How does Holla Forums feel about firearms?

How does Holla Forums feel about firearms?

Is it purely reddit "leftism" that's antigun? Why do all revolutionaries use guns to gain power then ban them from ownership for the proletariat?

What's the most gun friendly leftist ideology?

We fuckin' love guns around here.
Nothing equalizes a poor man and a rich one like a firearm.

An unarmed worker is a helpless worker

It's disgusting fucking liberalism.

In some instances I imagine it would be a measure to restrict reactionary violence against the revolutionary government, and in others to safeguard a newly installed reactionary regime.


We have a thread about guns every now and then. The SKS is probably the most popular gun here as far as ownership goes.
It's liberals that are gun averse pussies. Marx wanted everyone to have fucking cannons.


Anything the state can equip itself with the workers should equip themselves with.


4th pic would be alright if it wasn't so russiaboo.

You're better off buying things chambered in NATO rounds if you're in america.

Everyone should be armed with sufficient knowledge and practise to use their weapons. Violence wins the day not sitting around being peppersprayed.

If the bourgeoisie is going to be nuclear armed then so should we

do you have any recommendations for quality rifles for the discerning poorfag?

I think other people should have guns but if I always had a gun in reach I'd probably kill myself pretty quickly

I'm antigun anarchist and reolutionary.

Guns should be used to protect all groups of peope, not to walk with them in the streets.

In my homeland people have no guns and it's ok. I feel much safer than in US. I don't understand this US gun fetish.

A contradiction in terms.

Not really. American pro-gun propaganda is based on false alternative:

1) everyone have private weapons and need to take it on the street to feel safe


2) state / uatrority have monopoly on weapons usage

In my opinion, weapons should be in hand of revolutionary people's militias. After successfull revolution, weapon possession shouldn't be widespread, and this society will be safer and healthier.


no guns no way to protect yourself
host government will always have guns no matter what

You don't need to protect yourself if you don't see criminal in your neighbor, but a comrade.

Reminder that if you're going to ever throw a petrol bomb, be sure to mix in some polystyrene packaging peanuts in with the petrol and let it dissolve beforehand.

What is this, the 50s?

Crime is caused by private posession. In communist society, there'll be obviously no crime against property, so it will be much less crime in general.

what could go wrong

And you end up with an authoritarian state like every single example of this happening irl.

How lucky for you to live in a communist utopia, when will you be exporting the revolution to everyone living in reality? Fucking twerp.

If there's no crimes then why are you still scared of guns?

Start an AR build.
There's loads of threads about them on /k/, and they use the same ammo that police/military versions do.
You can buy most of the parts fairly cheap, hell if you can handle basic machining you can buy 80% finished lowers through the mail with no paperwork since it's technically not a gun.
Just needs a barrel, a gas tube or piston assembly (your choice), trigger group, and an upper and it's basically finished, and it doesn't need to be registered or serial numbered since you built it.

He's just LARPing, I'd love some firearms but I live in the land of noguns.

Only thing stopping me is the strict control on ammunition, otherwise I'd have a big fucking pipe gun

No chance at getting a license?

Guns for guns' sake is empty

Guns for the sake of protecting the worker, for serving the revolution, is what we should be striving for


tfw no guns allowed

For the price of having the police snooping around every now and then I'd rather stick with a machete.


Thanks for the advice

mini-14 might be worth a look too.

UK, post-industrial N. England.