The only problem with social democracy is that it allows immigration...

The only problem with social democracy is that it allows immigration. Social democracy with zero immigration would be literally a perfect system.

Socially democratic Europe was basically a utopia before brown people came in and fucked everything up (and the far right was forced to rise).

I would have preferred all Europeans to be nice and liberal and (theoretically) tolerant. But brown people are making that impossible. Remove them and Europe goes back to its utopian, progressive self

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Socdem and Nazis.

well this fucking thread is shit and it will be shit.

Neoliberalism dismantled much of European social democracy and unionism before there was a wage if immigrations
And automation airway destroyed the unionized industrial proletariat

Wave of*

Sage goes in all fields

I was a socdem before I realized brown people are destroying my country and I'll go back to being a socdem after they're gone

AYY Litteraly Humans vs Orcs.

You won't be so smug after you spend a few months in Malmo, Sweden

Also, wanna read something in a language you probably don't understand?

Chinga a tu puta perra y malcogida madre Nazi tragasables de mierda.

I'm brown and you can do nothing to stop me.

Congratulations, you just managed to combine the classcuckery of soc dem with the classcuckery of spooky nationalism

Your picture describes your post, OP.

I would like to contribute this link to the discussion.

I would also like to thank the mods for allowing this thread to exist.

Brown in a European country? You're about to get fucked up, I feel sorry for you

tired of my ideology being tainted by false-flag posters. Sage.

Aren't you concerned about the death of European social democracy?

By Muslims? no.
By Islam? no.
By Nazis? yes.
By Fascism? yes.

Did you not read the fucking op? Brown people are the ones who caused the rise of facism. Get rid of brown people and the eternal scapegoat of facism is gone

can i get a colour chart on how brown someone can be before social democracy completely collapses and a sharia state rises in birmingham? like from Holla Forums white down to obsidian black.

Holla Forums is assmad that their president is turning out to be liberal trash


Your darling zizek literally agrees with me. He says that the threat of migrants is not really from migrants themselves but from the kind of politics they give rise to.

I fucking love liberal, tolerant social democracy. How can you trust the state anymore when you see all these fuckers coming here just to abuse the welfare system, and raping all over? It's destroying the high trust society that made social democracy possible in the first place


i said nothing about zizek.
im not liberal, and i am very intolerant, but only to the right.
i dont trust the state,
social democracy never made a "high trust society"
give me one point in history when the people totally trusted their leader; hard mode: 3rd reich doesnt count.

Imperial Japan or any other country where the ruler was a divinity.

ooooh actually thats a good point, i wouldve counter argued that when it came down to combat, alot of soldiers ran away with the nazis and soviets, and mussolinis troops were cowards, but imperial japan had its citizens sacrificing themselves for Hirohito


The threat isn't from the migrants themselves, but the politics that it gives rise to. So what he's saying is literally that migrants aren't the problem, turbo-triggered fascists getting their panties all twisted up about brown people and weak liberalism that can't meaningfully oppose them are the threat.

Come back when you develop reading comprehension for your own paraphrase

This board is insane and can't comprehend the concept of differing cultures clashing when coming into proximity with each other, it's all a capitalist conspiracy to them, even if you get them to acknowledge mass Muslim migration is bad they downplay and minimize it as much as possible.

These people are finished don't waste your time.

but all cultures are shit

Western late-stage capitalism deserves ISIS. When Muslim youths are alienated by capitalism, they pick up an AK-47 and a suicide vest and do something about it. Alienated white and japanese youths just seclude themselves from society, do drugs and often times kill themselves. We need more Muslim and BBC immigration. Fuck society. Let it burn. Muslim/BBC gang rape all the western infidel whores. Kill all the Chads. Kill all the porkies. ALLAHU AKBAR!!!

We understand the concept of cultural tension. What we don't understand is why you are pretending you argument isn't thinly veiled biological determinism.

who are you talking too? trust me, not even Holla Forums lurkers think your right.

hello FBI!

I'm not FBI. I'm just pissed off at the world thanks to late-stage capitalist alienation and want to see it burn.



i know bud, we all have those deep dark love affairs with nihlism every now and again. For every piece of capitalism destroyed by ISIS is a piece we cant use to fuel OUR CALIPHATE


Horrible thread tbh.


