Help a fellow worker
An IWW member was shot while protesting and needs some help financing his medical care and possible legal expenses. Please consider donating if you can.

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Why do people feel the need to shoehorn miso''''gyny into everything? Pretty tiresome.

Thought I'd try a new way to dodge wordfilters while I was at it.

Done! Best of luck to them.

Nice name

I would donate if I could but im kind of broke atm.

Thanks! I'm sure the campaign organizers will be a bit confused about that one, but anything to shit on some Milo-obsessed thug's good day is worth it.

My finances are kinda rip as well, but I've got good prospects for a job over the summer and as long as I don't eat breakfast or my uni meal plan will carry me through. As long as I don't get a haircut for another two months, I can afford to support the cause!

Breakfast is one of the most important meals on a day, comrade.

How come I didn't hear about people getting shot in the news?

Doesnt reflect good on the government

is IWW good? I don't want to get into idpol and humanism : S

The IWW is the real fucking deal.

Here's an older example.

what do you mean real deal? like real militant left communists working on class kind of thing?

See for yourself:

They are anarchists.

I like that they are actually not scared to take and hold power for their benefit from what im reading here

Can't he just sue the person who shot him?

The attacker claimed it was self-defence and was let go.

Anyone got a name for that guy? We need to make alt-rightists toxic.

Makes me want to use a body cam anytime I go outside tbh


p. cute

That's also what the fund is for, fampai - the injured wobbly is a worker, and needs support for legal fees.

Here's the official statement from the IWW.

Litterally the GOODEST.

Shitposting flag aside.


so ancaps hate them the most of all?

Worker? Like a barista at Starbucks? Sounds like a real rough n' tumble member of the proletariatQ

this shit is getting real huh? comrades from US, keep accelerate till the revolution pls.