Have i been on the wrong leftypol this whole time? i've been on the .pl recently...

have i been on the wrong leftypol this whole time? i've been on the .pl recently, and was disappointed to find it a hive of scum of villainy. now that i've found the .net, the things i've heard about leftypol from people like xexizy make a lot more sense. why are there two leftypols?

Well you know how the Poles are about wanting indepdence

Holla Forums is opensource, so anyone can make their own. Some polish fucks did just that. The polish website appears in google searches because google doesn't want to index Holla Forums because gamergate and CP.

You went into the bait board

Wow, now I realize that most people from /r/socialism who shit on Holla Forums might have actually visited the .pl one.

God I want to fuck that white girl with the flowers in her hair hnngg.

Because our secret club for ergatocracy like the bourgeois have for their plutocracy.

Nice, the cuckold got triggered


Keep projecting!



Daily reminder that his is what your average alt-rightist/neo-nazi looks like. This is who is calling you a "cuck."

Haha, the same cuckold assraging yesterday is here today aswell!!

Wjere is the lack of death certificate?

P A T H E T I C=


The scat lover must go undercover to attack fascism from the shadows and ensure the destruction of white men so he fakes his own death

really makes you think….

Cover for what?

What's your stance on new balance shoes?

So accept you cant prove he is alive?

Why is it always a jpeg? Can't you save propaganda in .png form?

Maybe you should stop being a little cuck and have some white kids then

White people should have been forced out of Africa a long time ago.

well shit…


Those are Germans. They weren't white nationalists. They were german nationalists.

Aahh yes, another spam sessions while the mods are jerking eachother off

This is one of those articles that proves that nazis don't actually know how to read.

I see we have triggered a poor widdle altwightist.

Here's the actual article dumbass. Why are Nazis such lying dishonest kikes?

By that logic it would be the death of the other races. There's a reason allot of black folks in America have lighter skin.

Also, could we have less banning, so we could redpill these retards?

To be fair he was doing a gish gallop and not interested in true debate so the ban was justified.

Fascists don't debate. They are post-modernists who don't believe in truth. They just want power. They deserve a beating and then a bullet if they persist.

Still, pointing out the absurdity and the stupidity of their cult is fun.

Also I should add that even the Daily Mail is scaremongering because only 7% of white people marry out.