opium Wars while they're peddling that shit onto SEA (and have been for centuries in fact).

So would my state be, for all drug trade outside the state.

Uh dude?

I'm pretty sure some Asian American living in a $3m mansion in Northern California has it worse bro. Like, don't you know the Chinese Exclusion Act still keeps these people up at night? Some of the guys aren't even able to get 10/10 blondes because of racism. Haven't you watched Margaret Cho?

The sooner you pledge allegiance to the rainbow coalition of totally-not-tribal-instincts-hiding-under-postmodern-language, the better.

Just look at what feminism did to promote the alt right.


Hard to do that while bodies are falling left and right at the hands of neoliberal capital.

Seems like the same liberal condescending that lost Sanders the Southern Black vote.


It's not so much feminism. Or at least not so much first and second wave stuff. Western societies have always treated women with comparatively more liberality than non-Western/"white" societies did - Women in the Roman Republic could divorce their husbands on the grounds of domestic violence, and if Plutarch is to be believed, among a large part of Rome's aristocracy, wife-beating was felt to be deeply abhorrent behavior. Where else in the world at that time, among agricultural civilizations, had comparable liberality towards women?

So while I dislike "feminism" because it's largely a manufactured movement that misses the point, the idea of giving women a greater degree of equity has always carried more currency in the West than elsewhere.

What drove primarily young people to the right was in no small part, I think, being exposed to just how much non-white people hated them on some visceral level. Go to twitter and search for "white people". These aren't just angry black people living in the projects, in fact the vast majority of them are people like wealthy South Asians or East Asian Americans, people objectively materially better off than the average White American. While I think a lot of White people have some empathy for Black people, and are at least more prepared to accept them as part and parcel of the body politic of the country, in spite of the mutual enmity that does and probably always will exist, just seeing some blatantly dishonest Chinaman like Arthur Chu, from a wealthy family, rant and bitch about white people, mock their impending minoritization and so on is too much for even a lot of liberal minded white people.

They just gave up believing in universalism.


This thread would lead me to believe things are getting way better for blacks and asians and only white people are suffering.

Why was Jean so moe

Asians are doing pretty well. Blacks are sort of stagnating, their birth rates have actually fallen below replacement rates (after subprime) and they've always had serious drug problems. Less so suicide issues.

It's one of the reasons in spite of black violence against whites, I have some degree of sympathy with them. Even the most egregiously retarded WYPIPO rambling nagger has more of a point than some whiny chink on /r/asianmasculinity.

If you believe what you hear on Holla Forums you really don't know how these things work.

It's ten people pretending to be ideologies they aren't who are from Holla Forums or elsewhere trying to market people away from everything this board is about.

So if you're being honest, you shouldn't believe what you hear here

Why does Vietnam have pictures of Mr. Miyagi on their banknotes?

It wasn't restricted to race. Gender was a huge factor because feminists made it clear that men were regarded as second-class citizens in the "left".

And what do you want?

Trump, 31k retweets
Stupid cunt, 400

Yeah but intersectional feminism is doing the same thing to white women. They're fairly widely reviled by non-white women.

Which is funny to me, as someone who grew up surrounded by my two sisters and mother, I've never heard a white woman say anything bad about any other race of women, they're vastly more secure in their own skin in this way.

Non-White women by contrast never miss an opportunity to shit on White women in some transparently passive aggressive way. I've dated Asian girls and I even got it from them. It's an intensely unattractive trait because it is so plainly and obviously motivated by envy.

Yeah. Welfare and the odd government sinecure are their crumbs.

They have no interest in providing these people or the white working class with any sort of meaningful industrial/manufacturing base.

Welfare is anti-socialist, it's a plaster sticker. What we need are real jobs. Real work. Most people in the rustbelt aren't interested in handouts - which is why they have low self-esteem and kill themselves.

They want work. They want to provide for their families etc. Chomsky has touched on this in depth.

Things are getting way better for a minority of black and asian bourgeois, but unless you're rich you're straight up getting fucked.


Certain Asian groups are almost uniformly upper middle class, e.g Chinese.

This tbh
Ben "The Jewish Crypto-Commie Hero" Shapiro

The smug arrogance of the left is being taken advantage of by trump, trump puts on a character, the real trump is hidden behind a mask.
Trump isnt bush, trump isnt stupid, trump is a monster.
Trump is singing executive orders with his left hand, then using his right hand to make the media and liberals look somewhere else, like his press secretary sperging out about a crowd size, it feeds into the media and liberals arrogant ego, it makes them feel like they are smart, better, it gets the womens protest out of the conversation.

