I've recently gotten a job at a call centre and after a couple of months of working there I do not understand why the...

I've recently gotten a job at a call centre and after a couple of months of working there I do not understand why the plight of the working class is even worth caring about. They're stupid, lazy, irrational plebs that I don't want anywhere near myself let alone in control of the entire planet.

If the working class had a lick of intelligence or gumption we could have global communism tomorrow. But we don't, and probably never will for the precise reason that the working class will never have the human capital to organize against their vastly outnumbered opposition.

It seems to me that the porkies of the world are totally justified. There's nothing wrong with digging as deep and greedily into the labour of these people as possible. Some people are simply better than others.

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Gee I wonder who could be behind this post?


That's right.

Anyone smart enough to be in charge of their own lives already is. And if everyone was that smart we would be communist, sadly the vast majority of mankind are basically retarded so hierarchy will always exist.

Nice bait.


great observation. quit your job


Does anyone have that Zizek quote about the "justice of communism"?

Except being educated is heavily corrolated with class. Poor people don't have access to the means to become smart and educated.

The thing about that is you can already pretty much tell how a call is going to go based on whether the customer talks to you like you're the CEO of the company or if they realize you're a normal guy on the other end of the phone. Naturally the stupidest customers are also the angriest for this reason.

But I need money.

Porky isn't any better than the proles, their stupidity and insanity is just better understood from a more systematic approach. At first glance Bill Gates is far smarter and kinder than the average person, however if we look at the systematic effect on state's and economies he has he is a plague that is pushing us towards totalitarian technocapitalism

The thing is in the western world you totally do (well maybe not in America where university is insanely expensive). The state will fully support your education pretty much unconditionally right up until the university level, and even then there's plenty of assistance available.

But that's besides the point because I don't mean education, I mean basic natural intelligence. If you're 50 years old and struggle with first-grade level math or managing to read a single page of something no amount of education in the world was ever going to help you anyway.

I know they can't help it so you can't really blame stupid people for being stupid. But at the same time you shouldn't be looking to empower them either.

Is that really such a bad thing though?

im all for the plebs being crushed by their own stupidity so that a sustainable society can rise out of the ashes of the old one. But, it doesn't change that what OP said is retarded and untrue. Porky is never better than the proles.

He is though.

The fact that porky has been enormously successful in guiding society in such a way that benefits himself and people like him whereas the highest ever achievements of the socialist movement only succeeded into degenerating back into strict hierarchy is a testament to this.

the proles don't start wars that kill millions.
and i don't care how much smarter than me, you still don't get to rule me

The world is no worse off with a few million more less proles anyway.

But that's exactly what that means.

how does you being smarter (if you actually are smarter than i) give you the right to tell me what to do.

"lemme tell you what to do i am richer"——no
"lemme tell you what to do its gods will"——no
"lemme tell you what to do i have this instituiton backing me"——–no
"lemme tell you what to do i am smarter"—-no

"lemme tell you what to do"—–no

So do you think that stupid laziness is inherent or is it because of a systematic dumming down of the working class on behalf of the bourgeoisie? If you believe the latter then you should do everything you can to educate them and break their infatuation with capitalist ideology. If you believe the former then you're not really a leftist can can fuck right off to the >>/gulag/


fine get cucked by some bourgie because he is smarter.

that is assuming bourgies actaully are smarter.

does anyone believe in direct democracy? you're right about the working class. of course they're generally going to be less intelligent than upper class individuals; that's a large part of why they're lower class. that still doesn't mean they should suffer. it's not like they choose to be stupid.

read rawls. if you were organizing a society but were completely unaware of what your capabilities would be within it, would you choose a social darwinist model or one that protects event the most unfortunate?

There's no such thing as "rights".

What it does give you is the power to take advantage of people stupider than you. And you'd be a fool not to take the opportunity.

Likewise the working class totally do have the power to rid themselves of the bourgeoisie and enjoy high standards of living - as Holla Forums often rightly points out. But the working class are too stupid to ever actually get around to doing it.

I acknowledge that it's abundantly clear that intelligence is at least partly hereditary. I would also acknowledge that there is a sociological element to this, but it's certainly not systematic.

The institutions of capitalist western society are working around the clock and spending billions to make the working class into educated, productive participants in the economy. The actual problem is that the working class are profoundly anti-intellectual and independently develop a culture of hating education whilst hailing their own retardation as "common sense".

Except that's not what's happening. I've already been born into a certain society with a certain set of abilities. What remains to be considered isn't what's the "just" thing to do, but what's going help me the most.

I am lucky enough to be better than a sizeable of the population if not the majority, that's nothing other than an opportunity to follow in what the capitalist system would encourage and dig deep into their labour.

if you say so

but compassion helps me the most. it pleases me to know that the hungry are fed, that the homeless are sheltered, that kids are educated etc… i want to live amongst educated, nourished, housed individuals. but let's say we live in an objectivist society, what happens when the have nots are neglected? eventually they collectivize and rebel. if you're amoral, remember that appeasing the lower class also ensures stability.

