Muh hwite women

Why does so much alt-right propaganda center around muh cucks and muh hwite women. As a former Holla Forumstard myself who used to get upset seeing a picture of a black dude with a white girl, all I can say is that this type of propaganda is insanely effective.

When you're a lonely virgin nothing hurts more than seeing someone who you consider lower than animals dating YOUR perfect white flower.

What do you think about this? Can we utilize this ourselves. Is this a mainstay of the right or is just a result of it being made of mostly lonely virgins?

Other urls found in this thread: - Mark Manson - First 3 Chapters.pdf

More propoganda so you know I'm not just strawmanning

Because the appeal of fascism and other conserative revolutionary movements is the lack of a girlfriend.


It's primarily because of the alt-right "muh dik" mantra. They are obsessed with penis.

It is a result of social and political alienation by Idpol of poor young white men with no prospects in life.

Because wf/bm relationships are a disaster that society has to foot.

eliminating all cultural identity and turning it into one big tan mass of malleable clay is porky's dream, idiot

Holla Forums consists of lonely young men without a girlfriend. Instead of admitting that this is because they're unappealing losers, they blame it on various ethnic groups "stealing" "their" women.

Where the brown women with white men at?

No, that should be the goal of socialism. Porky divides workers with that bull shit, idiot.

White man is superior yet gets cucked by minorities. Boy, there sure is a lot of contradictions in Holla Forums's ideology.


It's all the fault of those crafty yids.

How is eliminating all identity in the world supposed to induce class consciousness?

I think that I want a girlfriend that's as dark as the night and am tired of the only interracial porn out there being black men with white women. White men do have serious self-esteem issues.

I dont think it really works though.
cucks will just lament they dont have a gf while fapping to allegedly traditional girls in folk costumes.


The main appeal was and is order and growth. No ideology sells on sex. Well, there's hippies, but other than that none do.

Why are you so tied to your "identity"?

Around blonde elves
Watch yourselves

We call on people to commit anuddah shoah by fucking azn qts

He's a spooked faggot


You're not answering the question

Daily reminder that he was literally mentally ill and that his sister is normal (and is a qt.) Eurasians are the future. Deal with it.

By getting rid of irrelevant identity markers which distract people from the material conditions of their existence which are shared across cultures.

Why do Marxists still cling to 19th century post civil war narratives about porky keeping the races divided when he's doing his best to get everyone to accept race doesn't exist?

Asians, more like. There really aren't that many Europeans and Europe would be a fairly irrelevant backwater in a world where technology and institutions are fully equalized

Gee it's not like we're shoved beauty eurocentric beauty ideals down our throats all the fucking time. And it's not like fetishizing is nonexistent.
He was a whiny entitled nerd, I'm mentally ill but you don't see my ass shooting up places.

Identity can't be eliminated because it doesn't exist in the first place.

pussy (women) has always been a grate motivator for virgins.
hell, muslim men blow themselves up to get 72 lolies in heaven.

its really universal

It's insane how unsourced JPEG infographics and screenshots created the new far right

Hmm, that does sound pretty good.

Funny how it's always nerds whom are to blame.

Rance isn't a lolicon! And they get 72 virgins, not necessarily lolis. It could be 72 people from this chan, and maybe some from this very thread.

I unironically use this as my wallpaper

I don't think the idea is that you get actual people from the real world, cuz then the demographics don't really add up.

Ugh I'm not talking about normal nerds that play D&D and definitely don't shoot up public places. They are innocent.
I'm talking about greasy MRA dweebs that whine about everyone being the problem but themselves.

No girls allowed in the brocialist treehouse.

No, it's anime girls.

In the Quran the houris are called "companions", described as being "restraining in their glances" (chaste), with "modest gazes", "wide and beautiful/lovely eyes", "eyes like pearls", "splendid" and "physically prominent".


While I instinctively do not approve as long as they remain as respectful as they are I see no cause for outrage. If they are integrating into society and have found girlfriends who they treat well I am not angered at all, even if it does make me suspicious of the bourgeoisie and their intentions for allowing such a situation to happen.

Race myxing is the bourgeoisie's bandaid fix to the systemic problem of racism. It's like welfare. It helps stave off conflict in the short term but ultimately does little to eliminate what it is supposed to redress.


I have never seen a half black baby that dark ever.

The same reason chans and the rest of the internet are infested with anime girls. Young straight males are obsessed with women. They're obsessed with being manly and protecting them and maybe getting the chance to fuck them. That's it. The power of dick-thinking is a powerful force user.

