Flat earth

Why is the flat earth bs still a thing? 1 in 4 Americans believe the earth is a flat pancake. Like, whew, what the fuck.

And more importantly, why does Holla Forums fervently defend it so much? Is it all a big meme or are they really that far gone? None of you guys think this, right?

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It's ridiculous, OP. For one that picture clearly shows a concave Earth.


One in four sounds like bullshit, no way that is true.

As for why it's a thing again, I don't have any ideas, it seems like the most stupid conspiracy theory possible, unless you include less popular stuff like white sun.

I'd imagine the recent spike in interest was an investigative psy op in controlled meme spreading.

I once found a conspiracy website that published articles on flat earth AND hollow earth, it was the weirdest shit.

If we go by released internal documents, the burgers are pretty bad at memes.
PDF too big to upload here: track3.mixtape.moe/npgnrl.pdf

what is that?

Could have been any clandestine memetics group. Wouldn't surprise me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The stupidest shit.
Our sun is a white star, which is obvious to anyone that looks up at the sky. Since that hurts our eyes though, we tend to only look directly at the sun when it's sinking. With more atmosphere in the way, the suns colour is changed and it appears orange.
What the white sun people believe is that the sun used to be yellow and was at some point changed in colour for some nefarious reason. I've seen people mix this with chemtrails, claiming that the chemtrails are there to cover up the sun so that nobody notices.

It's similar to that Bernstein/Bernstain Mandela shit where a bunch of people claim to remember something differently and perceive any claim to the contrary as being part of the conspiracy. Had the sun been yellow from the start, we wouldn't have any white light hitting the earth, which would have all kinds of effects on evolutionary history but you can't talk to these people with logic.

I think it's just stupid celebrities that were hungry for attention. Blaming secret organizations isn't necessary when you can blame the american educational system.

The parsimony meme goes too far sometimes. "Viral marketing" has been around for a while. Not necessarily government.

I think not.

The problem is that you are taking on the mindset of a conspiracy theorist.
We have no evidence that flat earth was a test run of some great meme conspiracy. If we just assume that it was a shadow organization because regular stupidity doesn't seem like a good explanation, we are shifting the burden of proof away from the one making the claim, going by guilty until proven innocent logic in a sense.
It's now my task that it wasn't a shadow meme group, which is proving a negative and impossible. If we were actually doing it like that and you wanted to maintain the position that it was the illuminati, I would not be able to present any proof that could shift your view, since you could just readjust the goalposts by saying that the absence of evidence just shows that they are really stealthy.

Personally, I blame the Irish for this.

But I'm not worried about that. Recreational speculation opens your eyes to things you might not otherwise be made aware of. Hypotheses can remain hypothetical, but are still interesting for being posed, and null results in science have value.

Never seen the curve in person or video, why believe? You are taking a leap of faith if you don't question. Even if it's a sphere I don't think we went to the moon that shit is so fake.

I am also not 100 percent sure nuclear weapons exist.

Here you have the common moon related conspiracies debunked:

Here is le hype science man debunking flat earth:


Why the fuck would anyone lie about the world being round




Don't reply to low quality threads.


people who believe what they are told instead of what they observe make great slaves.

why so hostile?

Yet these idiots want their GPS to run smoothly

Explain yourselves, Ameritards!

Because the world is not flat and you need to be given proper treatment

You kinda sound like an authoritarian fascist fam. I can see why the liberal education establishment would lie. I don't know for sure if its flat or whatever, I'd love to go up and see for myself.

Shut up


That sounds like bullshit.



Highly doubt it. My people are stupid but not that dim.

Yeah the Flat Earth shit is obvious nonsense, however the Earth is hollow.


I fucking knew it, of course you would respond like this. I said this before ( ) but your memes had won at the point where you shifted the burden of proof on me. Even presenting fucking negative evidence against your insanity doesn't count, you just discard whatever I offer and keep on believing.

Kill yourself, seriously, end your fucking life.


That's silly. How does a stupid rap video disprove their claims about moon truthers though?

I see the light now, Marx sempai. Stupidity like this can't really exist, I've been had by a trickster that was laughing at me. I will now employ the same thinking style the people in this thread use to never change my opinion on that again in order to protect my failing sanity.

does this look like real life to you?

It being something like this wouldn't surprise me at all.

lmao at believing that 1 in 4 americans think the world is flat

or this

this looks is totally legit

He's a NazBol so he would know

Enough Internet for today

glorious dprk knows of american imperial lies

america can never enslave the great moon people

DPRK is a land without normies.

Cut it out with that shit, pretending is the first step for being flooded by actual retards.






Congratulation you found out americans are retarded.
I believe the flat earth conspiracy was planted by teh CIA in order to make us conspiracy theorists appreciators even more crazy