Trump pretty much ended tpp today.

They fall for it every single fucking time.

Trump is the road runner and liberals are wily coyote

Like I've always said, let's see her hold Koreans to the same standards she seeks to impose on Whites.

Would she really be ok with Koreans becoming a minority in South Korea, for example?

I don't actually know whether she's Korean or Chinese, but she has that natural Korean Mongol rape-babby look.

If you are sad about this you really need to fuck off back to Reddit.

Nobody in urban America gives a solid fuck about race except for the people locked up in their own isolation

God shut up rat faced snowman

LOL yes, overseas Chinese have no loyalty to the mothership whatsoever. It's not like every single person arrested under the 97 espionage act has been Asian, and the vast majority of those have been Chinese.

It's not like the Asian American community raises legal defense funds for espionage agents.

It's not like the head of the AA Congressional Caucus called on the FBI to "stop racially profiling Chinese American scientists" (actually, it's the PRC who racially profiles them because they generally choose to exclusively work with overseas Chinese as intelligence assets).

And it's totally not like the average Chink father would throw a fit if Mei Yang brought Tyrone home with her.

Asian American women outmarry at rates of 50%+ if they're American born. Asian American men half that, but that's not for lack of thirst.

Your entire race has white-fever.

Can I live in this fantasy world of idpol persecution complex, it sounds hot


Just look at marriage rates. Hell, just look at cohabitation rates if you want to ignore those.

80%+ of Asian American women have taken BWC.

And Asian American men are fucking DESPERATE for white pussy. The entire notion of Asian Male victimhood is fixated around finding a white girl to assuage their fragile confucian masculinities.

we are getting ex poltards here daily

I would blame you for what you're doing to yourself but you've already tied yourself in an ideological knot

Keep caring

Are you trying to come off as less pathetic here by talking about sex 24/7

Naw, it's definitely a vocal minority unless a lot of people here are just too embarrassed to admit it. Putting a leftypol general on Holla Forums is pretty funny but it's going to convert very few people. Pissing in an ocean of piss and all that.

The fact is that your race thinks our race is more attractive than their own. The statistics do not lie.

I do not particularly care one way or the other, but when you come on here doing the whole AI YAAAA, IT'S LIKE ANUDDA NANKING thing, then I'm going to mock you for your own internal contradictions because it's funny.


Shut up bitch yes you do

t. BWC worshipping Vietnamese rageaholic who cannot be satisfied by asian men.

I don't know, at least they know when to shut the fuck up

very rich coming from you

They're henpecked. You need a real man. A white men. Preferably one dressed up as a white man circa 18th century.

Among this board's population?

So are you, you just don't know when to admit you're not a hopeless cog, and you don't know when to give up.

Stop baiting everyone about your pathetic id and just quit trying at all to push people ideologically on this board, they're as confused mentally as you are

WTF i love Nixon now

No, fuck off. The sumg arrogance of the """left""" HAS TO BE deconstructed and ridiculed.
The entire point is that Trump's election is a wonderful opportunity for people like us to build the genuine left and raise serious, independent working class opposition to the two bourgeois parties.
If anything the Democrats are worse than the Republicans because they're wolves in sheep's clothing.

holy shit kekt

Here is the situation.
Trump is playing a character, much like a wrestler.
You know anything about wrestling?
The wrestler has a gimmick, he pretends to be something else on tv.
Funny enough trump has actually been involved in wrestling and in reality tv, which was inspired by wrestling.

The real trump is a billionaire real estate tycoon who went to the top business school in the world and ended both the bush and clinton dynasties.

The smug tribalism of the left makes them want to think they are better than people, and trumps character feeds into it as a distraction.
Trump is, to borrow a wrestling term, playing the heel.
The heel, or bad guy works for the boo's not the applause.

I actually read a reddit thread where people described metting trump before 2016, and everyone said he was just a normal guy and pretty nice, the person he was playing on camera is not him.

Its easy to fall into the republicans are dumb thing, especially after bush, but trump isnt bush.

If trump is a clown, he is a clown that literally clowned his way into becoming president of the most powerful nation in the world

im not saying the arrogance of liberals is a good thing you twat, im saying trump is using it to manipulate liberals themselves, he is feeding their ego, while he goes off and does heinous things and they are distracted because they cant help virtue signalling

How is dismantling TPP heinous, libtard?

No kidding?

Which has the necessary, direct effect of chipping away at and dismantling this toxic "holier than thou" nonsense that props up the pseudo-leftist political project, and allows socialists to swoop in with a robust class analysis.
Trump is the best thing to happen to the left since the Reagan Era.