Fucking this, OkCupid even demonstrates that white women are less likely to irrelevant shit than any other demographic.

This post would fit in great on tumblr, lots of posts in this thread even.

So Holla Forums is denial that they're just damn undeseriable?


This pic triggers me because I take great pride in my labeling myself a believer of an obscure offshoot of socialism for special snowflake status, fucking drumpf supporters make me want to cut my nutsack off and shit on it in rage.

How is he doing this?

tbh middleeastern are caucasoid, its not irrelevant shiting biologically speaking.

maybe you're just ugly, not everyting is about skin color.
i knew few black dudes who pull way more chicks than any of my white friends.
it just happen that most black don't have attractive facial features or money or a plaesent personality.

It's funny how this is combined with the memes about how actually no one likes black men and bbc is a myth

That's not what porky is doing. Porky is inverting the traditional imperialist racial dogma that "white = best" and instead claiming that whiteness is a great evil that must be fought by consumerism, wage labor, and yes more imperialism. It's the same shit.

I am not desperate for white female attention either.
Join the Nazbol part

Am I more Nazbol than you? My problem is the difference in cultures.

where are you from, bruh ?

By pushing it in the media. Do any of you ever question the fact that a significant chunk of what you believe in is 100% in agreement with what the elite are in favor of? How do you consider yourself anti-establishment rebels when you are the biggest group of porky boot lickers out there?

Hallo Holla Forums



Fabian Socialists literally set the precedent for the Left abandoning Marxism and embracing so-called social democracy.

Elliot should have been gay.

Isn't this an outdated right-wing talking point? I thought you all agreed that the media was pushing an deeply triggering and problematic agenda, which would implicitly admit that race does exist. So which is it?

i don't think any Holla Forumsype would agree with middle astern/european "irrelevant shiting"

*anti==white agenda

pics ?

They're not half-babies, they're implanted embryos for batshit liberal reasons

Stay triggered

Does not answer the question.


Do I look stupid m8?

White women are fucking gross

Holy fuck.

No wonder so many idiots are becoming alt-right reactionaries.

thisssssssss, they're not only ugly as sin they're the most entitled people on earth

You can probably count on one hand how many couples have done that. It's fucking irrelevant. Nice job falling for propaganda

Most white women look like pigs to me tbh. The fact that most of them are also braindead club whores or batshit insane man hating feminists really kills any potential attraction I could have had for them.

Bit of column A and column B. One-drop rule and similar things to it have been a talking point of the right forever. Being a lonely virgin just makes it easier to build resentment scapegoat someone (whether it's women or non-whites) for their perceived failure of not losing their virginity.


Because they're mostly gfless, if not full blown kvs, and blaming an external entity rather than societal issues or themselves. So they blame blacks despite most data showing women largely prefer white men, like

We can try to show them that capitalism exacerbates the problem by making keeping in shape hard or twisting standards of men and women, but a lot of them are nogf nazi tier on women so they're a lost cause.

Actually, it's common. Western females despise these features on men:
-Light hair (red, blond, light brown)
-Light eyes (blue, green)
-Light skin

So even if you're a great person, females will always choose a man who doesn't have these features over you.

I just really don't see why you need to be here when your viewpoints are 100% accepted on places like tumblr, reddit and facebook. Why not go there when there's so many more people over there to spread your message to? Why waste the best days of your life circlejerking over how much you hate Holla Forums and trying to one up each others special snowflake status with some sub-ideology of socialism you found but don't actually understand?

My eyes are brown. Where all them pale blue eyed women at?

I'll stay here either way

Nogf Nazi has finally arrived. Took you long enough

Here can point out the absurdity of all idpol, not just a version of it.


Come on now, they look like they were produced in a factory.

Porky say white = bad, mixing = good. if you can provide them with white ethno communism you will convert them easily.


If that were true, I would love nothing more than to seize the means of production at that particular factory if you know what I mean.

That bitch is mixed as fuck.


Only Koreans

I'm sure pics related all are KVs because of their cursed features.

Western women age fast because of alcohol consumption and partying, which exists due to courtship culture. That is the #1 problem and can be solved with planned marriage.

I'll never understand why people consider DiCaprio to be handsome.

Racialism is USA-tier spook to prevent immigrant workers from fighting back.

That said, Tatar girls are best.

DPRK girls looks good though, even not surgery'd azns are better than 9 out of 10 whites

I dont either tbh, my ex thought he was hot though. The other guys I can definitely see though.

