Is this liberalism

is this liberalism




How can liberals be against political violence when they support it in other countries every fucking day?

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It's only bad when it happens to us :^)

its funny how all destinys alt right fans thinks he is a cuck, and his left wing fans thinks hes a dirty liberal

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He is alt-centrist not moderate. Learn the difference.

Destiny is an insufferable faggot. He got BTFO by Lauren Southern of all people after hyping up his "debate" for months.

Liberals were the ones hyperventilating about trump being a Soviet plant, Hitler 2.0 and a massive world historical threat to 'democracy'. But now it turns out they didn't really mean and in fact they were about 'civility' and the sanctity of the system all along.

Only a couple days in

Is it safe to say that Americans have turned "violence" into a buzzword?

Why would anyone want to be an American? Isn't that an insult?


There is no spectacle more deeply saddening than that of Amerilards squabbling over what "American" is supposed to mean.

Regardless, it is spooky as hell

We're all on the same side here guys, if we just talk calmly with the Fascists we can figure out a compromise.


No Nationalism is biased non rational fear of foreigners.

you either become internationalists or you will be hanged too.

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I was being sarcastic.

but theyre all terrible players

Killing Nazis is unamerican? Say that to someone from the Greatest Generation.

The whole "violence" thing is annoying and overplayed by just about everyone.

If someone is being oppressed I believe in righteous violence, that is, self-defense. I don't know why people have to complicate the issue and get to a point to where they're choosing whether or not to defend obvious tyrants. like, wtf happened to using common sense?

Good luck telling Holla Forums that, they think everyone in the "Greatest Generation" is a cuck doing the bidding of their jewish masters. Nothing more, nothing less.

Although, I agree, the people who fought Nazi's and went through the Great Depression were cut from a different cloth – the communists were, anyways, and even the progressive liberals, to a degree. Anti-communism wasn't the state religion that it is now.

However, to say these people fought Nazis out of the pure goodness of their heart is wrong, too. The US didn't get involved with the war until they had to and now people take credit for "defeating the Nazis" while giving none of the credit where it is truly due (to the Bolsheviks).

Liberal philosophy only accepts self-defense (and defense of property of course) as legitimate violence. If something is dressed in the law then they see nothing unjust about it.

I don't even like antifa but why do liberals have such trouble understanding the rationale behind left-wing violence?

Obviously yes, my question was slightly rhetorical in nature. I just don't know why people say stupid shit like the protestors yesterday were violent.

I guess to the vast majority of people they see it as a provocation. However, they never have anything to say about the corporations effected and the violence inherent in the system they are propping up everyday.

I think self-defense is a dumb meme as well, unless you're going to make it so abstract that you murder Porky in self-defense against your surplus value being expropriated. We should recognize that we are not all on the same side and that legitimately hostile relations do and should exist between various classes and political factions.

People I know just had this debate and I just shitpost tbh.
(Red is the original poster. Green is center-left friend. Pink is me)

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She also posted this

Two near the top of the second were the red



Welcome to the Spectacle


No. Freedom of thought is even more fundamental than freedom of speech.
Even if you don't support them as fundamental rights, guess which thoughts will be criminalized first? Hint: it won't be support of capitalism or fascism

This, on the other hand, is the purest form of liberalism.

these fucks hand-wring more over a nazi getting weakly punched than a bombing of innocent civilians abroad

Kek, what a bunch of cucks.

This is why liberals need to die first.

Violence against people I oppose is good, violence against people I support is bad.

If I had one wish it would be that everyone was forced to wear the ideology glasses for one day

This but unironically