Yes but this is needed to demonstrate what liberals truly are. Nothing underneath. So they can't play the "this year i'm going to be into social democracy" game and virtue signal as the whole world goes to hell any more. Do you get it?

yeah, no
Bush jr. pulled off exactly what you're describing perfectly
Trump on the other hand is the best example possible of exactly how much the typical bougie fuck actually "earned" his wealth

this is a good point about the wrestling background but all you've done is identified him as a conman who doesn't necessarily believe what he says

i think even the idea that he's a billionaire is part of the con - just a really good branding exercise. in terms of business he couldn't even make money running a casino. he fucks all his business partners so american banks won't deal with him anymore. now he's in debt to russian banks and won't release his tax returns because it would ruin the illusion

Every politician dissembles, dissimulates, lies, plays games. Trump just happens to be amazing at it, immensely talented. Do you think there are virtuous politicians at that echelon of power? The bourgeoisie simply wouldn't allow it, it's rare as hell and basically succumbing to romanticism. No heros.

*succumbing to romanticism to have false hope in the nobility of """benevolent""" leaders.

They're all egotists in their own way. Trump just happens to flaunt his narcissism as part of his strategy of bamboozlement. It's so disorienting the liberal establishment still has little to no idea what's going on, despite their vast amounts of Ivy League education, etc. Which is part of why it's darkly comical to some of us.

Most of trumps money is most likely tied up in real estate, he is a real estate salesman after all.

Also poors, dont know what the word "net worth" actually means.

It means all the things you won, investments, all added up

oh yeah he's good at it, i'll give him that. you don't get to be president if you're not
yes. they're rare maybe but bernie has been in favour of unions on behalf of the poor and organising against the war machine for years. you can't argue he has no virtue

yeah, the word "net" meaning you also have to subtract all the debts owed to the mobsters that helped get you into power and campaign fees and charitable donations (the few you actually follow through on that is)

Cuntposting is the funniest shit I've seen this year so far

I have a child and I dont plan to just coddle him, all kids IMO need tough love too

Hey, it works in Liberal Crime Squad. How come this isn't valid praxis?

This. In fact, even taking the moral high ground is considered smug elitism if it doesn't invoke primal disgust. Holla Forums must understand that the average person is not rational AT ALL.

What the fuck, man?

People are fundamentally rational in methodology, their particular cost-benefit analyses just differ in the particular factors they take into consideration, the particular weight they assign to each, the particular underlying assumptions, and the particular objectives they seek to optimize, even though the greater part of all of this is subconscious.

"Man, people are just stupid" is a stupidly fatalistic position. It leaves no room for a "what then?" There's nothing useful this view can say about the how and why of human behavior, how it can be predicted, or what may be done to change it, because we have assumed a priori that this is ultimately unknowable and impervious to analysis.

Reactionary discouragement is the ideology of liberals, and rightly so. It's not hard to see the impact "people will always prove more stupid than you could have anticipated" has on the political project, and who benefits.


Yeah this really does trigger Holla Forums. We have to remember, they are more afraid of women than anything else in the world.

And yet they've been very non-threatened by the hundreds of thousands of women walking around with vagina hats and taking selfies of themselves.

The reason this triggers Holla Forums is their attitude towards woman is that they are beneath them, and so being talked down to is humiliating.

You mean most? And it will work on Holla Forums adults aka 30 year old NEETs still living with mommy larping about muh white ancestry

Hey, I'm not white. I am trying to find a job. ;_;

And will provide us with the excuse to purge them.

- Will smug arrogance only make trump supporters and the alt-right media hate women more and backfire? Or will it make them meltdown?

- would it be better to use a jewish pupper or a WASP?

I don't understand what the goal of this is.

Why is it your goal to try to convince them or win them over? They've brainwashed themselves over like half a decade with stormfag infographics and MRA blogs.

let's swat em instead of 'teach' them

Arr rook same.

Wow, you did it. You explained what I found weird about white feminists. Their only real complaint now is that they don't run the world yet. But they keep making gains and everything is on their side. They act like abortion was a direct attack on them when a lot of religious white women are actually the ones most against it.

Bottom line, it's unrealistic to expect a corporate and political world that was once 90% men to instantly turn over to 50-60% women. Women as a whole have to build their skills up. And they're getting there in many fields. So I don't really get what white women are complaining about, except for rape and unwanted male sexual aggression.