Wasn't that first one used in a NEET VS wagecuck pic?

False. Western girls at 12 or something look like 25 years old asian. Very ugly. Asians look much younger for a while.

Why would anyone want these old hags and used goods when you can get much younger girls in asia. Makes no sense.

It's kind of funny how a few posters fetishize asians and certain global minority women, not realizing that if you don't have any regulations, in a few years everythings just going to look like an Indian-African hybrid.

Nobody wants indians or africans though. It's all about dat sweet asian puss breh.

That's what Marx meant when he said 'workers of all lands, unite'.

what's the most woke stance on race and interracial relationships

Not caring.

Well you better start supporting borders and bans on immigration or you'll be flooded out!

You're no better then Holla Forums when you cherry pick images like that

You want me to not fuck asians, because in 100 years their won't be any if I do? why should I care

At the base of modern nationalism is a lack of maturity, which even other rightkids will acknowledge.

Wow, look at all those cherries you have sir!

1. If you're white and you enjoy something, society will make sure that gets stopped. They're already memeing up the "all white men with asian gfs are racist" so you already have lower chances of a gf than you did 10 years ago

2. I'm just referring to the fact that some posters use asians as "proof" that no borders is awesome when in reality asians are going to be gone due to that same ideology since Indians and Africans are flooding the world.

At the end of the day nothing I say can make a difference but I just want people to know that there isn't infinite resources for everyone, even though it may seem that way

I don't know man, vaping is allowed.

Foul white whores detected

So you never read anything and your entire world view consisted of memes?

Why are autistic basement dwellers supporting an ideology that would put an end to their NEET lifestyle? Trump and the Republicans want to scrap SSI, welfare, social security, etc. and have every American working for $2/hr

Because to NEETs True Free Market Capitalism isn't a mode of production or mechanism of resource allocation but a form of quasi-divine justice that punishes those perceived as inferior or lazy

So what you're saying is that western females just naturally cuck white males due to biological preferences?

Should've sold themselves better during the election…

How does it feel to be objectively incorrect?

He's saying that his failure to attract women is because of that and not say his inability to see women as anything other than mindless cum cravers or him being a nazi.

I genuinely feel bad for this guy.

The only biological part of it, I believe, is that white men are friendlier and women despise friendly men. Otherwise, it's due to western society, since a woman of any race will hate blond hair in the west, but women of the same race outside of the west usually don't have negative stereotypes about blond hair.

okcupid made those statistics with the intention of proving that white men were "privileged"
I'd put that info on the same level as a PragerU video.

Can you just kys already?

Which is?

cultural marxism

We don't hate niggers or jews. The biggest rebellion is capitalism without niggers or jews, the white pokry will not fuck over white proles.

Take your racism & idpol elsewhere. Jesus.

Reminder that consumerism exists to fill the void left when cultural identity and heritage is destroyed. You are not allowed to be proud of your people, you can only be proud of your possessions and your incone.

Porky say you don't need culture and heritage, you have iphone and adidas.

Marxism is an economic political theory. Try to put your grievances into words or coherent sentences, user.

As a brown spic, I wish it was as easy to get white pussy as the Holla Forums propaganda suggests

Yeah pretty much

Who said anything about culture?


Proof that there is no logical defence of white women.

Wtf is KVs?

Asian women also have a much better sense of style

Irrelevant shitting-posters should be banned. You have nothing of meaning to offer in conversation.

Literal tankie autism

I don't know how you look.
Post pis, so I can judge if you look stupid or not


Which is due to patriarchy…some posters on Holla Forums literally attacked me when I said tattoos and piercings are ugly as fuck.

Holla Forums is an azn appreciator's board

For one reason and one reason only:

Because fuck normalfags.

The type of NEET who does that has been mistreated severely by society and wants normalfags punished. This is their overriding concern. It's more important to them than anything else. Therefore, any policy that helps normalfags is bad even if it could help them too.

stormfags confirming that they're right wing SJWS

Full socialism would be more damaging normie society than Trump.


7/10 would bang. Do you have an accent(non-burger accent) to accompany this look? Might bump it up to an 8/10, for me. :^)
I'm a woman, btw. But I'm married. You look good, user.

weak chin, weird scrawny head concealed by hair.

just cut ur fucking hair and get it over with

No, I like his hair. I want to grab it.

No, I am just a burger sadly.

But thank you. I have very little confidence.


stop LARPing you fucking queer

you look like every other punchable limp wristed "leftist" pick up some weights and cut your hair.

