Daily reminder that Holla Forums is posting positive Trump comments and pretends left supporters their fascist lying...

Daily reminder that Holla Forums is posting positive Trump comments and pretends left supporters their fascist lying executive.

Nobody here but racist, ignorant Holla Forumstards posts positive comments about the lying pee pee man since they lack the intellect to think for themselves and believe all the crap he says as real and truly are that retarded to believe a rich ceo gives a shit about them because he told them so.

He already send his drone to try push fascism by crying about the inauguration numbers and trying to suggest that they are the only source of """"real"""" information and everything else is a lie.

Do not fall for the pro Trump b8, nobody in left supports fascists and especially capitalistic rich executive fascists like Trump.

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Stop, he's a fascist but not Hitler. We don't do ourselves any favor by doing anything but critically analyzing Trumps actions, including positive ones

M8 there is little to analyze, we ve seen his actions, his picks and his fascist attitude, there is nothing positive about him, and if something looks that way he is either using it for positive pr or just profiting personally in a way. Nobody on the left likes Trump expect maybe gambling accelerationists who are taking the huge risk that US wont be fucked over too much at the end.

He has pandered to emotion and lied way more than the average politician, and after his press secretary autism fit YOU KNOW the next 4 years are going to be "OMG MEDIA LYING ABOUT ME, LISTEN TO ME GUYS, I FIXED EVERYTHING, NO PROOF NEEDED, I TOTALLY DID IT, DONT LISTEN TO PEOPLE WHO SAY OTHERWISE, THEY ARE LIARS"

The only saving grace is that he lost the popular vote and the majority is against him, but that doesnt always stops fascism from rising so he might not be hitler but he is dangerous since he ll keep pushing his narrative

Fuck off back to reddit, we always supported Trump over Hillary. It was literally
Trump/Write Bernie in
after the primaries. Although a few sheepishly voted Hillary.

you stop that

There were pages and pages written on why Trump would be better for us than Hillary, we were even chilling with the Holla Forumsacks in the results thread laughing at liberals with them.
The only time we ever remotely liked Hillary was when we were trolling Holla Forums calling her the nuclear Posadist candidate.
Fuck off back to reddit. We don't like not an arguments here.

Trump isn't a fascist

Hey Holla Forums, back to your safe space

Hey Holla Forums you really just made yourself more obvious by revealing how emotional you are over a vote.

Go back, nobody is falling for your "i am totes lft guys, nothing wrong with supporting a racist, sexist, homophobic fascist"

liberal please go

Trump is the candidate of the workers, Bernie and Hillary are just socdem idenitarians

my sides

Don't worry, they'll either get used to it eventually, or fuck off back to Reddit.

Oh fuck not the small collection of images you've accumulated over the two months you've been here. Please, make a few more threads crying with your liberal lexicon and try and shame people out of telling you to shut the fuck up, it's been working so well for you reddifugees.


Shut up samefag, everyone here knows Trump is not Holla Forumss guy and they're going to be looking like omegacucks by the end of the year.
Get dialectical, newfag.


Stop typing like a redditor in your OPs and you'll get better responses. We've been over this dozens of times, when faced with Trump and Hillary you should always vote Trump because it removes momentum from the alt-right by making them the status quo and it furthers our agenda by removing the liberal """"left"""" from the status quo, as well as Hillary campaigning purely on idpol it shows that to continue doing so would be fruitless.

Although your points are much better, I can't really argue with liberal shame campaign jargon.

Calm down, fuck he hasn't even done anything yet.

You're trying to get us to buy into this foolish liberal tribalism.

Actually I expect things to get better for awhile as he puts in place protectionist policies and deregulates what little of Wall Street is still regulated.

You're going to look dumb af if you blow your wad before anything has happened

It's one of the recent refugees, a few of them seem to believe that when people say lurk and learn the culture we actually mean "figure out that gaslighting is part of board culture then be a massive cunt about it".

Hey Holla Forums, might need

Yeah lol he hasnt done anything at all Holla Forums

Take your meds. That racism and hate has been apart of the US for generations. Ever heard of the Southern Strategy.

Just because this shit is finally biting you in your white ass doesn't mean it wasn't around before

Sorry I'm still waiting for you to post something that wouldn't be amiss from within an SJW twitter circle.

Why did you quote me in that (first post)?

There's a difference m8

pic related


The one good thing about Trump is people are angry enough that it might mean we get a chance to finally seize the means of production.

Trump is a great leader, he will make US better, ignore the autist

You're not going to be able to build a liberal colony here.

Trumps bad you can't explain why besides idpol. Obama deported more Mexicans, bombed more people and Clinton is why we have so many blacks in jail in the first place

He's part of the political elite and I don't think he's going to do much to help the working class. His policies look pretty hardcore capitalist so far.

One must question the kind of people who get riled up over the results of this election and make these sorts of threads, have they finally awokened their inner class consciousness or will they go back to their usual liberal class cuckoldry activities after a more "sane" pleb get elected as POTUS.

If Trump anger is one thing that actually gets people to be more class conscious, I'll take what I can get.

lol this got raided by Holla Forums fast

Sorry Holla Forumsacks but nobody here takes trump seriously and there's a GIANT list of reasons as to why

Holla Forums does not STAND FOR ANY OF THIS, if they tell you so they are Holla Forumstards trying to push their fascist agenda here.

