This is why you don't protest

This is why you don't protest

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Sounds like they had an FBI plant among them.

God damn it, anarchists.


And a felony on their record so they'll never get hired.

The american people should protest to force the government to let them free, and when these protest is crashed by picgs, a new one must start, therefore increasing the number of people involved

Hopefully they will learn peaceful protests lead nowhere
they need to get armed

I think it's interesting they don't cite antifa directly responsible for the violence.

Get a load of this freedom


No one will violently protest after this. The Trump administration is going to make an example out of these 230. It was in DC so they will be facing FEDERAL charges. Their lives are going to be ruined for smashing a window.

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if any of the protesters are scared off by this they weren't serious to begin with.

But the trashcans and limos, user! WHO WILL SAVE THE TRASH CANS AND LIMOS!

Thats the problem, people need to keep protesting until the protest is too big to control

You obviously don't know how serious a federal felony is.

I wonder if they'll still consider race a spook after their first week in the state pen.

Trashcans are federal property. They're fucked.

people in America have risked worse to protest for their rights before.

I bet they will since not even the neonazis will accept them

Considering you also get Aryan brotherhood members in jail, I think he'll give two shits about race.

Larry King's SUV?!? Oh no, his poor insurance company will have to pay to cover that.

Jfc, nazis are fucking stupid. The guards divide the prisoners along racial lines so they won't organize. Race is a spook that they use to keep prisoners in line.

If you think prisons prove race is real you're a fucking moron.


Must be nice still being 14 years old.

t. 14 year old who has never heard of prision riots




Sad thing is, most of these kids probably didn't know that tipping over a garbage bin gets you charged with felony rioting, destruction of government property, and inciting a riot. They're going to be marked as felons for life.

By the looks of this thread they're totally ignorant of what life is like in the clink as well.


I bet it was good when the white army stopped the bolaheviks at the beggining of the 1917 revolution right?


Warned you about prisons

Lenin went to prison.
Maybe the Anarchist version of Lenin is among them.

Why do these autists always evoke
When smashing shit? Can't they just own up and admit they wanna wreck cars?

Reminder that in America, pulling someone away from the police by their hand gets you charged with "felony lynching":

I mean i knew stormfags are fucking retarded, but come on

Is kind of annoying, now that I think about it.
I'd have written "we're coming, bucko" or something like that.

Makhno and Kropotkin also went to prison.

and so did Goldman and Berkman.
Most big name anarchists have probably been to prison at least once.

They didn't even make them pay bail. Sounds like the masks worked and the cops can't prove anything

That's right my fellow lefties.
Remember to never ever vandalize the precious private property or to use actual violence to rebel against the government. There's actually more efficient ways to protest like screaming on twitter or organizing a march on your college campus, violence not only will never achieve anything but it'll actually draw people away from our precious cause.

They will prolly have easy pickings at some liberal corp/small business cause libs like to do stuff that makes them feel better

shit b8 m8 0/8


how many people got arrested after police witnessed them committing crimes? Surely it would be a small minority of them?
for anyone to get arrested after the fact despite being masked and not being caught in the act, it would have to be the work of an informant right?

Uh no. What is this the 1970s?

Well at least they are staying true to their cause of anarchism.

Next target will be toilets.

Free the P O O from the L O O

The prisons are actually full of wobblies after the recent general strike, and continue to organize. These dudes, if convicted, will fit right in.

Shit…that makes sense now.

How come in France protesters get away with setting police cars on fire but in America you get 10 years for kicking over a trashcan?

It's the price of freedom

oh dear. leftists have never been arrested before. what will leftists do now?

back to the drawing board boys.

This wasn't a thing before Trump

She's just the blackwashed version of Ayers, Dohrn, and all the other university-educated '70s revolutionaries that became cultural icons while their prole associates were filled with lead by the cops

When aren't the French (or Parisians at least) rioting violently?


Thanks to shitty capitalism itself American prisons can't reform jack shit. If anything, the opposite is true: Prison is like a university for crime.

Hopefully the rioters will make friends in there and come out with more determination and resources. Our generation will not fail.