Kissless Virgins.

Same here. You've got balls to actually post your face though. The quiet types are nice, though. Even as a burger & if I weren't married, I'd holler.

If Holla Forums wasn't crawling all over this place I'd post my pic, too. Your post confirms exactly why I wouldn't post it.

Oh, thanks.

stop LARPing

Lmao, I'd love to see what you all look like. He at least had the balls to post his. :^)

Previous relationship?

I'm working on gaining weight

But I ain't cutting my hair faggot

Stop posting so much & lurk more. Regulars here know of me as a US girl who lives in India. Stick around & I might post it in the future.

This just shows that nazis have a lack of faith in their own race's future.



It's a weird cognitive dissonance that they believe might = right, but at the same time they can't be "strong enough" to prevent irrelevant shitting.

its da joos keeping me down

If immigration continues, it's literally obvious if you understand world demographics.

mods are golden

Opposing irrelevant shiting is something I could never agree with Holla Forums on ever.

poor asians

I'm sorry, user. Planes were invented, so there's really no going back.


I had to reload to see it. Thanks mods. :3

Fixed. :^(



the lady on the left can reeducate me anytime she likes

giving food, clothes and basic rights to the world population is way more expensive than the putting a man on the moon.
especially since said population keeps expanding, the more it's fed.
in fact, the amount of production required to bring everyone to a dignified standard far exceeds what currently can be produced.
because when given a choice between muh rights, food and clothes and fucking, third worlders choose fucking

Are mods enforcing no hurt fee-fees now?

It's a reference, idiot.

White women are cancer they are responsible for the spread of islam I wouldn't mind if they were all gassed and replaced by either Ashkenazi Jewish girls or Caucasoid looking Puerto Ricans.

The better question is why you don't like to laugh? He was lazily shitposting, anyway. I'm sure they checked his post history before taking action.

Not if the workers owned the means of production. :^)


Lol they crazier then black women….well maybe some latinas.
But go yellow

t. black pigeon speaks


Very true. In fact white nations are all big on drinking compared to ethnic nations like korea or uganda.
Plus a party pro drug lifestyle.
Ive seen indian an arab women age more poorly then some whites by just crap diet even though they luve a mire moral life.
Its all what u do

Cute girl. Is that 'goyim godess' or how she is is called?

Germanic American disapproval incoming

Never respect an urbanized woman unless it is in the form of [Children][Shelter][Orgasm][Status]
They are entitled disney princesses to the point of delusion.
Now I live in the country and most white girls are A- ok. (bad for you city neets where diversity thrives and chad knows what a woman desires more so than this cuck).
What women desire is a man to establish her. Please her on her terms, give her the societal status of marriage, exceptionalism of parenthood and a place to rest her head.
You manage half of these and you have an excellent chance of getting some puss-aye.
Fuck respect, fuck societal norms, fuck women. That simple really. Woman should earn your respect. Cooking cleaning and child rearing for 20+ years minimum. Also fuck your sfw mom and dad for whatever they told you about the opposite sex.

Normies seem to enjoy serially failing to notice the difference. Remember Spy Kids making the computer geeks who enabled the heroes' hijinks to be the ultimate villain of the series? It's apparently very different from talking down to the indispensable proletariat.

lol when?

either you are lying or are living the shittiest life ever.

also read this - Mark Manson - First 3 Chapters.pdf

This list says much more about you, than women in general. Most women crave love & to be valued. Just like most men.

imdb it.

I've watched spy kids, I'm not sure what you're talking about

its kinda sad how not being laid turns people into hateful monsters

Asians drink like fucking fiends

Alcohol is the easiest way porky has ever held anyone down

Yeah, its shits.
I did not say don't love or value your partner. I said find a mate who understands the value they are contributing to the partnership. Not one who epects to be entitled to more than they are worth.

Sadly relevant; just remembered this old webm

Doubt it. Aside from the asian flush condition. Russia has the worst alcholics….like 1 in 5.
So many surveys give different results but almist always white nations

Your entire post states otherwise.


Did Chad tell you this?

You misunderstand; I am saying there is a person who will want to fuck you [maybe for the rest of your life]. First you have to recognize most woman expect to earn a mans respect [if he has any value] and second if you plan to pick up women using a playbook created by sfws you will find one not worth pursuing in the first place.

No, life showed me this. Growing up in poverty taught me this. If you're a shitty person, people don't particularly like being around you.

I'm married, already. But in general, people should be decent to/respect others, without expecting something in return. Are you not creating your own "playbook" with this post?