Compassion doesn't really help anyone at all though unless they're on the receiving end of it rather than the giving end of it. Otherwise it's just a waste of breath for someone else's sake.

So do I, hence why I want to get as far away as I can from the working class.

That's not true. If the middle-class are neglected eventually they will mobilize the working class and rebel.

If the destitution is localized entirely to the working class historically they're content enough just to let themselves starve to death in the millions before they get even close to organizing.

We get it, you're 'intelligent but lazy'.

I'm not, I like to think I'm quite hard working.

Yet we do the same job. Just get over yourself, dude.

Humbleness is slave mentality tbqh.

Then so is unfounded arrogance and self-importance. What actually separates you from the hoi polloi besides how smart you feel? You're in the same boat as them.

Fuck you OP

What makes you so special?

The fact that my life seems to have some upward momentum.

Maybe I'll be proven wrong in a couple of years. But in the meantime it seems to be that I'm great, most other people are shit, and it is no crime to acknowledge this.

I should add I'd also suggest that most people here are better than the rest of the working class too. Even by considering that maybe the system we live in is suboptimal and there could be a better way that alone puts you above the rest. Most people are more than happy to simply accept the status quo and never think about what could be.

Anyway, now I need to go and work at said call centre. Good thread, guys.

later faggot


You are a member of the working class same as them, you dense motherfucker

but he's better

Are you telling me that smart people in communism will cease to exist? Because that's fucking stupid. They will still be able give advices or some shit. And if people don't accept it, that's their choice.

This is incorrect. Apart from the very few people with mental disabilities, the problem is simply that they didn't receive the most basic level of education during the first few years of their lives. It should be obvious that without adequate stimulation by adults a child will grow up effectively mute and with all the reasoning capabilities of a dead fish. Nobody comes genetically programmed to understand math or read. We can learn those things, if they're taught to us at the right point in our brain development, but they aren't innate. If those people hadn't grown up with crack-addicted parents who barely gave enough of a shit to feed them and attended schools where their main concern was not getting the shit beaten out of them, things would probably be different.

I actually agree with this, in a way. The goal of communism should be to liberate humans and end suffering. Democracy definitely shouldn't be a long-term goal, although it might be the least worst option in the short term. The long term goal should be to remove humans from the decision making process and replace them with superior artificial intelligences.

It's almost like they have some kind of false consciousness or something

Oh, also, diet plays a big role. Malnutrition during early childhood can completely ruin your chances in life.


top wew, m8

So, you are the best call centre worker in there? You have the best call score, you get the best feed back and nobody talks about the stuck up new guy behind your back? Riiight

So tell me, Hillary Clinton deserves all her money, according to you, so does George Soros, so does Paris Hilton, because they are smart while proles are dumb?

Everyone in the developed can have access to the internet if they want. Using that and the basic education they recieved in school, they could easily educate themselves further to whatever level they wish to.

OP sounds like a university dropout or someone from the fields of humanities who didn't have the opportunity to find employment in academia, or who had to settle for a shit tier job, that he himself despises, thus projecting all his insecurities and hatred onto his fellow "pleb".

What are you, politically?

Bullshit, porky's as much of a braindead ape as the rest of us. They were just born into luckier conditions that allowed them to become the ruling class. Feudalism with extra steps.

OP, do you live in America? If so, I found your problem. The working class in many places is actually decent and strives to improve themselves and to not be idiots, but America is uniquely awful in that regard.

In most cases this is a "pick one" situation. Outside of the natural sciences academics can be really fucking stupid, unethical or both, hence economics departments being full of capitalist shills. Even in the natural sciences you can find many people who know nothing outside of their subfield of a subfield of a subfield.

The thing is I don't buy into the class war narrative. It seems more like you may as well consider everyone to be opposition rather than a specific class.

This doesn't really hold up though. I've met people with awful parents that are still smart, resourceful people and people with great families that throw their lives away anyway.

It's easy to believe that shitty people are a victim of circumstances. But it is more than obvious that this is not the case, too many people are more than happy to just waste all the opportunities they get.

I'm not rich at all. I come from a single-parent house where no one in our family ever went to university or had assets more than a car. The fact that I work at a call-centre should already tell you that I'm less than minted.

No, no one "deserves" anything beyond that which they have the power to take and defend. It just so happens that Paris Hilton has this advantage whereas your average prole does not.

I'm not making the case that the bourgeoisie are entitled to their wealth. I'm making the case that they're committing no grave crime in taking advantage of the proles that are stupid enough to let it happen.

For a board that loves Stirner so much this should be more obvious.

Mass politics is for plebs. But before realizing this I was a market socialist.

No, I live in the UK.

No. I was making the point that the working class aren't worth caring about.

But now that you mention it communism does effectively amount to the tyranny of the unwashed masses over the great.