I can honestly say that I wouldn't go to prison for 10 years just to protest. Man am I fucking glad I didn't go with my friends. Jesus fucking Christ nothing is worth 10 years in the hole and I feel terribly sad of the kids lives that are forever fucked up

230 out of everyone is fucking nothing, stop being a pussy

They got herded like sheep by the COINTELPRO wolves. You reap what you sow. Everyone knows you don't protest or commit to revolutionary actions until you have the vast majority of the proletariat on your side.

Of course it couldn't be because antifa types just want to break shit and get away with it

this one looks real comfy

Not sure what your message is, here. Rioting =/= protesting, and the former is most of what the arrests were about. So are you endorsing rioting, or conflating the two?

I agree that more people should consider rioting rather than the standard peaceful protest. America has been watching its people for some time, and ramping it up - those who aren't jailed fighting this process are doomed to be jailed in open air.

Jesus fucking christ, i think some people get less severe sentences for murder and rape. They shouldn't get more then a few months of prison and/or community service.

This. It's base thrill seeking, it makes the left look bad, it accomplishes nothing. Prison is not appropriate for dumb kids being dumb kids though.

(Up to) 10 years for smashing a few windows, burning a limo, and flipping trash cans. Jesus Christ, sounds like an authoritarian dystopia.

Thanks for the heads up, COINTELPRO.

Oh please this will only incite more resistance

This is why you don't protest without being armed.

To be fair, it's stupid to actually go to a violent protest unless you're extremely confident it will succeed. A single person will never make the difference between success and failure. If you don't have the masses on your side you're fucked, and if you do you're unnecessary.

The best course of action is to alter the material conditions such that more people want to violently revolt against the government. That's where ideas like accelerationism come in.

The funny thing is, they're going to jail under a law Obama signed, but I didn't hear them rioting and freaking out then when Obama was busy making this law. I hope, if anything, liberals learn from this that they've been worshiping a false god of the state and that the solution will not come from one of the political parties porky set up for you to choose from.

I'm not optimistic though, if anything it'll be more crying about Trump.

The protestors mostly don't work and if they do work it's in a faggy unimportant job. No one will suffer for them all being jailed

They will suffer.

Reminds me of the riots in the UK in 2011 where people got sent to prison for months or years for stealing rice, bottled water and toilet paper. The riot is the one criminal act that porky is truly frightened of. Society can chug along with the odd rape or murder here and there in working class districts, but thousands of people who would normally not commit serious crimes deciding that property is a spook and cop cars should be set on fire is a dangerous precedent that porky has to stamp out immediately with all possible force.


Challenging the authority of the state or damaging property are the two greatest crimes in capitalism, god forbid you were to do both at once.

Hopefully the heavy handed response will bring the media on side.

Consider that these guys face ten years in prison while Goldman Sachs and Leyman Brothers walk free from 2007.

No justice no peace. Fuck the police.

Is antifa just a buzzword for you Americans?

We decapitated a king, politics are still afraid of the people, 230 years after.

Because the French surrender easily

I'm dubious as to whether they will get ten years. A judge is still going to have to justify that. Maybe the organisers. If so that will be a big blow. But again that is sure to cause a backlash and the judge will know that. In these volatile times the last thing they are going to want to do is give the people another reason to riot. Throw in a few of those arrested most likely being POC and also many of those arrested having not actually done anything besides wear a mask and be part of a crowd, there is a veritable shitstorm that awaits. Maybe this is when the media finally come to our aid.

Do you have this but without the warning pls?

The trial will be really interesting, or do they have some ambiguous clauses where they can just punish anyone that was at a riot? Otherwise they will have to proof individual misconduct which will be hard or they reveal their surveilance power.

The French would just riot even harder and the unions would go on a strike.

Unlike in America where the commies just laugh at "anarkiddies" the continentals actually know what solidarity means (it means attack)

They really need some lessons on how to riot properly. How to dress, how to communicate, how to hide, etc.

I'm pretty sure they were even telling people (even people you think you can trust) their real names.

Practice safe secs, lads!

I guess that they choosed wrong day to riot on

Man, if you get 10 years for breaking a window, how much do you think they'd get for murdering cops en-masse?


But how are the cops going to arrest them if they shoot them?

hahah thinking cops have arrest anyone once they determine their life is in danger

good one


I'm not sure making martyrs is a good technique nowadays.


To be fair it looked like they might be rolling them into the road to act as obstructions for traffic. It might not be as stupid as it appears at first glance.


Many of these people have been on the streets since 2001. You didn't hear because the media doesn't talk about it.