Fuck off OP, post a fucking argument any time.

>>>Holla Forums

Sorry but what was your argument besides misrepresenting accelerationism as outright support for Trump's policies?

Sorry Holla Forums but you arent accelerationist when you post how great Trump is

you have to go back

Feel free to post something that isn't "heh Holla Forums lmao" any time.

Shut the fuck up. He's a blessing in disguise. He's not even a fascist, he's a 90s style democrat.

Not buying it.

Excellent trips, Holla Forums scum need to be removed from this board

you can be lefty and still want to gas the jews

go back to reddit


ahahahahahahaha Holla Forums you arent even trying

I know a lot of left wing people who really like him.

One of my friends is a massive trade unionist and they have a lot of problems with immigrants taking over jobs that previously were done by the native working class. It gets to the point where you cant get a job on certain sites if you only speak English.
So the whole idea of keeping jobs in the country and not letting in millions and millions of illegal immigrants to compete for jobs and drive down wages really speaks to him.

Also, I might get banned for saying this on leftypol but a lot of people on the left are now getting sick of political correctness too.

It worked for Stalin or though I imagine you can play those off as political killings because Bolshiviks being mostly Jews is a myth.

Woe there son this maybe edgy r/socialism but they arn't that edgy.


Holla Forums will jump down your neck for using political correctness to disparage adversaries (or at least, me and several other users will).


Maybe the common people of the movement, but the leaders were majority jew.

Have you got any questionably sourced .jpgs riddled with artifacts to back that up?

Nononono, don't listen to the fun-hating faggot, Mr President.
Please continue tweeting.

What's up with all those fascist, racist "muh deg.eneracy" retards running around lately

Holla Forums shitposting or did they brainwash people enough to unironically make them believe that is what the left stands for?

The only """"leftists"""" who supported Trump on here are the edgy Nazbol faggots from Holla Forums

Hey racist Holla Forumstard, good day to spew nationalistic racist faggotry on leftypol am i right? ;^)

He isnt leftie if he is against immigration and blaming them for not finding a job, if not for the people who abuse workers for cheaper labor this wouldnt have been happening and immigrants could help and work together with us.

The moron is literally falling for us vs them divisive fascist memes



muh education!!!

having an education doesn't stop you from being a dumbass.

So which one is it? Soviets are a Jewish front or Soviets are liderally hidler?

They are all jews and need to be gassed.

lol most graduates werent Trump supporters, but you are right, education doesnt give you a brain but falling for obvious lies, demagogue behavior and "lol i ll totes fix everything" autism is just plain stupid

It does greatly reduce the incidence of stupidity

Its a great day to be nationalist but theres no need to be racist user.

Like Trump said we all bleed the same color.

man you are retarded Holla Forums, plz die

doomed to fail

The most diverse politician you mean.


Every country that ever existed is doomed to fail
Eventually the sun will swallow up the earth and humanity will perish.

But until that time I think you can love your country without being a racist about it.

We've had white politicians. And black politicians turned out really badly.

So why are you prejudiced against an orange politician?

Actually, the other side promoted that.

Good because if the alternative is humanity being a brown goop of mixed freaks I'd hope we all die out.

A 100% Aryan mankind will know the same fate m8.

reach for the stars kiddo

That is fair enough. You are entitled to that viewpoint.

Im not going to be prejudiced against racists. That is something from 2015.

also forgot to mention im not supremacist or opposed to other races existing. im just anti mixing.

what about mixed race people, do you hate them?

I can't blame them, only their parents.

They truly have become the jew.


He was idpol just as much as the other side

is this your first day on leftypol or something

Its my first day since being banned for upsetting their delicate feelings.

Being a retard, then.


You mean to r/the_donald?

Bruh those protesters were known to be from a group known to make BLM look like shit and derail it.

Sorry. At first I didnt know this place was one of those 'safe spaces' where people are meant to be shielded from any disagreement.

So those two black girls who cucked sanders were really Trump supporters making BLM look bad?

Fuck you've shattered my fragile ego, and I am pretty sure several other users who saw your comment have already killed themselves. You've used the term 'safe space' - like SJWs use, to imply that we are also SJWs. There's just no recovering from that.

Weren't they connected to Hillary somehow?

Like Hillary they were funded by Soros.

You can find pictures of the same two girls on other Soros funded protests.

Im sorry user I didnt mean to hurt you so.
Sometimes I just forget the power of my own literary strength.


It's okay, I will take a couple of xanax and calm myself down.
If it makes you feel better I have been banned a few times, but it was always for being a retard. This is why I suspect many people complaining about bans are fellow retards. I have seen someone banned for shit talking the British working class, but that's a rare one.

Being serious for a momnet what I find interesting is that sometimes you can get away with saying anything then other times you get banned for the slightest infraction.

I think its more about which mods are online here rather than what you actually post.

Yeah, that plays a big part. If you cause someone butthurt and they report you and your recent post history isn't looking too great that can also play a big role.

2bf Trump is more of a socialist than obama/soros/hillary

Yeah lol that totally mean she is a great choice and will help the people and won't use his different attitude to bring fascism unlike Obama and Hillary who couldn't do that because they are career ploliticians and bound to certain standards