Safe for works?

People don't like poor people and women thoroughly loathe poor men.

Doesn't matter if they are poor themselves.

t. person who's never been poor

that pdf i linked you about attracteding women. the first few pages talk about getting your life together. you'll have mnore success with attracting women if you get your life together

Honestly nothing wrong with white girls but all girls are cute

Except for you user-kun.

Ignorance is not appreciated and poverty breeds ignorance. The impoverished are generally friendly honest and relatable; the backbone of society. Usually people who dislike the poor have had negative interactions with homeless people, drug addicts, or aggressive mentally ill individuals; another possibality is that they have never had to put their feet in someone elses shoes or have had padded shoes for so long they forgot their own bumps in the roads.


I think this was a pretty major talking point in the American South when it came to allowing mixed couples

haha, nice one Holla Forums! there is a difference between eliminating the societal domination and fetishism and eliminating the biological differences. It's like how you can want the abolition of gender without the abolition of sexes

Turns out porky's propaganda is universal and NEETs are easily manipulated no matter who they are


This is pretty true, and I agree on the dark skinned woman thing. There's a lot of gorgeous dark skinned women and unfortunately the media as well as porn industry is fucked with everything surrounding "BBC this" or "BBC that." You don't see a black woman on television, and if you do, they portray them as masculine, foul mouthed, and rude/obnoxious. It just completely goes against reality in just about every encounter with the majority of black women I've ever talked to.

In real life, I've probably met more polite, well rounded, and highly educated black women than I have even with white women in a lot of cases. Again, this could be personal bias, too. I've met tons of great white women as well, so no fault there, but I just think the stereotypes of "black women are X" are totally mismatched with reality.

And not to sound like a Holla Forums tard but there is certainly an element to interracial porn that I find repulsive. The way they portray white men as these bumbling idiots and black men as pure animals that are only capable of fucking white women or some shit. It's kinda fucked up IMHO, but then again, so are lots of sexual fetishes so I don't wanna project too much. I like interracial porn for what it is – I guess I just wish there was a greater gender balance is all.

I think its (hopefully) just a stupid trend that with time will subside as people (hopefully) break through stupid stereotypes (black people have HUGE dicks) in the same way that people once thought stupid shit like "aids is spread via anal!! and its only gay guys that get it!!1" etc.

The only reason I wouldn't wife a dark skinned woman might be just the fact that we don't have a lot in common. Realistically, I think my chances of meeting a dark skinned girl that shares my interests are small, since I'm into punk/heavy metal, write computer code, and am generally the "skinny white nerd" type as far as looks go (although I also have long hair).

Plus, I've met the family of some black girls, and some of them are legitimately not into the whole "bring home a white guy for dinner" type, and it kinda sucks. It's like white chicks bringing home black guys to meet their incredibly racist dads, but the opposite haha.

At the end of it all, I might prefer a white chick if I can get one, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit to how many fine black women I see out there as well that I'd be perfectly happy with.

Loneliness, alienation and the desire for love can be traced back as the origins of the greatest evils imaginable

t. Eric Fromm

lmao not gonna lie i love the girl in the middle pic. she looks like my kind of girl, probably doesn't give a fuck what some asshole thinks about her and know how to party. not too hot on the smoking habit but i think she has a pretty face, its just not a flattering pic is all.

the other pics are just full of plain jane asian girls. i don't understand what it is with white dudes loving asian girls. I've seen some hot asians but i never really developed a fetish for them like some guys do.

lmao agree with the other guy that chick isn't "black" but "mixed as fuck."

Also, perhaps the aging of white chicks has to do with the dismal statistics on white people that are coming out lately in general?

I mean, it seems like whites aren't doing too hot. We drink, smoke, do drugs, work for shitty pay, and eventually commit suicide if you listen to the news lately.

No having blue eyes, blonde hair, nice tanned but still fair skin, strong jaw line and good mid-face/maxillary development/mesomorph is always going to win over Alpha Black Guy and Alpha Asian. Its the standard of beauty in the West

Thanks user; an interesting read for sure. It impacted my perspective of forming a healthy relationship however it did not alter my reality. I have not had a problem attracting others by being truely confident/ expressing vulnerability since grade school.