Got a source that isn't the fucking Daily Mail?

How did they manage to arrest most of them?

230 protestors arrested… What fraction does it represent compared to the whole protest?

Truly an end fitting for Anarkiddies.


They're really getting the full sentence without parole because its a federal offence.

This is literally Thanks Obama moment, his laws, fucking hilarious.

Probably more likely they uploaded pics or vids of themselves commiting crimes on thier own social media accounts like retards.

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geee willickers

it's not like I called this from the start

where's that delusion an-nih faggot

Btw this was a result of Obama making it a penalty of 10 years or 250k monies for protesting or rioting against someone/thing that has SS protection

thanks obama for helping us lock up yuppie commies

is this a joke'
liberals stop using solidarity plz its not your word

Oh my.

the point is to ruin the lives of political threats so of course the charge is harsh

These are maximum penalties mates. They're actually legal limits on the extent that the government is allowed to punish you– it's not common to get a max sentence.

The real problem they'll face is that they'll be convicted of a felony (even with a light sentence that might mean no jail time at all). Which will make their lives harder.

The government can also bring charges against them from years before. That's what used to happen to college students that dabbled in radical anarchism, they would participate in some minor may in some kind of vandalism that was a federal crime, one of their old compatriots would get caught for some severe, confess to everything they've ever done for a lighter sentence. Then the Feds come back and calmly arrest the grown up anarkiddy and slap them with a conviction for felony terrorism.

This. Burning cars is fine in and of itself.
Also, and I've seen it firsthand, people leaving some old jap car alone and burning the BMW parked a few meters away. Pointless but good fun

If they are in a prison with access to books, most prisons in the US don't have any of that because books are scary, they can get radicalized and even learn some smashie bombie stuff :>

There are associations in the US that help political prisioners by giving them books, newspapers and other stuff that they might need in prison

american comrades must show solidarity by new demonstations
leave none captured by the state

that sounds pretty harsh.
i haven't followed this at all. what did they do?

That's the encouraging thing to me, this tells ANY protester to listen to the blackbloc and rush the police or get arrested and face big issues or let your friends suffer through it.
Soon we'll be like Europe antifa, beating the shit out of the police so bad they flee.

Well duh, I would do that too, you burn rich people's cars.


what a joke


Occupy saw this coming 4 years ago.

Attempted (and failed badly) to disrupt a Federal Level Security Event IE they tried to crash the Inauguration.
The Government doesn't fuck around about that shit.

And when that happens, the National Guard comes out to play.
And they don't fuck around with rubber bullets and tear gas, they use armor-piercing bullets and hand grenades.
Smashies might be able to intimidate the police to an extent, but they will get ground up and shit out by the military.

Mate, the police is not afraid of the fucking antifa here but of the turkish and kurdish nationalists and the arab clans in certain downtowns.
Dont delude yourself to importance you dont have.

I am getting a Holla Forums larping vibe from this post.

Why would the police be afraid of all 3 when those 3 would be at each others throats?

Im Holla Forums but not LARPing as im not pretending to be something that speaks for a power.
It is simply a matter of fact that while Nazis here are now overaged utterly theethless circlejerkers on demonstrations while antifas are injuring/vandalizing police staff mildly in yearly intervalls it is not the latter that makes the police fear for their lives.

You see, both the extreme left and the right in europe are mainly made off the native ethnic groups who are not only affluent but also lack virility and newborns.
Ethnic tribes, bound by blood and religion, with a will to procreate and settle like it is with the groups I mentioned can field much more young violent males who dont have to fear reprisals as their clan still feeds them as a substate.
It is not the antifa that makes policemen avoid certain quartery, threatens the children of judges and ignores the statelaw as they have own courts they are loyal to.

Literally the next day. Worked out real well, just like the 15 million strong anti-Iraq war parade.

Imagine if they had actually fought.

Thanks Obama.


I had a screencap of Greenie basically laying out that peaceful protests imply violence if things don't get better and that people should be more tactful, but it didn't work.

You can thank Obama for using an executive order to put that in place, actually. It was his idea.

Well, I say executive order but it was actually just signing the H.R. 347 bill, or "Trespass Bill", which renders protests on any government owned or operated properties criminal and federal offenses.

anyway, that's actually WHY you should protest

Why are they taking pictures?