Just like in the movie "The Big Short", Steve Carrell's character Mark Baum says that when shit hits the fans, the right-wing scapegoats immigrants and poor people instead of placing the blame right it rightfully belongs (Wall Street, Corporate America)

I used to be opposed to Muslim immigration. But now I embrace the chaos. They're the only ones along with the blacks who are blowing shit up. I will take revolutionary potential wherever it comes from.

this is Holla Forums
we know where the blame lies m8

what the fuck?

How EU is doing great if both sexes are working that they don't even have time to raise kids? which caused immigration to begin with.

In a real socialist society, you won't need immigration, and you will have time and the peace of mind to have kids.


Those civilians in Europe keep voting for the same damn corrupt neo-liberal politicians. The average civilian is so incredibly classcucked out of their mind. No class consciousness. They deserved what happened in Paris. I hope ISIS attacks my country soon. Canada is like the only western country that hasn't been attacked by Muslim terrorists yet.

And the Muslim gang rapes in Sweden. Those Swedish girls only want Chad. Tall Nordic Aryan Superman with a huge dick. They deserve what they get.

the irony isnt lost on these people is it?

allllllright i see whats happening here, if your gonna false-flag, be more subtle, i clocked onto the fact you had no idea what yo were talking about almost immediately. Dont tarnish my bad name as a socdem.

I'm not complaining. I'm explaining to a nazbol that he's wrong even from his point of view.

socdem is shit, go away reactionary.


But the goal is not a liberal welfare state with strong borders to protect agains 3rd world shitholes. The goal is abolition of race and class. Doc related

I am not false flagging. I am fed up with late-stage capitalism. I want to see the world burn.

Someone needs to shoot trump's ten year old son

i see, the problem is mate im fucking dumb so i didnt get your post, socdems arent all bad tho :'(

go home Holla Forums

Legit question: Why is Right-Wing exist by the way?

I mean, yeah Holla Forums is a Left-Wing biased place and all but every time I check on Holla Forums from 4chan I just want Right-Wing stops to exist anymore with how the place is full of resentments for no fucking rational reasons! I ask to myself if legit they just want to destroy the world for the lulz or anything?

And there is this thread that doesn't challenge my bias about Right-Wing at all…

Problem is… every party that claim to be socdem is actually a right wing, almost worldwide…

Jason Unruhe said that 9/11 was a good thing. ISIS sympathizers do exist. It's not Holla Forums falseflags

see thats the problem i find myself in
whooooo is actually socdem? its up to the individual, imo current Labour and Green are strong arguements for, SNP and Plaid Cymru would need some persuasion, as for international, im not smart enough but im sure there are plenty across europe

lol, maoists, your taking revolutionary advice from rice paddy feudalists? what the actual fuck are you on about? No wonder you believe ISIS are revoloutionary, you chink posters think n.Korea are communist.


Wow, those responses are shit for even for Holla Forums's standards
But anyways, social democracy is why you got dem shitskins in first place, it improved the lives of people and created enough social security enough to make them avoid low-prestige and low-pay jobs like unclogging the toilets. But since somebody had to do this, business owners encouraged the import of immigrants and since people did not exactly want to leave near those filthy subhumans, those badly-paid workers from other cultures were pushed into ghettos. Thus we arrive at the present, with cultural tensions and so on. Welfare capitalism will always end like that, Q.E.D.

Your posts reeks of massive newfaggotry, please cease posting for a few weeks/months and lurk more.

Well there aint no newfaggatory, i just like strawmanning. Been on the board for some 2/3 years now.

not him, bu this attitude is ennerving
stop any time
do not boil down a sensible argument to "lol no u just raisins"

your baseless reply then implies that anyone who speaks about culture clash can not in any way be frank about it, and surely is hiding its true colours

do not imply what my ideology is, we disagree, deal with it, don't subvert the discussion by misrepresenting the argument this hard

tbh Holla Forums wouldn't approve of OPs post, not right-wing enough

Also, there is very little evidence Trump will expand the size of government and complete the welfare state. He might do a lot of deficit spending to repair/create infrastructure and give more people jobs, but that's not completing our welfare state.

Social democracy is fundamentally unstable because capital WILL try to destroy the whole thing and you left capital intact like an idiot.