Originally I posted to debunk the Nazis view that woman are unattracted to western men in general by providing an example of a man that does not display any of the listed physical characteristics; rather based on looks alone would rate very well, yet still I am able to repulse/be repulsed by the oppsite sex through intellect alone or true confidence as the book refers to it. If I had made it a career to pursue woman and give dating advice eventually I would find a woman with similiar views as my own but this is not feasible for me; my values differ greatly from the general populace. Instead I decided to opt out this decade or as the book refers to as investing in oneself; esssntially becoming a herbivore. No doubt there are competant women who share my views; but it would do no good for me to attract a woman worth investing into and then be unable to support our family.
Also not going to apologize, but post- drunkenness I realized I used the term respect too loosely in earlier postings and so I am anonymously acknowledging I was a bag of dick on the Internet of all Things.

i seem few "colored" posters here complaining that white women don't give them attention because they're "dark".
thats not true.
you guys suck at getting white chicks for the same reasons Holla Forumsypes are sill virgins.
you guys are just fucking ugly with a shit personality, thats it.

Holla Forumstard be like

and you guys are like

non of you are correct, white women are the pikyest groupe when it comes to dating, most of them won't even talk to you i'f you're not an 8/10 +
thats how it is.

Yeah I was not complaining. I posted saying white women are the least likely to irrelevant shit. So Holla Forums's idea that white women are being snapped up by all the mudbloods is ridiculous. But sure I was saying dey iz raycis n' shieeeet.

The far-right has always idolised femininity and used the sympathetic maternal figure to try and shame men into following reactionary bullshit.

I thought this was well known? I see it all the damn time. They attempt to play on the emotions of men to get them to become grunts. Fascists did the same thing in the 1930s and 1940s; the same themes of protecting the poor innocent woman is a common theme.

It's the same reason they idolise housewives and rigid gender roles. Reactionary ideologies and capitalism require these arbitrary divisions between men and women.

It's why I simply will not tolerate the bourgeois nonsense of housewives and why equality of the sexes is a fundamental part of socialism. These divisions must be overcome.

Liberal/separatist/bourgeois feminists are just as bad and misguided because they too worship femininity.

Gender roles harm men too; men are expected to be tough, masculine, unflinching, arrogant, protective, unemotional, aggressive. The male provider role burdens men and isolates women.

Speaking from experience, a lot of the men on Holla Forums are just lonely, insecure and looking for a place in the world. We cannot just abandon them and let them be swept up in reactionary bullshit.

Smash sexism, fascism and harmful gender roles.

It does not.

Why does Holla Forums care about who people date? I mean, as long as those black guys aren't fucking your significant other, why do you care?

Read Fanon, faggots

White women are just as guilty. Pol obsession with bbc and liberal white women casting black dudes as the almighty bbc are two sides of the same coin. It is the conflation of the black (or arab in europe) with his penis that is a sick psychological disease of whites.

tfw when form europe and really into ME-looking women

It is built into the system and the division of labour

That's clearly a fucking Holla Forums sockpuppet account. They've done this in the past. Also, a real Jew would know that those born of Jewish women are still Jewish. So much for that, top kek.

NEETs without girlfriends blame others but themselves for it.
Chads and Niggers are at fault and not the autistic drivel they regularly pull off, like their armchair psychology shit about why women are much happier if they stay in the kitchen

That's a higher minority ratio than "Shaun King".

Yes they want clearly defined gender roles, but that doesn't mean they have the smallest bit of respect for femininity. If anything, it shows how much they disdain it, being unable to relate to it in any way other than stereotypes and roles dictated by muh human nature.


I hope this is a joke.

I have asbergers. Some of my closets friends are also on the spectrum. I often end up realising that things I did or said where pretty damn autistic. Same with my freinds. So im used to autistic shit, especially since Ive visited image boards for 8 over 7 yers now.
But this picture was propebly the most autistic shitloed Ive seen in a while. HOLY FUCK that person needs meds.

And also lack spellcheck, I guess. You can't even spell aspergers, ya cunt.

Because proportionally they declined in numbers. The reason why is a severe propaganda machine that conditioned them to do this.

I thought people didn't like genocide? Why is this not genocide?

Someone tell him about holodomor, I'm too lazy.

Why do they not want to?
It's because the media conditions them to. Fuck off. That is genocidal indoctrination.

There are slow cattle amongst the heard. Are you saying they don't deserve protection because they're inferior? Isn't that hypocritical. Why shouldn't we genocide blacks for being 40 points below Autism Level?



If you didn't have brain damage you'd be more concerned about the economic conditions that are creating epidemics of drug dependency, self harm, and early death among whites and the hundreds of thousands of deaths it's caused rather than spooky cuck bullshit.