As was pointed out in the other feminism thread, working class white women a facing significant healthcare, economic, education, and child rearing challenges that bourgeois feminism completely ignores.

Or just earlier in this thread apparently.

Abortion was a direct attack on them, no matter who was in support of it.

You sound like a dirty liberal through and through. Women don't have to build their skills up to be viable on the market, they have to join the socialist revolution and abolish capitalism.

Poor people of all colors and genders face that problem. That's not a feminist issue. It's a humanist issue.

Abortion was a direct attack from religious people against what they view as immoral or degenerate.

And I'm not opposed to changing our economic system. But I'm saying that within our current economic system, gender equality is right on track for white women. It was never going to happen overnight.

If your understanding of gender equality is enjoying muh privileges of being useful to the capitalist system, then yes, they're on the perfect track.


Do you know what a Venn diagram is? Do you understand that just because it affects everyone, that doesn't mean it isn't an issue for those participating subgroups who are often affected by the same underlying cause in different ways? Or that it's a real problem when the dominant voices of "feminism" spend more time talking about shirts and video games that they don't like than the health crises or exploitation their working class sisters experience?

Or are you just another reactionary dumbass that hears "feminism" and gets anally puckered about issues affecting women because "lol women have equality already feminism is useless."

I'm just talking about the world that actually exists, you know.

I suppose outside of the economic sphere, at home men tend to still view domestic chores as the the woman's job, even if both of them work and the woman makes more.

But again, that's jockeying over what power your economic success should hold. And when it comes to domestic stuff, I honestly just think most guys would be happy to just eat crap that they threw together at the last second and live in a slightly dirty house. Women set up a certain expectations for how a household should be in their heads and then are upset when most men don't value it as much as they do. Men will pretend to care to make their female companion happy. But that's extent of it.

If the man works and the woman doesn't, he'll demand the woman should do all the domestic chores well because he wants something in return for all of his "hard work."

Mind you, I'm writing this a guy that actually cooks and cleans out of appreciation of a tidy, austere and healthy living space. But I'm not the norm.

What are you trying to say? Are you trying to appeal to identity politics or something? An evangelical woman trying to outlaw abortion is attacking any woman [that is not muh privileged enough to avoid the situation where an abortion would come up]. Even if that includes themselves. It is not like capitalism doesn't produce individuals that act against their own self-interest all the time. What's the discussion here? Or are you just shitposting?


I just don't see how the issue of poverty demands a feminist perspective. It's a universal issue that should be approached from a humanist perspective.

It's no surprise that some feminists don't appreciate the universal struggle of poverty as much as you'd like. Because their perspective is blinded by the fact they feel the need to view everything through the lens of feminism.

Feminism has its time and place. It's largely irrelevant to the poverty issue.

this is literally autism

It still has its place in that many forms of discrimination manifest themselves economically and especially affect poor women. A woman that cannot afford birth control for example is affected by being poor and through this angle you can analyze the situation, although I fundamentally agree that simply solving the material conditions would solve most of these.

Not having your water poisoned, or being targeted for the building of toxic waste dumps is pretty fucking muh privileged, tbh.

Except they have had their water poisoned.

And West Virginia already is a huge dump. Their state is completely dominated by Porky.

idpol utilises snark when they are argumentatively cornered and can't block you. This is a signal for you to deliver the finishing blow.

What is polyp's breaking point?

shh, honey, please, it'll be okay, you don't have to sperg out because someone punched a woman

Kek. Apply Occam's Razor, buddy.
If individual ideology is sufficient to explain a political action, which, might I add, is quite rarely, then you don't need the extra machinery of some alleged pathological hatred of women and related self-hatred, when these don't give you a better explanation.

Many forms of discrimination manifest themselves economically and especially affect poor men. A young man that cannot afford car insurance for example is affected by being poor and through this angle you can analyze the situation, although I fundamentally agree that simply solving the material conditions would solve most of these.
Yes, yes, different demographics tend to have different issues and different hardships in this world of ours, that's pretty much a given. That doesn't itself mean a feminist analysis is at all useful. Rothbard's critique of the state does not enhance, refine, or supercede the Marxist one, even though it produces some superficially reasonable concerns and plausible conclusions.
I see this a lot though, consequentialist methodology to defend a deontological system:
The average total earnings divided by total hours worked of women is 3/4 that of men without accounting for occupational choice, and therefore sexism is a guiding principle that shapes the actions of agents in society etc.

stop, Bess Kalb. Nobody cares what you have to say.

Are you implying that they dont mind being talked to condescendingly by someone who isnt inferior?
is Holla Forums a kerfuffle?