The communist is not human, but a parasite, and as such, you must smack it down. If it gets up...

t. grandpa who fought against judeobolshevism in both WW2 and 1956

another funny ancedote from him, he was always at the town market and whenever there was talk about some party official or just known local hard liner commie dying, he corrected people: "No no, you are wrong, he did not die, but "it" died"
tl note: hard to translate idiom thats refers to an animals death, if applied to human its very derogatory

rate his wisdom

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Your grandpa was a faggot and Easter "Europe" belongs to Russia.

Why do we want to emancipate these people again?

I'm proud that my grandfather shot some of you Polish vermin in 1940, he said that they cried like children before they had their brains blown out from a shot to the back of the head

Poland deserved to get roflstomped

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Why do capitalists glorify this type of person? Reminds me of Pinochet a little bit.

Read Ludwik Hass, a communist who was sent to Siberia and survived. Stalinism was an aberration and he should never have been secretary. As soon as the communism fell everything got plundered by the oligarchs.

Read this:

Karl Marx wrote that Poland as a country deserved independence and the self-determination of its workers and peasants would have chosen socialism; in the southern parts they even had a tradition of agricultural cooperatives that spread and shared technology. What happened after was a tragedy that stemmed from the ego of the leaders of the NKVD and Stalin. Fucking learn something.

i expected no less :^)

My grandpa and family also listened to Radio Free Europe all the time. They simply called state news radio lie station.

When he went to buy a new radio, he openly declared he wants a radio capable of receiving RFE, and said he doesnt minds of it cant listen to state channels since they are all lies anyway. The shopkeeper was scared shitless lol. He eventually got a fitting machine.

And my grandpa worked at Nintendo

My father did the same kind of banter too.

Back around 1980 when he was graduating secondary school, some top dude from education ministry went to theirs to talk about university. After lot of blablabla he asked if anyones family fought as partisans or such since those got automatic entry into uni.

because his family background he was barred from entry anyway so he raised hands.

When questioned about the feets of his family he replied, my father fought both in WW2 and 1956 as rebel against the invading Soviet horde, defending his country

Said so important dude got basically paralyzed while the school director entered into incoherent rage where the only somewhat understandable word was fascist, but he corrected her that only Italians were fascists

He also doodled a lot in his notebook and they were confiscated all the time for their "reactionary" content for displaying Lenin and national commie jews in tad derogatory looks.

Funny thing is after 1989 many of his older teachers told him a good chunk of teachers silently smiled at it but because of a few hard liners they obviously couldnt display any feeling but contempt.

There is literally nothing wrong with killing communists.


Well he's right. Communism is a parasitic mindset.

Communists pride themselves in collectivism and not individualism. People live off the work of other people which is exactly what parasites do.

Having your own opinions is looked down upon. Personal freedom to do what you want, say what you want is severely hindered in a communist society. It's what fuels tyranny of governments and always leads to failure.

That's literally capitalism.

cool story, bro
Poland stronk
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Friendly reminder these posters are working class
Friendly reminder these types of mouthbreathers are the ones you commies want to linerate
Friendly reminder the proletariat is stupid and has no revolutionary potential

putting way too much effort into this

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Capitalism is consensual transactions between people that betters society. If they're making a profit, it's the market telling them that they're doing the public a service.

The basic premise of socialism and communism on the other hand is 'I'm, here, I'm breathing, give me stuff, you have an obligation to care for me'. That is a parasitic mindset.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)





Does Jesus speak to you too?

Not even Hayek and MIses are this stupid when describing socialism


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Just because marx saw potential there doesn't change the godawful reality that was interwar Poland