Anti-sectarian thread

We need to work together to overthrow capitalism. We need to create a red front. Despite our differences we all have the same goal in mind, overthrowing the bourgeois. Everyone welcome.

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We already have several organizations and parties

What we need is a strong working class movement


Please tell me you're a real nazbol and not an asserist

I'm a national-syndicalist with Asserist influences. I just post with the nazbol flag because there's no Sorel or black front flag. I'm not really into the whole Eurasionism thing.

Boo. Guess I'm not welcome in your red front then

Ok I Agree.

how long until you stab us in the back like you did in Ukraine and Kronstadt?

well, I would call you a comrade, only if you respect free territories Administrated and Controlled by different types of anarchists in there.

but I remain uneasy about this united front.

really turns those cogs

>not joining [email protected]/* */ with the Wolff himself

Lmao its like you guys dont even cooperate

the guy is a "national syndicalist," my dude. antisectarianism is always a joke anyways

take off that flag. you don't deserve it, libshit

The problem with:
Non sectarian thinking
Anarchism without adjectives

Is you cant trust anyone to have good intentions after the fact. If we had that kind of benevolent brotherhood of trust and camaraderie, capitalism or some earlier form of economic equilibrium/social order/government might have been a perpetual motion machine of progress. Don't trust tankies, soc dems and for fuck sake don't trust liberals in more advanced countries. Don't trust this post, I'm flying Banes plane.

You do prioritize gay, women's and islamic socialist rights before any of that old straight white man style of racist socialism don't you comrade?


None of this matters. The most important thing is overthrowing capitalism. We can kill each other after we kill the bourgeois.

See above.

oh boy, you are in for some trouble then, we can't do shit like this.
you are my enemy after all not my comrade.

I'm part of [email protected]/* */ Chicago. You guys really should join. So far we only have ONE upper middle class autist. The rest are totally normal people.

For someone who was part of a trot org which was 70% upper middle class autist 30% decrepit oldie who refuses to do anything differently, this is a welcome change


Any self-described revolutionary not willing to exterminate themselves after their job is done to protect the revolution is not a real revolutionary, but a pure opportunist.

I hate anarchists with a passion. With that said, the bourgeois are the biggest threat to freedom. You can have your communes. The most important thing is for us to unite. Why do you think Holla Forums is so strong? The lolberts and the nazis have put aside their differences to achieve a common goal. We need to do that.

bump for socialist solidarity.


It's not enough to simply call for an end to sectarianism. It's not enough simply to have a negative program. If you want to end sectarianism and actually accomplish change, you also need a positive program that we can all agree upon. Simply saying that we should be united by what we hate is naive idealism

wew lad.

well I will reserve my own opinion about Nazbol, Tankies and Stalinists just for unity sake.

ok I agree.

You are spot on about this, I legitimately get frustrated, thinking about how the radical left is currently so divided and when I see Idpol and feminists, driving even more wedges between us, makes me want to pull out my hair.
we have to achieve some common ground, but there are so many people that will benefit from our divisions, they will try to monkey wrench any advances, not to mention that some of our convictions and ideas are irreconcilable.
I'm willing to give it a try but I don’t trust you guys.

It happened and it will always be relevant.

so the left is doomed to bicker amongst one another due to trotsky making a shitty decision?



Market socialist are not retarded.
There, I said it.

I'm willing to give this a Try.

do you have my back?

Let's Imagine this:
the Individualist pirate union vessels are assaulting some of porky's fleet, but we are outnumbered and we need some back up, will you be willing to send your fleet into the rescue? or you will let us sink at porky's counter attack?

Proud of you bro.

Not the person you're responding to but vid related:

Planned production can work if we discipline the state

But how do we reach le masses?

By not infighting.

What positive program are you suggesting that we can all unite behind?


That is an incredibly vague answer and you know it. What is the revolutionary program that you are suggesting that we should unite behind to bring about said socialism?

Nazbol may I ask, why are you an ultranationalist?

Nazbols are quite frendly for the amount of shit they get. just stating.

can't say if they are naive, jealous of actual nazis doing work on pol or just waiting to backstab us.

By the way, I responded to your post in the market socialist thread. Looking forward to a response.

I screencap'd them, will reply tomorrow because 2 am here and have an exam tomorrow

I honestly think Nazbols are more willing to cut a deal with the dominant revolutionary group post-revolution than a lot of anarchists.

Sage because I was linked here from another thread and it's more of an assumption than a valid point.

As a Christian who writes on /christian/ and other Christian boards, it's really strange to see how Leftist sectarianism is SO much worsen EVEN than Christian sectarianism, kek.

Sorry, leftcoms are the only comrades I accept.

We can all live with that.

I'm a demsoc that's in the DSA, is that ok?


This is the most reddit spaciest post I've seen yet. Please, conserve our pixels.

fuck off nazbol scum